Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Digging Holes and Miracles

Good morning family! Can you believe it is Monday already? They come up fast! 

Well this past week was such a better week then the last few weeks. So I am happy.

Monday- we spent most of the day at Target, and then emailing and writing letters. That night we had a lesson with the Juarez family and we talked about following the prophet, and we read the talk by President Monson called, "Ponder the path of Thy feet". And then we talked about how we can really walk the path that Christ walked. After that we ran over to the Alvarez family and had a lesson with them and taught the Plan of Salvation, which was good! I just love old people.

(All the Hermanas' on exchanges)

Tuesday- we had a lesson with a lady in the ward named Maria Roman, and we read them "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and she really liked that! We then headed to do some service and made some bags of groceries for the homeless, which was a blast! We then went tracting before dinner and found 2 awesome potentials! One is a senior in high school and the other is a family that just moved here about a year ago and is wanting to go to a church as a family. It was a happy day! Then that night we had a lesson with Sheila and her family and we started the Book Of Mormon at the beginning with them.

(Hna Meacham and I)

Wednesday- We had exchanges and those were great! We had Hna Usher and Hna Meacham down here with us! Seriously, this exchange was the best and most successful (missionary wise, and personal wise) one I've been on. I was with Hna Meacham, and we had a full, full day of work. We had a great lesson with  Rosemary and we talked about how she knows enough to be baptized and we invited her again to pray about a date to be baptized. We then ran over to  Rosaura's, and that lesson was good, but hard. She kept going back and forth about whether God existed or not - she has been through a lot, so we have been trying to teach and share with her that trials are a blessing, but that didn't get through to her very well. We then did some contacting. Hna Meacham is really good at contacting and talking with everyone, I am just amazed at her. We then did our relief society activity and taught everyone how to make pumpkin chocolate ship cookies (they were all HUGE fans). We then headed over to a less active's and talked with her for a bit and that was an adventure! haha.

Thursday- not a lot happened. We contacted some referrals in the morning and then we switched back so we could do some planning! We then headed out and did some contacting, but didn't get to talk to very many people...and before this point I have never had someone just open the door, look at us, and then shut it - but today was the day that this happened. Hard not to be sad or put down, but I just had to remember that this is a great work and there are people out there ready to hear and listen and accept the message about Jesus Christ. That night we came back and finished planning.

(Me on Carefree street)

Friday- we stopped by Nury Juarez and talked to her for a bit and got the Branch activity planned out! We are stoked for this activity...you'll find out what we are doing in a couple weeks! We then ran to District meeting and it was really good! I had the training for that day where I taught about finding. I focused my training on talking with everyone and teaching little brief snip-its of truth with everyone we come in contact with. It went really well! We then had a lesson with Maria Morelos and we read with them in the Book or Mormon and then watched the restoration DVD with them. Every time I watch this video I get the chills and receive that witness that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. We then ran over to the less active's house we stopped by earlier, and talked with her for a bit and shared a scripture in Ether 12 about trials and our faith. We then did some service at the Miranda's and then ran to our lesson with the Valdez family and studied the service chapter out of gospel principles. 

Saturday- We drove out to an elementary school in the middle of nowhere and did service for 6 hours- digging holes for fruit trees, and gluing PVC pipes together with super hot blue glue! It was a fun and wonderful feeling to do service. My body sure hurts...but it was a good feeling to help out! That afternoon we contacted on a street called Carefree. We didn't talk to very many people, but that's okay! That night we did all our studies since we didn't have time to do it in the morning. 

Sunday- We had Rosaura and Maura come to church, and that was a miracle all in itself! We then contacted after studies and found 2 new investigators (Enrique and Claudia) and we talked to them about what our purpose is as missionaries and they wanted to learn more about Christ. Something that they said that really hit me was that they don't shut the door to anyone, because that is like shutting the door to Christ, and I was like YES!! So everyone out there that shuts the door to us, it shutting the door on the greatest message we share - Christ. We then went to a referral from Sheila and her name is Susan and we ended up teaching her to! It was great :) she is really prepared and wants to get closer to God. And then we had a lesson with the Juarez family!

Well family, I can't believe that I hit my 1 year mark this week...! It is crazy how fast time flies. I love it so much. The work of Lord is true and it is a blessing to all! I have a testimony of Christ, that he lives and that He loves us so much! I can feel his love and presence in my life and I don't want that to go away. 

Have a wonderful week and try to stay warm! :)

Love, Hermana Aase

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