Friday, February 28, 2014

4 days until CALI!!

My goodness 6 weeks have flown by! Its crazy, I can’t believe it. And its my last p-day…until next Monday when I’m in California, which my p-days will be on Mondays from 10am-6pm just FYI. But this week has been overall pretty good. 

Thursday 20th: After emailing you guys last week our district played volleyball...and lets just say we aren't the best haha. But it has been so fun to hang out with our district, we have gotten so close and its going to be so sad to leave...but I’m just not going to think about that. The rest of the night was normal!

Friday 21st: Was a fantastic day! A little tired because at 4am there was this stupid little buzzing and it was freaking me out cause I kept thinking a bug was near my ear or in my hair, and the weird thing was that one of the other companions that sleeps on the bottom bunk had the same exact thing at 4 am…so bizarre. But thankfully it was only that night it happened. Hermana Usher and I taught Ramon and Enrique which both went really well. I’m starting to not write every sentence down that I’m planning to say in these lessons. I’m relying on the spirit and using what I know. It’s a confidence booster when I can say what I want and our investigators understand! And this all means that the Spanish is coming. Coming slowly, but its coming!!

(Me with two of my friends from my Mission Prep class at BYU-Idaho.)

Saturday 22nd: Normal day, classes were slow but that happens...and my brain is starting to hurt haha…plus I think I was just ready for Sunday! Hermana Usher and I had a nice long talk about past jobs, school, boys...don't judge, I know I’m on a mission haha, but it was nice to get to know her more. The more I find about her and the time I spend with her I love her more and more. My teacher challenged us both hablar solo espano hasta saliremos el CCM…yeah we'll see how that goes. It’s easy to talk all gospel phrases, but once you get to regular language that's where I get lost. We are trying our hardest! Later that night we studied Ether 12, and it talks about faith and I love the promises in that chapter about how our weaknesses will become strong when we have faith, are humbled, and rely on the grace of the Lord. And today I’ve been out EXACTLY 1 MONTH! CRAZY!

(Some pictures of me from last week that weren't able to send.)

Sunday 23rd: Relief society was great, we talked about the characters of Christ and then we watch a video 3 times that makes me cry each time that shows examples of Christ with these attributes. You NEED to watch this video-   (hopefully this link works for you guys) if not go to, youth, then down to videos, and the title of the video is Christlike Attributes. The video is pretty amazing. Sacrament meeting was good! Didn’t have to give a talk, so I only had to give one while being here, but I’m sure I’ll give a whole bunch once I’m in the ward in CA. For devotional we watched an MTC devotional from Elder Bednar, and man do I love hearing an Apostle speak! Then we watched a movie about two men that came upon the book of Mormon and knew without a doubt that it was true. Good movie, a tad bit cheesy haha. 

Monday 24th: So this dumb gross stomach virus is going around all the missionaries here and I’m washing my hands like crazy and not touching any hands or door nobs…my germ freakiness is coming out…haha. Two of our elders were sick and stayed in the houses for the rest of the night. And my companion was not feeling well either. The day was off and boring, so nothing too special happened. 

Tuesday 25th: More missionaries were sick and I was starting to not feel good and Hermana Usher was not feeling 100% yet. I’m stuck in these walls and I can’t get out to get away from the virus! Our elders keep joking about how this is where the zombie apocalypses starts haha…oh brother they are a riot. After lunch Hermana and I weren’t feeling too hot so we took an hour nap, and that helped some, and then for the rest of the night I was feeling somewhat better. But devotional was really good. He spoke English, which makes 3 devotionals in Spanish and 3 devotionals in English for us! He was in the 4th quorum, and he spoke about how we need to have a good attitude the entire time on our missions, about how to keep that fire burning inside you going, and how to encourage others to get that burning feeling again. It was perfect, because sometimes as a missionary you just want to give up and that burning feeling of I want to teach this everyone I know starts to dwindle. 

Wednesday 26th: Feeling a lot better than Tuesday. Not 100% better…but that’s okay. I don’t like being sick on a mission that’s for sure, and I hope this is the ONLY time I’m sick haha…I just jinxed myself didn’t I? Hermana Usher and I taught Ramon for the last time and its sad to think that we only have one more class with him! My morning teacher has been so good and so fun to have! He jokes around with us, but teaches us what we need at that moment. It’s perfect. After dinner we taught real investigators again, and it went well. A little rough in the beginning, but it ended really well and she prayed for us! 

Thursday 27th: LAST P-DAY IN THE CCM! Can’t believe time flies this fast. Its sad that everything is ending, but there is so many more exciting things coming ahead. I have loved my time here at the CCM but I’m ready for a change, to meet my trainer and to teach the people in California. And maybe show off the little Spanish I know haha. Today is normal, ran this morning, took some pictures, stared packing, laundry, etc. Lots to do before I leave on Monday! We leave the CCM at 3am to get to the airport for our flight at 7…looks like I’m not getting any sleep haha. 

Well thank you all for your emails and your support. I love reading everyone’s email. It makes me so happy! Also Aunt Kristi- I got your card thing! I love it! Thank you thank you! 

I love and miss you all and the next time I write you ill be in CALI!! 

Love, Hermana Aase 

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