Monday, August 4, 2014

I don't like the word cancel...

Hola Familia!

This week was a good week, could have been better, but that is why we get a new week each Monday. So it is Hermana Poole's, Hermana Moore's and I's goal to make this week A LOT better than what it was this past week. 

Monday before emailing we had a lesson with an investigator who had two of her daughters and a bunch of grandkids there so it was hectic, but we taught all of them the restoration and it went really well!! We then had a lesson with Nadia and Natalie about temples and that lesson was short and sweet and to the point. There are some things going on with their family so neither of them were really paying attention so we didn't make the lesson too long. We then went over to Raul's (one of our investigators) and introduced him to the Elders because they are going to start teaching him because…long story short...we don't feel comfortable teaching yeah! That was fun haha. 

Tuesday we tried to contact a few people that morning and seriously I have come to a conclusion that we are called to be either "missionaries" or "stalkers with authority"…we have learned how to stalk pretty hard core on some of our investigators and potential investigators…haha. We then had a lesson with Manuel and we read in the BOM and then we headed straight to our interviews with President and Sister Wilson. Those went really well and it was good to talk with them and let them know how I am doing. Later that day we did some more knocking and we taught this guy named Juan, so that was awesome! He says the missionaries are teaching his son, and he has had curiosity (but he understands Spanish better) so we came to the rescue!! We had two lessons planned for that night but unfortunately both were cancelled... 

Wednesday we did service at the food bank since we didn't get to go on Tuesday due to interviews, and in the hour and a half we were there, 8 other missionaries in the area showed up…haha so it was like a missionary reunion! We did some more contacting, which no one was home. We were on our way home from service and we saw this car that its bottom was on FIRE! Literally on FIRE. So it stopped on the side of the road down a ways and this huge family got out of the car. We then came back like an hour later and we saw the fire truck and tow truck picking up that car and it was like half burnt…it was really scary! So back to our day we kept knocking doors and hoping people would listen to the message we share. We then had a lesson with the JW that we are teaching English and that went so much better than last time haha. English is hard...let me just tell you that. I am so grateful that I already know this language or I would be screwed haha. We then had a lesson with Connie about baptism and we asked her about her experience and how she came to the truth of this church. I LOVE hearing about others conversion stories and about how the missionaries came to find them and their journey in learning about the church. 

Thursday was fun as always with planning. We taught Manuel and that lesson was alright. He wasn't in the mood to be taught, but only to be listened too, so we didn't get to teach a lot. But that is alright. Sometimes investigators just need time to talk through things that they are learning. And then we headed over to Hermana Duran and read more in the BOM and talked with her for a little bit before we headed to our lunch appt.  We then came back and started planning and this time we put some music on which helped A LOT. We actually got planning done quicker than normal and we had fun during it. Our appointments that night got cancelled…we think two of our investigators are avoiding us, so that isn't cool. 

Friday we had district meeting and Sister Wilson randomly showed up so that was fun...! It was all in Spanish, so she couldn't really understand our horrible Spanish haha. We then had exchanges and Hermana Moore and I went into the other Sisters area and we knocked a whole bunch, sweated a whole bunch and got tan! We didn't have much luck with knocking but we found this lady named Liz and she was so nice and is totally prepared to hear about the gospel. When we told her what we do she was amazed at the message we share and about how awesome it is. All of us were like "YES!!! It is an amazing message, now we just need others to feel that way too!" She then gave us a huge bag of ice because we were looking...rachet...I’m gonna be honest. We didn't look too hot…haha. :) Life of a missionary in Bakersfield! Husband points for sure! After dinner we visited a less active and then knocked a few more doors and found a super cute girl and she let us in and we taught her the Restoration and in every lesson we asked if they have any questions and Cassi asked us how to know if "this" (meaning our church) was THE true church. And we told her that she can find that out by reading in the BOM and praying and asking God if this is the true church and we testified that God will answer her prayers. It was such an awesome lesson. 

Saturday we had correlation and then exchanged back ate some lunch and then I got some allergy medication to see if it would help the headaches that I have been having everyday for 3 weeks…and so I took some before our lesson with Manuel and I was falling asleep hard core in that lesson…yeah when we got back in the car I looked at the package and one of the side effects is drowsiness…haha. Opps! So we ended up going home because I could NOT keep my eyes open and I zonked out for a good hour until dinner and then after dinner we tried to contact a couple more people but none were home, so we headed back home and my two other companions planned while I zonked out again for 2 hours... I woke up to plan for the next day, put my pajamas on and then fell back asleep…It was an awkward day...lets just say that.

Sunday was a good day...I was still feeling the effects of the medicine I took, so church was long. We then had an early dinner and then contacted a few people and met some really cool people. Two were little kids that we taught the restoration too and they know about the bible and read it, and pray all the time so that lesson was really good. So we are definitely planning on coming back to talk to them. We then had a lesson with Rosario and Guadalupe (two investigators we found in the first week we were together) and we taught them about the Plan of Salvation. That lesson was good, but our Spanish was HORRIBLE...well more mine, not Hermana Poole's. After that we tried to contact a referral and she was outside gardening so we got to talk to her for a little bit and then we taught her the restoration too and that lesson was really good. She was asking questions and adding in her own comments. 

Overall the week started out amazing…and then it got slow and no one wanted to talk to us and then but the end it got amazing again. 

With the headaches…I am talking with the mission nurse and seeing what I can do to help them. I have been drinking more water, taken naps, taken migraine medicine and allergy medicine. So...we will see what happens. 

Well I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! I can't believe it is already August! 

prayer list- Manuel Felix, Rosario, Guadalupe, Aminta, Hna Duran, and connie


Hermana Aase

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