Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hermana Aase has left!

This is Maren's older sister, Paige.  I will be keeping this blog for her while she is serving her 18 month mission for our church.  Each week I'll post her emails home, so that those who visit this blog can read about the people she teaches, and the journey she has just begun.


Early this morning, Maren (aka Hermana Aase) boarded a plane headed to Mexico City, Mexico, where she will study for the next 6 weeks before heading to Bakersfield, California to spend the rest of her mission teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a family we were able to take her to the airport and spend some time with her before she left.  We had a few last laughs together (for a little while), took some pictures, shed some tears, and gave lots of hugs.

Maren is going to be a wonderful missionary, and we as a family are so excited to watch her learn and grow over these next 18 months.  I know too that we as a family will grow closer together just by her serving this mission.

We love you Hermana Aase!!!  One day down :)

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