Monday, May 18, 2015

A Trip to My Old Area

Hi family!!

Well another week has flown joke...these days are going by fast and I can't seem to make them slow down. But this past week was good! We had success with some things and not with other things, but we push on!

Monday- After pday and writing letters and hanging out with the other hermana's we all went to Subway for dinner and then went on with our days. We had an FHE with the Garcia family and read the parable in Mark 4 about the seeds and where they fall. We had the kids draw in out! It was fun and we all learned something new. After that we did some contacting, but all those we contacted aren't interested in the message we share :( it always makes me sad when they don't want to listen. But we try and try again!

 (STL's and making weird faces)

Tuesday- We had EXCHANGES in BUENA VISTA BABY!!! Oh my goodness I was SOO excited to go back to my old area. It has been like 10 months...just about. We first had a lesson with Hna. Duran and we shared a scripture on how we all must share the gospel because there are lost sheep put in the world. We then did some contacting and got to share a little bit about the message we share. After that we had a lesson with a lady and her husband that have been investigating the church for about 5+ years and it was such a good lesson! We didn't get through all of it, but they both seemed sincerely interested. After that we all ate dinner at a super yummy pizza place! (it was just like Solo's, so it reminded me of home). And then we contacted because our appt fell through, and we stopped by and saw Cindy and her family (a family that I taught when I was there a year ago). And then lastly we passed by a less active family and shared a message. She was so cute and has such a precious testimony. 

Wednesday- Then in the morning, guess who we saw?... MANUEL FELIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! I have missed that man. It was so good to see him and to see the progress that he has made. We taught him about the priesthood and what a blessing it is that he can have that and use that power from God. We then exchanged back and headed back to our area. We had a lesson with Guillermina and taught her the 1st half of the plan of salvation. She is awesome! She just takes everything in and is content with it. We then had a lesson with the Trejo family, they are less active and this time they were way more receptive and actually seemed happy to have us there! Before it did not feel that way...So we are making baby steps with them! We just need to help them come back to church. After that we ran to our next lesson with Marcos and taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he loved it and he is almost done with the Book of Mormon...can you believe that!?? That night we passed by Francisco to see how he was and we had a good long talk with him. He told us that he has been praying about what to do and he desires to come to church, but feels that he must do a few things in his church before he moves over, but he loves what we teach him and he is very content with what we share. So that was comforting to know and we know that he will get there. Just gotta help him along the way. And then lastly we had a lesson with Veronica and taught her the first part of the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was there and she is progressing little by little. 

((Left) Hna Meacham and she is my STL (Right) MANUEL FELIX! My recent convert :) and man has he changed since the last time I saw him.)

Thursday- We had our wonderful planning session, and then we went to the DR to check out my headaches again because they have been bugging me while I the DR said that it is stress that is all building up in my neck and causing the headaches, so he gave me some relaxants to take at night to help me we will see how those work and then he wants me to go to a physical therapist and get some work done on my neck to loosen those muscles. So I am hoping that this will help and let me survive the last 2 months of my mission. We then contacted a bit and it poured outside! And for once, I was cold in Bakersfield. haha. But the rain was good and is helping the dirt...not be so...dry...haha. We then had a lesson with the Ramirez family and watched the Restoration movie and shared our testimonies about Joseph Smith and the restoration. And then we had a lesson with Francisco and we taught a bit about the plan of salvation and what happens after this life and it was really cool because he told us that he was just talking about that with his family on Sunday and didn't know what all happened after this life, so it gave him the answers he was looking for and the comfort he needed. God works in mysterious ways for sure. 

Friday- We had our district meeting and learned more about teaching to the needs of our investigators. I am always amazed at the things that we learn are just perfect for what we need to work on. Like I said, God knows and works in mysterious ways. He is amazing! We then did a little bit of service at the homeless shelter. And then we had a long talk with Juventino... so the medicine was just kicking in because I didn't sleep the night I was falling asleep during that talk, but we are hoping to reteach him some yeah. We then contacted, and then had dinner and then met one of the older couples in the ward and they are so awesome! So focused on missionary work!

((Left) So it stormed and look what it produced! I have never seen a rainbow that big and that vibrant...I had to take a picture! (Right) Hermana Duran! I missed this lady! haha)

Saturday- We had a lesson with a less active named Anahi and shared Helaman 5:12 about building our lives upon the rock of Christ. We then had a lesson with Marcos and taught the fist part of the plan of salvation. And then we had a lesson with Guillermina and finished the plan of salvation with her too! After that we ran home for a bit and then ran to the baptismal service and it was so good! Hna. Gonzalez and I gave the missionary minute and President and Sister Wilson were there and we had Marcos and Guillermina come! It was so cool! After that we ate dinner and headed home!

Sunday- Church was good! It was really packed, and we had Marcos and Guillermina come! After church we ate dinner with the Rodriguez family and then contacted a bit and then we had a lesson with Veronica and finished the plan of salvation. This time her kids weren't running all over the place, so that was nice! That night we passed by the Garcia family and made sure we were all good for the FHE the next night. 

So yeah, we had success with getting our investigators to church and having the members help us out with lessons..but we sadly didn't find any new investigators. But that just means we have things to work on! Besides that, all is well! We are having fun and learning new things every day. 

I love and miss you all! 
And can you believe I am hitting 16 months this Friday...? 
Have a wonderful week!

Love, Hermana Aase

Mother's Day!


Well today is a beautiful Monday day! The clouds are out so that is making it not SOO hot...thank heavens :)

Monday- Pday was wonderful! It was the first pday that I had to sit and relax...hope it stays that way! That night we had a lesson with a less active family and we talked about the importance of reading, praying and going to church. And then after that we went to go contact a referral, but she was not very interested...but that's okay! Some day in the future she will be!

Tuesday- In the afternoon we searched for some service to do here in East Bakersfield and then had a lesson with Melody- the daughter of Hno. Rodriguez. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and read in the Book of Mormon. We talked about the power of the atonement and how when we want to change and we tell God that, he will help us change and get rid of that habit and change that behavior. We just have to be willing to change and leave it behind. God will do the rest. We then contacted a little bit before our lesson with Francisco. The lesson we had with Francisco was really good! He is prepared to learn more and just soaks everything in like a sponge. We did a review of what we taught the last lesson and we had some questions about what he read in the Book of Mormon. We then had ward visits that night, but sadly all the less actives that we passed by weren't home. 

(Car pictures!!)

Wednesday- We had one of our appts. cancel, so we decided to contact a little bit and then we headed over to the familia Sarabia and read the scripture in 2 Nephi 32 about prayer and the power that we can receive from that! We then passed by another less active family, the Trejo's, and we taught Hna. Trejo's sister! So she became a new investigator. We are not quite sure how interested she is, but we will go back and have another less with her! We then had another lesson with a less active hermana and it was good. She was interested in us coming back and teaching her more about the gospel, it is just getting her back to church. That night we had a lesson with Veronica and we taught about having faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. It was a simple lesson, but powerful. I love the simple lessons because those are the most powerful ones where the spirit really testifies of truth. Then before we went home we passed by a family that is in our area that we hadn't formally met, so we passed by and talked with them for a bit. 

Thursday- Planning day!! Some how this day comes up really fast! But closer to the end of our time planning we got a call from the zone leaders and they gave us a referral and told us that she wanted to be taught today and so we packed up our things and ran out the door. We taught this lady named Mina- her name is longer, but hard to say...haha, so she told us we can call her Mina. But she is friends with an older guy in our ward and really ready to hear the gospel. She already came to church the week before! But now she is officially an investigator and she has a baptismal date for June 13th! After dinner we had a lesson with a less active family the Hermosillo's and we taught them about CPR and did a cup kinda worked! haha but they got the point! We then had a lesson with Francisco and Hno. Rodriguez brought this fancy book and seriously this book is so cool! haha. He still is just soaking everything up! We then tried to find a house of a less active but we couldn't find it...

Friday- We had a really good zone meeting where we talked about being consecrated missionaries and putting everything on the altar - fears, doubts, worries, etc. It was a good reminder to not worry or be scared of the things. but that Heavenly Father will take care of it all. We then went out and contacted because our other appts. fell through. But we got to meet a couple other less actives in the ward. 

Saturday- In the morning we helped decorate the gym for the mother's day dinner. Then later that day we had a lesson with Marcos...and oh my goodness. So this was our conversation. 
Us: knock knock on the door
Marcos: Hi, how are you (with the Book of Mormon in his hand)
Us: Were you just reading??
Marcos: Yeah! I read half way through it!...
Us: WHAT!?!!?
Marcus: Yeah, I just couldn't put in down!
Okay, what the freak!! haha. It was so cool! He had some questions and we taught him about church and it was just an amazing lesson! Like no joke! We then contacted some more in the hot sun! And boy am I getting a tan! We then had a lesson with a guy named Juventino and he became a new investigator! That night we went to the ward mother's day celebration and we had a potential come and less active families come and an investigator come! It was so fun and there was delicious food! Hispanic parties though...they really know how to throw a party!

(Mothers day celebration is La Cresta!)

Sunday- Church was wonderful! All the talks were about mothers and I couldn't help but think about the wonderful mom I had in my life and all that she does for me :) We had Mina come to church and she asked about the temple, so we taught her a little bit about the temple and showed her the pictures in the church. After church I got to skype my WONDERFUL family and that was a blast :) I love and miss them all. And they reminded me that I have 72 days left..that is 72 days that I have to work hard and give it my all! We then had a lesson later that night with Veronica, but her kids were crazy so the lesson was a little bit shorter. 

(have the BEST family ever!! It was so good to talk to them :))

Well family, I love the area that I am in, the companion that I am with and the work that is being done! I love being a missionary. It is seriously the greatest choice I have ever made! And I am learning a lot and changing a lot. 

Happy Mothers day again to the best mother in the world! I love you so much and I am so grateful for all that you have done and do for me!

Love you all! And we will talk next week!

Hermana Aase

Red ants and chocalas

Good afternoon Family!!


Can I just say this was probably the best first week of my whole mission. And I have been out a long time...haha. But honestly it is great and I am excited for the rest of my time here!

Monday- After running around, doing laundry, seeing the chiropractor, and emailing, we ate lunch with my favorite person Pedro! It was so nice of him to take a break from work and take Hna Soto and I out for lunch. I sure am gonna miss this guy. After lunch we hung around and signed journals and then had a lesson set with Doris, but she sadly wasn't there. So we grabbed our laundry and then headed to dinner with the Juarez family. We took pictures and then we ran to our next stop- Hna America, and then to say goodbye to Patricia Durant, the Morelos Family and then Sheila and her family and then last but not least, the Hiltons. I stayed up until like 12:30 packing and all...just like every new transfer haha.

Tuesday- TRANSFER DAY! Well we got up early, packed the car and got to transfer meeting. We have a training meeting before transfer meeting and then afterwards we all got seated and watched the new missionaries come in (there was only 3) and then heard the dying testimonies and then Hna Gonzalez and I went on our way! So I'll tell you about my companion at the end of the email. So we made it back to our apartment and then started to unpack and looked at the plans that the other harmanas' left us. It is a little overwhelming to be new in an area and training, but with the help of God all things are possible! We then had dinner with a part member family in one of the elders area and the food was really my lips were numb by the end of dinner...all of them just laughed at me...#whitepeopleproblems.  After that we had ward visits and went with a few ladies from the ward to go visit less active members and that was nice to get to know a few more. By the end of the night we were both exhausted. 

Wednesday- We went grocery shopping in the morning because we didn't have time to go the night before. Later after lunch we went out to our area (wherever it is...haha) and we started to contact some people and then we passed by a less active family named the Sarabia's, and we shared a message about family history work. After that we contacted some people and got some set appts which is progress! But oh my ants were attracted to my feet! Like my goodness..It was bad! Every time we would talk to someone and then leave there would be like 50 red ants all over my feet and they I was not a happy camper...We then ate dinner at home and then passed by the ward mission leaders house and met him and his family! They are so fun! And then after that we visited the Bishop and his family, which they are also so awesome!

Thursday- The STL's came and visited us and we made goals for this transfer and all. It will be so good! Some things that I am working on is having more faith and showing that faith through diligent work, and then to ask more questions. I haven't ever been good at asking questions, but I will be working on that! We then did our planning and learned more about our investigators and the members and less actives. That night we visited a less active family named the Hermosillo's and shared Helaman 5:12 and then contacted a referral and instead of us giving him an uplifting message he gave us one! I wish all people were like that at doors..Is that too much to ask for?!?! haha. We then visited another less active family named the Arroyo family and we shared about Joseph Smith and then we contacted a little bit more before the end of the night. 

Friday- We had district meeting and it was all in Spanish! I haven't had that since I was in Bakersfield last that was good! At least I could understand it all this time! I also did the training and it was on giving church tours and how beneficial they can really be for our investigators! We then did service for a less active- the bishops dad- and we did yard work! He is the cutest ever! Later we had a lesson with Chris, a potential and it was a really good lesson! And he accepted to be baptized for June 20th! It was so good :) That night we ate dinner with the Mercado family and they are so cool! So missionary minded! It it awesome! We then met a recent convert, he lives a couple doors down for the Mercado family and he was watering his lawn. After that we felt that we should try and pass by our investigator Veronica...and we found her at home!! We taught her about the importance of church and then she told us that the church she goes to makes her feel sad and depressed, but when she came to ours, all that was gone. She was happy and calm. What a cool thing to hear! We then met another lady from the ward, her name is Hna Alaniz! And she is a sweetheart and has a really cool conversion story!

Saturday- We did service for a little bit in the morning and then we came back and did studies and lunch and then we went contacted! Some people weren't home and we met a not so nice guy on the street, but we brushed it off and kept on going. BUT! We found another new investigator! His name is Marcos. He is really cool and interested in learning! He also accepted a baptismal date for June 20th! We then had a lesson right after that with a lady named Ana and she became a new investigator too! We weren't sure if she was actually listening in the lesson, but then at the end she was like, "well then I guess I will have to read the Book of Mormon"...Hna Gonzalez and I just looked at each other like..."wait what? you were listening?" We then had dinner with ourselves and then tried by a couple more members, but they weren't home. 

Sunday- We had correlation meeting in the morning and our ward mission leader walked in with these funny glasses and weird teeth..we all just had to laugh! Church was good! Lots of new people, but it was good! We ate dinner with the Rodriguez family (which is the ward mission leader) and then we contacted a bit and had a lesson with a less active family named the Ramirez family. We talked about the importance and power of the Book of Mormon. We then knocked on a potentials door and he opened up and was like "where were you on Monday!" he didn't know that we got switched, so we taught home a lesson and it was such a good lesson! He told us that he wants to read and come to church and learn more from us! After that we passed by the Guido family and met them! 

Well, so that was our week! It was so good!

So now about my companion- Her name is Hna Gonzalez. She is from Mexico, but moved to Camarillo CA and she is 22 and a convert of 3 years! She is a doll and is ready to work! She is helping me with my Spanish and I am helping her with her English. It is great! 

I love this area! I am excited to be here and to work!

I love you all! Thanks for all you do!

And family!!-- I cannot wait until Sunday!!! Talk to you then :)

Love, Hermana Aase