Monday, March 2, 2015

The oldest Hermanas' in the mission together again!

Good morning family and friends!

This past week was a little rough again...our appts fell through with almost all of our investigators because of some cold virus going around. BOO VIRUSES!! 

Monday- We didn't get to play sports with the Elders, so we made other plans! We went to Goodwill and I found a skirt and new shoes for $12! That night we had 2 of our appts cancel, so we contacted a potential that the Elders found for us and we talked with him for a while, but come to find out that he isn't quite ready for religion and all that. So we will check back up on him in a few months. We then stopped by Rosemary to see how she was and talked to her for a bit. And then we passed by a family in the branch and we shared with them Luke 15 about the lost sheep and rescuing those who have fallen away from Christ. 

(Our district!!)

Tuesday- We started our exchange with Hna Poole, Han Usher and Hna Cartwright. I was with Hna Poole and Hna Usher - guess what that means?? THE OLDEST HERMANAS' ARE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! It was a good time! We contacted in an area that we hadn't been one was home, but we still tried! We then walked like 8 blocks because Hna Soto and Han Cartwright had the car and were in a lesson a little bit longer than normal and we had interviews to get to. So we walked to a members house and switched back quick and then headed to interviews. Interviews went well! A question President Wilson asked me in my interview was "what was the hardest thing going from a non missionary to a missionary?", and I told him not being able to talk to my family everyday, or text them. A cell phone, yeah that was hard at first, but that doesn't matter, and movies and music, I got over that quick. But talking and being with my family, that was and is the hardest part for me. He told me that I must have a great family and I smiled and said "yes, they are the greatest!" We then headed to dinner with the Alvarez family and sadly our night appts fell through, so we passed by the Juarez family and had an FHE with them. Even though our appts fell through, it was a good exchange and great to be back with old companions!

Wednesday- We ended our exchange and ate lunch with our hermanas' and our afternoon appts fell through, so we contacted a little bit before we headed to Rosemary's lesson. With Rosemary we went over her baptismal calendar and talked about things that she needs to do before her baptism on the 28th of March. We then had all our appts before dinner cancel, so that was not fun! We just contacted and talked to a few people. That night we went to the Relief Society activity and talked with some of our less actives. 

Thursday- We ate lunch with Sister Hilton and then we started AND finished planning. We planned out in the sun again :) it felt super nice! And then after dinner we contacted a bit and passed by a few potentials and then had a lesson with Pedro about sharing his favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon with those going through a hard time. 

(Meeting up with family friends-- Karen Gilmore)

Friday- District meeting was great! We learned that if we have the Love of God with us we have a 101% chance of succeeding in life. Wealth, looks, talent, etc won't make us succeed. But the love of God will. After district meeting we ate lunch with the daughter of my grandparents friends. She told us about her mission in Guatemala and it was cool to hear her Spanish too from so long ago. After that our afternoon appts cancelled as we contacted until dinner with the Valdez family. After dinner we stayed and did role play practices with them so they can feel more comfortable sharing the gospel. 

Saturday- We did some service at Sister Hilton's and helped clean a part of her house and we jammed out to Jenny Phillips! It was a lot of fun haha. I call Hna Soto and I the "Professional missionary house cleaners!" We then had our appts cancel again, so we stopped by Rosaura and had a quick lesson with her about the sacrament and the importance of going to church and then we passed by Rosemary and Aida's to invite them and see if they were planning on coming to church. They both are planning on it! So we are crossing our fingers. We then ate dinner with the Quinteros and after that had coordination meeting and then ran by Sheila's and got a referral from her! 

Sunday- well, no one showed up for church today :( sad day! We were so looking forward to seeing our investigators came and then they didn't come...After church and our studies, we had a lesson with the Rasch family and did the same thing we did with Pedro, we had them share their favorite Book of Mormon scripture with a friend going through a hard time. We then taught a cool guy named Edwin! He didn't become a new investigator because he didn't make a return appt and didn't want to get confused with the church he just started going to, but we know that he will get baptized sometime in the future! He has a lot of faith and is curious to know more. We ate dinner with the Parra's and then had a lesson with Presidente Rojas and his family and we started the 5 week program with them and did role plays to help them share the gospel more simply. And we celebrated their daughter Korina's birthday! We sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes. 

So...lots of cancelled appts...but this week is bound to be better! 

I hope all of you are safe, healthy, and happy!

I love and miss you all!! 

Oh and guess what, I hit my year mark of being IN the field tomorrow! Crazy how fast time flies!

We will talk next week!

Prayer list- Rosemary, Aida, Manuel, Andres, and the Morelos Family


Hermana Aase

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