Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Sal solcito calientame poquito"

Good Morning family! Can I just say that today didn't come fast enough! But that I am excited for this next week to be better! Heads up, this letter is very short! Not much happened.

Monday- pday was crazy busy, but we got pampered and got our nails done to get Hna Lau all fancy before she left to head home. We then had a night full of passing by people and saying goodbye and taking pictures and then we were up late packing and cleaning. 

(My posterity!! Me- mother, Hna Robles- daughter, Hna Aguilar- granddaughter)

Tuesday- We headed off to transfer meeting and Hna Lau left to head for the airport and I pretty much sat and cried through the whole meeting...did I try and hold it back...not really. Haha. I just didn't have the energy to. We got back to Lancaster and went over plans and then headed to our lessons with Claudia and Enrique. We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set them with baptismal dates of March 28. They are prepared, but it will take a little time to get them to church and all that jazz. After that we went grocery shopping and unpacked. 

Wednesday- We had our Mission Leadership Meeting and Elder Garns from the Seventy came and talked to us about working with members. It was good! And there were a ton of new faces, so it was cool! We got back and headed to a lesson with Chris and talked about fasting and the blessing of that. It was a super good lesson! And then we met some of the members so Hna Soto could meet them.

(Someone is ready for valentines day!)

Thursday- We contacted in the day because all our appointments fell through, and then we planned for most of the day. After dinner we stopped by the Gutierrez family so Han Soto could meet them as well, and then we planned for ZTM.

Friday- ZTM, and it was good! Hna Soto is a natural at presenting! We talked about gaining the trust of the members. Later that afternoon we had a lesson with the Morelos family and talked about the Plan of Salvation. They are seriously progressing so much! It is so exciting to see! We then ate dinner and had a lesson with the Valdez family and then finished planning.

(Hna Soto and I :))

Saturday- was FULL of knocking doors and no one talking to us. So yeah. But I learned a song from Han Soto that comes from the Inca's (from Peru). It goes like this, "Sal solcito calientame un poquite por hoy y manana, por toda la semana..." The Inca's would sing this when the sun was hiding and it was supposed to make the sun come out. We tried this and it worked!! :) haha. That night we had a short lesson with Melanie and then had correlation and talked with Presidente Rojas for a bit. 

Sunday- Church was good! Maria Morelos came to church! And she told us that the next week she was going to come and stay all 3 hours! After church we had a lesson with Maria Reynosa about the Plan of Salvation. After dinner we found Miguel at home!! So we read with him in the Book of Mormon! He is still doing good, he is just super busy with work so it is hard for him to come home. We did a bit of contacting and then visited Hna Harding from the ward and showed her how to share Mormon messages on her FB. 

So about my companion. She has been out about 7 months. She was born and raised until 10 in Peru and then her family moved to Florida. She is 24, graduated from college with a bachelors in psychology. She has helped me a ton so far with my Spanish. She is an amazing missionary and I am excited to work with her here in Joshua! 

Thank you for all the love and support! Can't believe it is February...and then it'll be March. The weather is getting warmer and that makes me happy! :)

Also, will you all pray for Chad Newey. He is my best friend and had a bad accident last week and is in the hospital with head injury. 

I love you all!

Love, Hermana Aase

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