Thursday, February 13, 2014

What an Up and Down Week!

FAMILY!  I love reading all the emails from you guys!  It makes my entire day and I try and hold out on emailing because I don’t want to get it over with.  But yeah, this week was really up and down…I’m good
now!  Just some rough patches in the middle.

So Friday was alright…I was really tired, and the day went by slow.  We taught one of our investigators (Enrique) and he was really hard to teach.  He was super closed and wouldn’t answer our questions…it was just awkward, and I tried to share my testimony and a scripture and I’m not sure how well that got through to him…and I know that’s what some real life people will be like…so its good (hard, frustrating) experience.

Saturday was a lot better.  All us missionaries were getting really hyped up for the dedication the next day. Something I learned was that God answers prayers, but sometimes he doesn’t until after we have faith - definitely something hard to learn until you experience it.

(I'm ALWAYS cold in the morning, so I sit with this blanket

around me, and my teachers laugh at me.) 

Sunday was really good! I had to give a talk in Spanish…!  It was on obedience, and I think it went pretty well…didn’t really understand what I was saying haha, but I think it went well. So hopefully I don’t have to speak again! And then the rest of the day went by fast until the dedication. The dedication was SO COOL, and so spiritual. I loved being in the presence of an apostle of the Lord. Elder Oaks gave a really good talk, and I took lots of notes. And with the broadcast, it was only broadcasted to stakes in Mexico, but keep looking for things on, and BYU and all that. It’ll be up sooner than later. I wasn’t in the video either, but I was THERE!

Monday was good.  I’m staring to notice that I’m gaining weight…haha it’s all this Mexican food... what do I do!??!?!  haha…But yeah, just a normal day! Tuesday was good, was really tired and had a headache.  I’m having them a lot…I think it’s the stress, the altitude, and the constant Spanish/English translating I’m doing.

(This is Mexico behind me. these houses are beautiful, and I love looking at all the colors! I wish America could get away with that haha)

But the devotional was really good.  The Brother who spoke to us is the director of all the international MTC´s, and we got to see pictures of all the MTC´s around the world. Something that he said that really stuck out to me was ¨the more you focus on the edge, the center will take care of itself”, meaning the more we help each other and serve them and teach them the gospel, and the less we focus on ourselves and trying to change, we will be changed and we wouldn’t even know how it changed.

Now Wednesday…was a really hard day. We taught our other investigator and I felt really confident and ready, and then we go in there and I blanked and I couldn’t remember anything…it was bad, and I was just so frustrated, and I just sat outside for a minute and cried.  It was one of those days where I was wondering why I was on a mission and if this is what I’m supposed to do. But after lunch the day was a lot better. I was happy and confident and teaching later that night, and I could say what I wanted to say and all.  Also I got to be an investigator for other missionaries to teach, and it was an uplifting experience, and to see and feel how they were.

(This picture is of...not really sure what they are...and no one from Mexico does

either.  They look like lego hands haha, so I took a pic.)

It’s Thursday again…and I cant believe it!  They come so quick, and I only have 2 more p-days before I leave this place! I’m feeling both sad and ready to leave here, but I’m so grateful for all the people in my life and the example they are to me! I love you all! And I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love,  Hermana Aase

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