Monday, March 23, 2015

Another transfer come and gone...again!

Good Morning family and friends!!

Well this past week was better, a little bit more exciting, but I can't believe it is already the end of the transfer...where did the last 6 weeks go!?!?!

(Nurf gun war!! This is what it looks like! It went down fast after this.)

Monday- We had a fun district activity, that was a NURF GUN war! It was fun! We set up tables in the gym and all had guns and pretty much just shot each other with darts! I was really bad, but it was still fun to watch the other missionaries. We played it like real life, so if you got shot in the arm - you lost that arm, or if you got shot in the leg you had to limp around. That night we ate dinner with the Juarez family and then had an FHE with them and taught them about the word of wisdom! After that we headed over to Sheila's and had a lesson with them and helped them share the gospel more with their friends. 

Tuesday- I hit my 1 year in the field today! Crazy that a year ago I left the Mexico MTC and headed for the real deal! I am glad that phase is over, it was quite nerve wracking! haha. But we had a lesson with Esmeralda, she is a less active, and we talked about how we can help her daughter Rosemary get to church and then we shared a little bit from talk from Conference about keeping the commandments. After that we passed by Rosaura's, and she sadly told us that Maura (her daughter) and her son in law don't want us to come over any more because they think we are stealing, which is crazy. Rosaura was really sad and started to cry because we couldn't come over anymore. But we told her that we were going to stop by another time before she headed back to Mexico. We then had a lesson with Rosemary and read Ether 2-3 with her and talked about agency and how she has the choice to go to church or not, or to read or not, or to get baptized or not. But she must make that decision and follow it to reach her goals. That night we ate dinner with Hna Roman and then headed to the Alvarez family...but funny story, so we are running late and they called us to see where we were and they said they were waiting for us to...EAT DINNER!!...we got there and they had this huge dinner that night we ate 2 dinners, and we were so full and felt so sick afterwards...haha. Life of a Spanish missionary...

( MLC Friends!! )

Wednesday- We headed up to MLC that morning and learned some really awesome things. A couple things they trained us on was faith. It seems that our mission is going through a rough patch with Faith, so we talked about how we can raise our faith and that we all must personally re-evaluate our faith. Also we talked about how to get our investigators at church because that is one of the hardest things to accomplish in missionary work. Later we shared a quick message with Hna Rodriguez about the Book of Mormon. Before dinner we did a bit of contacting and we had a referral named George and we found him at home and talked to him for awhile and simply shared the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon! We are hoping to begin teaching him in the coming week. We then ate dinner at Hna America's and shared the restoration, which lasted an hour...haha. 

Thursday- We did our planning for week 6!! CRAZY how fast the transfer went I don't get it anymore! We ate dinner with the Lara family and then contacted another referral named Susie- she is Sheila's friend and we got a return apt with her! We then passed by and taught Melanie (she is a 15 year old girl who got baptized about 2 years ago). And we also read with her in Ether 2-3, and something that has really stuck out to me in these 2 chapters is that God isn't always going to give us the answer to our prayers or questions, but he wants us to come to him with what we think is right and then he will let us know if it is right or not. What an awesome lesson we can learn from the Book of Mormon. We then had a lesson with Pedro! And we were helping him share his favorite Book of Mormon scripture with those who are going through a tough time. 

Friday- We had ZTM this morning and Hna Soto and I gave a training on using family history work to find new investigators. We then contacted until dinner and found out that a few of our less actives don't live there anymore, but we found a couple potentials that said we could come back and share a message with them! We ate dinner with the Ramirez family and then had a lesson with the Morelos family and we taught about the fall of Adam and Eve, about agency, and then about the atonement of Jesus Christ. It was such a good lesson!

Saturday- We did some service at the Hilton's house- we were pulling weeds, and there were a bunch of I was screaming a lot..haha. We then had a lesson with Chris Parra and it was so good! He is changing so much and has such a strong desire to be better and get to the temple. We contacted a bit before dinner with Hna Arnold. After dinner we made some church calls to get our investigators at church and then we had our coordination meeting with Hno. Gutierrez. And quickly before we headed home we passed by Hna Ponce de Leon, but she was already sleeping. So we didn't get to talk with her. 

Sunday- Well sadly no one showed up for church. It was disappointing because we were planning on 3 of our investigators on coming, and they didn't. We ate an early dinner and then contacted for an hour or so and we talked to this really cool guy named Saul, he knows a lot about the church and was asking us some questions. We then had a lesson with the Rasch family and had them do role plays to feel more comfortable in member present lessons. Members are so essential. I can't say that enough. There is something more powerful when members share their testimonies than the missionaries. MEMBERS must be involved! We then passed by Pedro and talked to him for a little bit and then we had a lesson with the Rojas family. 

Well family, the mission is a time to grow and learn. To grow your faith and to let it shine. There will always be hard time, but we have our Savior Jesus Christ and his atonement to help us and to lift us. 

I love you all and I am so grateful to know you and to have your support.

Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you next week!

Con amor, Hermana Aase 

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