Monday, August 4, 2014

I don't like the word cancel...

Hola Familia!

This week was a good week, could have been better, but that is why we get a new week each Monday. So it is Hermana Poole's, Hermana Moore's and I's goal to make this week A LOT better than what it was this past week. 

Monday before emailing we had a lesson with an investigator who had two of her daughters and a bunch of grandkids there so it was hectic, but we taught all of them the restoration and it went really well!! We then had a lesson with Nadia and Natalie about temples and that lesson was short and sweet and to the point. There are some things going on with their family so neither of them were really paying attention so we didn't make the lesson too long. We then went over to Raul's (one of our investigators) and introduced him to the Elders because they are going to start teaching him because…long story short...we don't feel comfortable teaching yeah! That was fun haha. 

Tuesday we tried to contact a few people that morning and seriously I have come to a conclusion that we are called to be either "missionaries" or "stalkers with authority"…we have learned how to stalk pretty hard core on some of our investigators and potential investigators…haha. We then had a lesson with Manuel and we read in the BOM and then we headed straight to our interviews with President and Sister Wilson. Those went really well and it was good to talk with them and let them know how I am doing. Later that day we did some more knocking and we taught this guy named Juan, so that was awesome! He says the missionaries are teaching his son, and he has had curiosity (but he understands Spanish better) so we came to the rescue!! We had two lessons planned for that night but unfortunately both were cancelled... 

Wednesday we did service at the food bank since we didn't get to go on Tuesday due to interviews, and in the hour and a half we were there, 8 other missionaries in the area showed up…haha so it was like a missionary reunion! We did some more contacting, which no one was home. We were on our way home from service and we saw this car that its bottom was on FIRE! Literally on FIRE. So it stopped on the side of the road down a ways and this huge family got out of the car. We then came back like an hour later and we saw the fire truck and tow truck picking up that car and it was like half burnt…it was really scary! So back to our day we kept knocking doors and hoping people would listen to the message we share. We then had a lesson with the JW that we are teaching English and that went so much better than last time haha. English is hard...let me just tell you that. I am so grateful that I already know this language or I would be screwed haha. We then had a lesson with Connie about baptism and we asked her about her experience and how she came to the truth of this church. I LOVE hearing about others conversion stories and about how the missionaries came to find them and their journey in learning about the church. 

Thursday was fun as always with planning. We taught Manuel and that lesson was alright. He wasn't in the mood to be taught, but only to be listened too, so we didn't get to teach a lot. But that is alright. Sometimes investigators just need time to talk through things that they are learning. And then we headed over to Hermana Duran and read more in the BOM and talked with her for a little bit before we headed to our lunch appt.  We then came back and started planning and this time we put some music on which helped A LOT. We actually got planning done quicker than normal and we had fun during it. Our appointments that night got cancelled…we think two of our investigators are avoiding us, so that isn't cool. 

Friday we had district meeting and Sister Wilson randomly showed up so that was fun...! It was all in Spanish, so she couldn't really understand our horrible Spanish haha. We then had exchanges and Hermana Moore and I went into the other Sisters area and we knocked a whole bunch, sweated a whole bunch and got tan! We didn't have much luck with knocking but we found this lady named Liz and she was so nice and is totally prepared to hear about the gospel. When we told her what we do she was amazed at the message we share and about how awesome it is. All of us were like "YES!!! It is an amazing message, now we just need others to feel that way too!" She then gave us a huge bag of ice because we were looking...rachet...I’m gonna be honest. We didn't look too hot…haha. :) Life of a missionary in Bakersfield! Husband points for sure! After dinner we visited a less active and then knocked a few more doors and found a super cute girl and she let us in and we taught her the Restoration and in every lesson we asked if they have any questions and Cassi asked us how to know if "this" (meaning our church) was THE true church. And we told her that she can find that out by reading in the BOM and praying and asking God if this is the true church and we testified that God will answer her prayers. It was such an awesome lesson. 

Saturday we had correlation and then exchanged back ate some lunch and then I got some allergy medication to see if it would help the headaches that I have been having everyday for 3 weeks…and so I took some before our lesson with Manuel and I was falling asleep hard core in that lesson…yeah when we got back in the car I looked at the package and one of the side effects is drowsiness…haha. Opps! So we ended up going home because I could NOT keep my eyes open and I zonked out for a good hour until dinner and then after dinner we tried to contact a couple more people but none were home, so we headed back home and my two other companions planned while I zonked out again for 2 hours... I woke up to plan for the next day, put my pajamas on and then fell back asleep…It was an awkward day...lets just say that.

Sunday was a good day...I was still feeling the effects of the medicine I took, so church was long. We then had an early dinner and then contacted a few people and met some really cool people. Two were little kids that we taught the restoration too and they know about the bible and read it, and pray all the time so that lesson was really good. So we are definitely planning on coming back to talk to them. We then had a lesson with Rosario and Guadalupe (two investigators we found in the first week we were together) and we taught them about the Plan of Salvation. That lesson was good, but our Spanish was HORRIBLE...well more mine, not Hermana Poole's. After that we tried to contact a referral and she was outside gardening so we got to talk to her for a little bit and then we taught her the restoration too and that lesson was really good. She was asking questions and adding in her own comments. 

Overall the week started out amazing…and then it got slow and no one wanted to talk to us and then but the end it got amazing again. 

With the headaches…I am talking with the mission nurse and seeing what I can do to help them. I have been drinking more water, taken naps, taken migraine medicine and allergy medicine. So...we will see what happens. 

Well I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! I can't believe it is already August! 

prayer list- Manuel Felix, Rosario, Guadalupe, Aminta, Hna Duran, and connie


Hermana Aase

The Spirit directs us where we need to go

Hello Family!

This past week was SOO good :) We had tons of things happen (all good of course) and had one really cool experiences. 

Monday after emailing we picked up our NEW COMPANION!! Hermana Moore :) She is so sweet and super fun and is ready to work and find people to baptize. We all get along really well so we are happy about that because sometimes trio's don't work out the best, but ours is! We had a full schedules planned that night. We taught Nadia and Natalie (cutest little girls) about obedience and then did some carding and contacting. Unfortunately no one answered the door…but that is alright!

(The 3 of us. I love being a missionary!)

Tuesday we got out and started to work. We went and tried to contact a former investigator we all had felt to see, but someone was pulling into the driveway as we drove up so we decided to knock on a different house, well we ended up talking to the guy and teaching the Restoration and giving him a BOM and are planning on coming back!! Later we had planned to contact but we felt we needed to go see Jisidro (an investigator we have been having trouble contacting) and we was home! So we taught him about faith, repentance and baptism and read out of 2 Nephi 31 and set him with a baptismal date! And he said no to the date, but yes to being baptized!!!! :) We were so happy! And then we had a lesson with Connie and we watched Finding Faith in Christ, and that video is SOO awesome. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT! And then we talked about how Christ is important to us and how we can make him a bigger part of our lives. Our day was really hectic, but it was so good! OH and not to mention... it was my 6 MONTHS!!!!!!! Crazy. I don't even understand how that happened. But it did. And it is so cool to see the things that I have learned, and see how far I have come, but to also see how much I have to go and how much more I can learn. So we got some ice cream, which tasted good after a long hot day.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Manuel and we did a "heart to heart" with him to see where his testimony is at and what kind of questions he has etc. That lesson was good, Manuel likes to change the subject a lot…haha. We then had a really good lesson with Hermana Duran with reading in the BOM and talking about how is can relate to us now. And afterwards she fed us tamales and they were REALLY good! :) This Spanish food is growing on me haha. Later that day we did some more contacting and taught a lady who wants to learn English…yeah that was fun. Something that I have come upon is that the English language is confusing, and hard to teach to someone. But it was good! And then we stopped by another one of our investigators who is super busy with work and at the time not home, but guess what? HE WAS HOME! So we taught about faith and talked about how Christ is important to us. 

(My 6 month mark!)

Thursday was planning day and that took forever since we had to fill Hermana Moore in on all our investigators and such and so we were inside for almost the whole day. But we needed to leave the house so we decided to visit an investigator who doesn't like to keep appointments, and he wasn't home, so we knocked the house across the street and the younger girl was like "yeah you can come back!" And then we knocked next door on a potentials and we taught him and his wife and they seem interested! It was so awesome getting 2 new investigators, especially a family! Something that I, and I am sure my companions are learning, is that there is always another reason why you are in an area. It may be for the person you have planned, and it may be for someone you are inspired to knock into. But when you listen to the spirit, the Lord will direct you to who is ready to hear the gospel.

Friday we had another lesson with Manuel and that was fun as always! We tried to bring up baptism again, but that did really go in the direction that we wanted it to, but that’s alright! We then contacted some more and did more planning and then had a lesson with Nadia and Natalie again about Tithing and fasting. And then we all felt to go visit this less active family who are also very hard to get it contact with and he was home! So we read in Alma 26:12 about how through Christ we can do all things. 

(Proof that it was 120 degrees)

Saturday was busy and 120 degrees hot…I’ll just start with that haha. We had correlation in the morning and then had to run to our lesson with Hermana Duran and she said she was planning on coming to church and we really hope she does! Church is SOO essential to our spiritual growth. We then contacted and met this really awesome guy who is probably going to get baptized soon! He is English, which means he goes to the Elders, but we taught him the Restoration and set him with a baptismal date and he was agreeing with everything we were saying. It was so awesome. We did some more contacting and by the end of that night we were all exhausted!!

Sunday was awesome and guess who came to church..?!! Hermana Duran! And Manuel came :) we were so happy to see them both there. Church was wonderful and I’m loving this ward. We had a lesson with Manuel that night and really dug down deep about baptism and what is holding him back…he sort of opened up which was good, but didn't answer our questions. We then tried to contact a referral and she was home, and let us teach her on her door step. And the Lord seriously loves us cause he time we came to a door step and we started to teach the temperature would cool down and then as we walk back to our car the temperature would go back up…THIS CHURCH IS TRUE :)

I am happy to hear that all is well at home in MN! I miss it, especially the weather, but I love being out here. Lots of good things are happening. The Lord is helping me so much. 

Thank you all for the support and love! I can feel your prayers :)

Have a wonderful week!!

prayer list: Manuel Felix, Manuel and Teresa, Vicky, Alfredo, Jisidro, Connie

Love, Hermana Aase

Let there be MIRACLES!

Good morning family!!

I was excited to see all the emails from you guys. And to hear what is going on!

This past week was a really good week too. This area is just awesome and Hermana Poole and I are doing awesome too! :)

Monday after emailing we headed to hang out with our zone and play some sports and then later that night we had a lesson with two cute girls, one who just recently got baptized. We taught them about the law of chastity...haha that was fun! We just focused on keeping our words, thoughts, and actions clean, so hopefully they understood that! We then had another lesson with a recent convert, Connie, about Eternal Marriage and families and Heavenly Father’s plan for us. 

(Our district cleaning up)

Tuesday we had a lesson with a less active in the ward, Hermana Duran and I read with her in the LDM (libro de mormon) and she loved it. We are trying to get her to come back to church and we both feel that reading in the LDM will help her with that. Our miracle for the day was that we got a call from the assistants that we are getting a THIRD companion. Her name is Hermana Moore, she went home for a little bit but is coming back out!! We were shocked but excited :) Later that night we did some carding. It is like knocking doors, but when you are knocking at 8/8:30 at night people don't like it very much, so we do inspired carding, where if we feel something about a house we will put a card on it. There is a certain card that we like to use called "rocket Jesus" They are our favorites! haha

Wednesday we had lunch with a cute widowed lady in our ward named Hermana Josie, and she reminds me EXACTLY of Mamo, just Spanish. So I call her my Spanish grandma! And then we had a lesson with an English lady that we knocked into who used to be a member but isn't anymore, and we just shared the scripture about building our house upon a rock, which that rock in Jesus Christ and that through the wind, rain and storms we will not fall as long as we build upon that rock. After that we did some service at the library. Miracle for the day- air conditioning in the library!

Thursday was busy full of planning, which is always fun, but so necessary! Later that day we ate lunch with the other Hermanas in our area and then we had a lesson that night with Manuel and Teresa. They are a couple investigating the church and they are the miracle for the day. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong there, and the Holy Ghost helped us so much with what words to say. It was just a really good lesson and we are so grateful that the spirit was in that lesson testifying of the things we were teaching about. 

Friday we had district meeting and Hermana Poole and I had to give the training, and the assistants showed up!! That was a surprise to all of us. haha. So it was a bit nerve racking knowing the assistants to the president were watching you give a training all in Spanish! But it went well and the message about extending invitations, promising blessings, bearing testimony and following up got across clear! Later that day we were contacting some potentials and formers and our miracle for the day was someone we FINALLY got to talk to. There has been this couple Hermana Poole and all her companions have been trying to contact for the last few months and they have NEVER been home. And today he was home and he told us that he has family that are members and he invited us to come back!! Woo hoo!! And then also we got to teach one of our less active families that haven't been easy to get into contact with either because they have been sick, but we taught about faith and how we need to nourish our faith by reading the scriptures, praying and coming to church. 

(Free slurpies on 7/11!)

Saturday was busy, busy, busy. We had a lot of lessons planned that went through that is a miracle all in itself :) We had a lesson with Maunel Felix (he is the old guy who has lots of ideas and jokes for us) and we taught him the plan of salvation and invited him again to pray about baptism and he said didn’t say yes but he also didn't say NO! So that is progress! And then we had another lesson with Hermana Duran and that went well. We are hoping she comes to church on Sunday! Later we had a lesson with Raul (an older guy we found the first week) and that…didn’t go quite as well. He didn't let us talk or share anything, so we aren't sure what to do. He also creeps us out…haha. So we will probably send him to the Elders! The rest of the day was busy with just contacting and tracking and more carding, but my brain was fried by the end of the night! But the miracle for the say was that it RAINED! Only for like a couple minutes, but STILL! It was under 100 degrees that whole day!! We were loving the "cool" weather! haha

Sunday was also a good day, not too much happened. We had a fireside we went to about missionary work and an older sister who used to serve here came back and spoke to us and then later that night we did some more contacting and carding. 

Today we are getting our new companion! We are nervous but excited! 

Something that I learned in studies this week is that like the Liahona that guided Lehi and his family to the promise land, it was only by their faith that lead them. I must have faith and put trust in the Lord for him to guide me to where I must go to find people who need to gospel. 

(My wicked shoe tan line...haha #awkwardmissionarytanlines)

I know that this church is true. Without a doubt in my mind. I come to that knowledge each and every day. I know that my Savior died for me and took upon him all the sins of the world so that when I make mistakes (and I do frequently) I can repent and be forgiven. Reading your scriptures, praying and going to church are ESSENTIAL things we must do to help us endure to the end. When we don't do those things we are letting Satan have more power. I love what I am doing. It is hard. REALLY HARD. But it is SOOO worth it. 

I love and miss you guys so much!!
Have an awesome week and tell everyone that I say Hello! 

Con Amor,

Hermana Aase

Well that was unexpected!

Hello family!!

You have no idea how excited I am to write you. This past week has been one crazy adventure. Let me just say that!

Monday Was busy with packing and saying goodbye to members and taking pictures and all that good stuff that comes with leaving an area. I was really sad to leave - sad to leave the people and our new investigators and the nice breeze. But Bakersfield is where I am needed now and I can't wait to be there.

Tuesday we had to be to transfer meeting early and our car was packed to the brim with everything! Transfer meeting was good, but very unexpected...! So guess what!? I am in Bakersfield, but I am not in the are that I thought I was going to…I am in Buena Vista - FULL SPANISH and with Hermana Poole, who has only been out one transfer a head of me. I was shocked, but at the same time I was comforted about hearing where I was going. After the meeting we packed up the car and headed to the apt. Unpacked got some groceries and started working.  It was a miracle day, literally. We visited some potentials and one of them is named Omar. He has been hard to contact for the last few weeks, but when we went over he let us in and we taught him the first lesson, which went really well. Even the Spanish went well.  We then tried a different contact, which wasn't home, but as we walked back to our car there was a guy next door that was like "I have been waiting for you guys..." and Hermana Poole and I are thinking sweet!! This guy is prepared. So we start talking to him and explained who we were and what we do as missionaries and we gave him a Book of Mormon and made a return apt to go back. It was really neat! I like street contacting like that because they see you out working and they are more interested in who you are. OHH also…it was 117 DEGREES!!!! That was not expected at all…haha. I hope I can survive this heat!

Wednesday we had a good lesson with an older guy named Manuel. He is about 70ish and hilarious! And maybe a little crazy too, but we still love him. He has some opinions about things, but we are slowly helping him find the truth. We then did some service at the library putting books away and can I tell you that I am SOO THANKFUL for air conditioning…haha.  It was a nice break from the heat. We then did some more contacting and had another miracle lesson with a lady named Maria. She is religious, and really open to listening. So we taught her about the Restoration and left a Book of Mormon with her and set up her baptismal date! And then the rest of the night was full of some more knocking, which is always fun. OHH, and I didn't know Bakersfield was full of creepy ice cream trucks…haha. It is a goal of Hermana Poole and I's to get ice cream from there and take a picture of it, so be looking for that in the future!!

Thursday morning we did a service project with our district picking up trash on the side of the road. That was fun and we all got a little burnt! After showering and feeling all nice we started planning for the next week and the first week always takes the longest because sometimes one of the companions doesn't know a whole lot about the area and the investigators, so time is spent there filling in the other. So yeah! But we have a ton of lessons set up and we are planning on setting all of them with baptismal dates!! Something that we are learning about from our mission president is that we CAN have the faith to find, teach and baptize. You just need to put the Lord to the test! I believe this. It is hard, but it can be done :) Hermana Poole and I know that we can find, teach and baptize even with out using perfect Spanish! That night we had a lesson with some investigators and we taught about Faith and how important it is to continue to nourish and grow it and they really liked that chapter so we invited them to continue reading that.

Friday we had our district meeting and it was fun to meet the other missionaries in the district. They all serve here in Buena Vista and they are in the same ward with us too! So that is fun! We had a "surprise" lesson (surprise meaning we just show up without them knowing haha) and we taught an investigator Margarito. He is not keeping appointments, but he has read like half the Book of Mormon. It is hard to drop him, so we are going to keep surprising him! And then we had an interesting lesson with the guy that stopped us on Tuesday night. His name is Raul. He likes to talk…a lot. So we didn't get to yeah much of a lesson, but we got to know him pretty well and figure out some things that he believes in and questions he has. Later that night we had a lesson with a recent convert Connie. She is awesome and really has a strong testimony of the gospel. That night we contacted some more and had a miracle lesson with a family that let us in and we taught the mom and daughter and that went really good! And later we ran over to a less active to share a scripture with them. 

Saturday we had another lesson with Manuel and talked about the 10 commandments, and asked some questions that we think he is struggling with. After we did some more planning because we didn't finish from Thursday and then we headed out to contact some potentials, but Hermana Poole had a thought to go visit one of our referrals that we didn't get to contact earlier in the week. And guess what! HE WAS HOME! So we taught him the restoration and he wants to learn more and read more in the Bible and now the Book of Mormon, and so that was exciting! 

Sunday was good as always. I am actually glad to still be in a Spanish ward because I love the himnos (Spanish hymns), and the speakers. The Spanish is starting to come and the Lord is helping me everyday. After lunch/dinner with a less active we headed over to an investigators who has also been hard to contact and he was out in his garage and so we taught him and the lesson was good, my Spanish was not so good, but that is alright. I am still learning. 

This past week was amazing. I am exhausted and so ready for pday haha, but I love this area and the people here. I know that the more I am in Spanish and the more we teach and I open my mouth, it will be filled and my Spanish will come!

Hopefully I will survive the heat and won't die! haha. We have this trick where we freeze one bottle and then take another one and drink and refill it as the day goes by. It helps a lot!

I love you all and I miss you tons!

Talk to you later :)

prayer list- Connie, Margarito, Manuel, La familia Ruela, Manuel and Teresa, and Omar.


Hermana Aase

I come and I go

Hello Familia!!
It is crazy that pday is already here and that the end of the transfer is also here...
I am sure you can guess by the title of my email the news I got on Saturday (07/05) about transfer calls. I will break you the news to you now...!
I AM BEING TRANSFERRED!!!...and with some figuring out and narrowing down, we know that I am most likely going to West Bakersfield. Oh and I am also designated a driver, whoo hoo!! 
This past week was really good! And I am sad to leave because we found tons of new investigators and they are families too, which is the best part! But the other Hermanas’ will take over our area for the next 6 weeks until more Spanish sisters come into the mission field. 
As for this week!
Monday- After emailing we went to the MALL whoo hoo! And then went to Trader Joe's and got MOCHI ice cream…IT IS SO GOOD. You have to try it. It is Japanese ice cream and it looks weird but it is so good :) Later that night we had a lesson over at the Solano's and we read Mosiah 18 and talked with them for a little bit. 
Tuesday- We did some service over at the Solano's helping Hermana Solano make 60ish pupusas for another sister in the ward, so that was fun! I was all hot and sweaty from flipping all of them over. And of course we ate them while we made them so by the end of those few hours I was stuffed with pupusas. Even though I was all sweaty and stuffed, I loved helping make pupusas and doing service. It just makes me happy and it makes others happy too!
(My desk where I study, Katherine Solano and I)

Wednesday- Was such a long, hot, day. We visited some potential investigators, but none of them were home (story of our life), so we then visited a less active lady and shared a scripture with her and then we left our car parked at that apartment complex and walked down the block to contact more potentials and man it was hot and windy and Hermana Musig and I looked hot! Our husbands will definitely be more attractive from today :) haha. On our way back we knocked into a lady that was outside with all her kids and we taught her a short lesson on her doorstep on restoration, and prayed with her and made a return appointment. It was a really cool experience. And we are hoping that when we (or other missionaries) go back to teach her family we can teach the parents that only speak Spanish. We came back for lunch and dried off and then headed back out to contact some former investigators. That night we had dinner by ourselves and then headed out, when it wasn’t as hot, to walk around some neighborhoods tracting. Even though it was a long and hot day, we really saw the Lord help us and we found a ton of new investigators to teach! 
(Our apartment from the outside - we live upstairs, Hermana Usher and I, my room.)
Thursday- planning day! It is always hard to plan for week 7 because you never know if you are staying or leaving, but we got it figured out and we both made some new planner covers during lunch and then dropped a picture and a card to a member in our ward as a thank you for feeding us dinner. Funny but creepy story---Later that afternoon we were getting gas and this old guy...not to mention shirtless...was flirting and helping this mom and daughter pump their was really weird, and Hermana Musig and I couldn’t help but just laugh! We tried to contact Omar and Cesar and we actually got to talk to Cesar’s wife, which has never happened, so that was good! And as we were leaving Omar's we saw all these cops swarming this car and they all had their guns out ready to fire…it was pretty cool!! By the end of the day we had seen lots of random things!! Haha. Welcome to California!
Friday- 4th of JULY!!! Of course I wore red, white and blue :) you will see pictures at the end of this email. We had ZTM this morning and learned about the importance of testifying and sharing our testimonies. Really good reminder when we share our testimonies with those that we are teaching. Our feelings and thoughts are the strongest tools we can use. No one can take that away, or bash on what you believe. We went over quick to the Solano's and we began reading in Alma 17 where Ammon cuts off all the arms of the servants and brings them to the king. They thought that was pretty funny and cool at the same time! haha. And then we headed to dinner at a members house and ate really good enchiladas and had cake. We had curfew that night at 7, so we couldn’t be out and about while people did fireworks and such…it made me sad to not see any fire works, but that is okay! We had our whole night planned out. I wrote in Hermana Musig’s goodbye journal and made another planner cover while Hermana Musig started packing all her stuff. And then for celebration we ate mochi ice cream and talked! It was a fun night. 
(Our district)
Saturday- We got our calls around 11am and they told us that both of us were leaving! duh about Hermana Musig since she is almost done with her mission. She leaves July 16 and heading back to Sandy. I am really sad to let her go home, but it is time and I guess I have to let her start the next chapter of her life. And then they told me that I was leaving and that I was becoming the designated driver…so that means my companion cant drive...So long story short we figured out where all the other Hermana’s are going and put the puzzle back together. Hermana Musig packed while I did some language study and then that night we headed to a farewell for a sister missionary that is leaving our branch to head to her mission. It was fun and we gave her some advice and then afterwards we had our correlation meeting and our branch mission leader was shocked to hear that all of us were leaving besides one Elder and one Hermana. Sad day!! 
Sunday- Church was really good. And we heard some great testimonies too from the members of our branch. We took some pictures with all the missionaries in our branch and then headed to dinner and afterwards we went by some members in our branch and said goodbye and then came home and did some more packing. You know what I found out? You accumulate stuff on your mission. I have NO idea how, but you just do! haha. So when it comes to the end of the transfer you have WAY more to pack than what you thought you did. 
Well I am sad to leave Rancho Vista and maybe just maybe I will come back and serve here! I sure do hope so. I have met a lot of wonderful people and have actually learned some Spanish :)
But it is time to move on and head to a new area. I am excited to be in Bakersfield…maybe not during the middle of the hot summer, but I will survive…maybe…haha. 
I will talk to you all next week and let you know how the first week in the new area went!!

Hermana Aase