Monday, August 4, 2014

The Spirit directs us where we need to go

Hello Family!

This past week was SOO good :) We had tons of things happen (all good of course) and had one really cool experiences. 

Monday after emailing we picked up our NEW COMPANION!! Hermana Moore :) She is so sweet and super fun and is ready to work and find people to baptize. We all get along really well so we are happy about that because sometimes trio's don't work out the best, but ours is! We had a full schedules planned that night. We taught Nadia and Natalie (cutest little girls) about obedience and then did some carding and contacting. Unfortunately no one answered the door…but that is alright!

(The 3 of us. I love being a missionary!)

Tuesday we got out and started to work. We went and tried to contact a former investigator we all had felt to see, but someone was pulling into the driveway as we drove up so we decided to knock on a different house, well we ended up talking to the guy and teaching the Restoration and giving him a BOM and are planning on coming back!! Later we had planned to contact but we felt we needed to go see Jisidro (an investigator we have been having trouble contacting) and we was home! So we taught him about faith, repentance and baptism and read out of 2 Nephi 31 and set him with a baptismal date! And he said no to the date, but yes to being baptized!!!! :) We were so happy! And then we had a lesson with Connie and we watched Finding Faith in Christ, and that video is SOO awesome. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT! And then we talked about how Christ is important to us and how we can make him a bigger part of our lives. Our day was really hectic, but it was so good! OH and not to mention... it was my 6 MONTHS!!!!!!! Crazy. I don't even understand how that happened. But it did. And it is so cool to see the things that I have learned, and see how far I have come, but to also see how much I have to go and how much more I can learn. So we got some ice cream, which tasted good after a long hot day.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Manuel and we did a "heart to heart" with him to see where his testimony is at and what kind of questions he has etc. That lesson was good, Manuel likes to change the subject a lot…haha. We then had a really good lesson with Hermana Duran with reading in the BOM and talking about how is can relate to us now. And afterwards she fed us tamales and they were REALLY good! :) This Spanish food is growing on me haha. Later that day we did some more contacting and taught a lady who wants to learn English…yeah that was fun. Something that I have come upon is that the English language is confusing, and hard to teach to someone. But it was good! And then we stopped by another one of our investigators who is super busy with work and at the time not home, but guess what? HE WAS HOME! So we taught about faith and talked about how Christ is important to us. 

(My 6 month mark!)

Thursday was planning day and that took forever since we had to fill Hermana Moore in on all our investigators and such and so we were inside for almost the whole day. But we needed to leave the house so we decided to visit an investigator who doesn't like to keep appointments, and he wasn't home, so we knocked the house across the street and the younger girl was like "yeah you can come back!" And then we knocked next door on a potentials and we taught him and his wife and they seem interested! It was so awesome getting 2 new investigators, especially a family! Something that I, and I am sure my companions are learning, is that there is always another reason why you are in an area. It may be for the person you have planned, and it may be for someone you are inspired to knock into. But when you listen to the spirit, the Lord will direct you to who is ready to hear the gospel.

Friday we had another lesson with Manuel and that was fun as always! We tried to bring up baptism again, but that did really go in the direction that we wanted it to, but that’s alright! We then contacted some more and did more planning and then had a lesson with Nadia and Natalie again about Tithing and fasting. And then we all felt to go visit this less active family who are also very hard to get it contact with and he was home! So we read in Alma 26:12 about how through Christ we can do all things. 

(Proof that it was 120 degrees)

Saturday was busy and 120 degrees hot…I’ll just start with that haha. We had correlation in the morning and then had to run to our lesson with Hermana Duran and she said she was planning on coming to church and we really hope she does! Church is SOO essential to our spiritual growth. We then contacted and met this really awesome guy who is probably going to get baptized soon! He is English, which means he goes to the Elders, but we taught him the Restoration and set him with a baptismal date and he was agreeing with everything we were saying. It was so awesome. We did some more contacting and by the end of that night we were all exhausted!!

Sunday was awesome and guess who came to church..?!! Hermana Duran! And Manuel came :) we were so happy to see them both there. Church was wonderful and I’m loving this ward. We had a lesson with Manuel that night and really dug down deep about baptism and what is holding him back…he sort of opened up which was good, but didn't answer our questions. We then tried to contact a referral and she was home, and let us teach her on her door step. And the Lord seriously loves us cause he time we came to a door step and we started to teach the temperature would cool down and then as we walk back to our car the temperature would go back up…THIS CHURCH IS TRUE :)

I am happy to hear that all is well at home in MN! I miss it, especially the weather, but I love being out here. Lots of good things are happening. The Lord is helping me so much. 

Thank you all for the support and love! I can feel your prayers :)

Have a wonderful week!!

prayer list: Manuel Felix, Manuel and Teresa, Vicky, Alfredo, Jisidro, Connie

Love, Hermana Aase

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