Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother's Day!


Well today is a beautiful Monday day! The clouds are out so that is making it not SOO hot...thank heavens :)

Monday- Pday was wonderful! It was the first pday that I had to sit and relax...hope it stays that way! That night we had a lesson with a less active family and we talked about the importance of reading, praying and going to church. And then after that we went to go contact a referral, but she was not very interested...but that's okay! Some day in the future she will be!

Tuesday- In the afternoon we searched for some service to do here in East Bakersfield and then had a lesson with Melody- the daughter of Hno. Rodriguez. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and read in the Book of Mormon. We talked about the power of the atonement and how when we want to change and we tell God that, he will help us change and get rid of that habit and change that behavior. We just have to be willing to change and leave it behind. God will do the rest. We then contacted a little bit before our lesson with Francisco. The lesson we had with Francisco was really good! He is prepared to learn more and just soaks everything in like a sponge. We did a review of what we taught the last lesson and we had some questions about what he read in the Book of Mormon. We then had ward visits that night, but sadly all the less actives that we passed by weren't home. 

(Car pictures!!)

Wednesday- We had one of our appts. cancel, so we decided to contact a little bit and then we headed over to the familia Sarabia and read the scripture in 2 Nephi 32 about prayer and the power that we can receive from that! We then passed by another less active family, the Trejo's, and we taught Hna. Trejo's sister! So she became a new investigator. We are not quite sure how interested she is, but we will go back and have another less with her! We then had another lesson with a less active hermana and it was good. She was interested in us coming back and teaching her more about the gospel, it is just getting her back to church. That night we had a lesson with Veronica and we taught about having faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. It was a simple lesson, but powerful. I love the simple lessons because those are the most powerful ones where the spirit really testifies of truth. Then before we went home we passed by a family that is in our area that we hadn't formally met, so we passed by and talked with them for a bit. 

Thursday- Planning day!! Some how this day comes up really fast! But closer to the end of our time planning we got a call from the zone leaders and they gave us a referral and told us that she wanted to be taught today and so we packed up our things and ran out the door. We taught this lady named Mina- her name is longer, but hard to say...haha, so she told us we can call her Mina. But she is friends with an older guy in our ward and really ready to hear the gospel. She already came to church the week before! But now she is officially an investigator and she has a baptismal date for June 13th! After dinner we had a lesson with a less active family the Hermosillo's and we taught them about CPR and did a cup kinda worked! haha but they got the point! We then had a lesson with Francisco and Hno. Rodriguez brought this fancy book and seriously this book is so cool! haha. He still is just soaking everything up! We then tried to find a house of a less active but we couldn't find it...

Friday- We had a really good zone meeting where we talked about being consecrated missionaries and putting everything on the altar - fears, doubts, worries, etc. It was a good reminder to not worry or be scared of the things. but that Heavenly Father will take care of it all. We then went out and contacted because our other appts. fell through. But we got to meet a couple other less actives in the ward. 

Saturday- In the morning we helped decorate the gym for the mother's day dinner. Then later that day we had a lesson with Marcos...and oh my goodness. So this was our conversation. 
Us: knock knock on the door
Marcos: Hi, how are you (with the Book of Mormon in his hand)
Us: Were you just reading??
Marcos: Yeah! I read half way through it!...
Us: WHAT!?!!?
Marcus: Yeah, I just couldn't put in down!
Okay, what the freak!! haha. It was so cool! He had some questions and we taught him about church and it was just an amazing lesson! Like no joke! We then contacted some more in the hot sun! And boy am I getting a tan! We then had a lesson with a guy named Juventino and he became a new investigator! That night we went to the ward mother's day celebration and we had a potential come and less active families come and an investigator come! It was so fun and there was delicious food! Hispanic parties though...they really know how to throw a party!

(Mothers day celebration is La Cresta!)

Sunday- Church was wonderful! All the talks were about mothers and I couldn't help but think about the wonderful mom I had in my life and all that she does for me :) We had Mina come to church and she asked about the temple, so we taught her a little bit about the temple and showed her the pictures in the church. After church I got to skype my WONDERFUL family and that was a blast :) I love and miss them all. And they reminded me that I have 72 days left..that is 72 days that I have to work hard and give it my all! We then had a lesson later that night with Veronica, but her kids were crazy so the lesson was a little bit shorter. 

(have the BEST family ever!! It was so good to talk to them :))

Well family, I love the area that I am in, the companion that I am with and the work that is being done! I love being a missionary. It is seriously the greatest choice I have ever made! And I am learning a lot and changing a lot. 

Happy Mothers day again to the best mother in the world! I love you so much and I am so grateful for all that you have done and do for me!

Love you all! And we will talk next week!

Hermana Aase

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