Sunday, March 23, 2014

**A letter Maren sent home a few weeks ago**

(This was a letter Maren mailed home to our parents right after she arrived in Bakersfield)

(This is President and Sister Wilson - Maren's Mission President)


Hey, so I am so sorry that I couldn't talk to you on the phone.  Our flight got in on time in AZ, but we had to go through customs, then get back in line to go through security.  The security line took forever...which meant we ran to our gate and got right on the plane.  So I'm sorry.  But I'm finally here in Bakersfiled.  Boy is it a desert, but there is civilization which is good and the weather right now is GORGEOUS  :-)  And I'm so tan.  haha

So we arrived at the Bakersfield airport and went down to the baggage claim and the Mission President, plus the APs (Assistants to the President) were there.  They are way nice and seem like really wonderful mission presidents.  On our way to the Stake Center, we got some facts about the mission.  It's a big mission!  400 miles long, and 200 miles wide.  They produce almost all of the carrots in the US, and they have this HUGE almond field and the trees are so beautiful.

We got to the Stake Center, ate lunch and then headed out to proselyte, and heavens I was nervous.  I went out with a girl who has been out for 7 months and she was a pro.  She got me to explain a couple of things and introduce ourselves.  It ended up being really, really good  :-)  had a couple of people say NO, and slam the door - but hey thats okay.  I need to see what both sides of the story are.  We did give out a couple pass-along cards and restoration pamphlets, and some seemed promising.

Tonight we are sleeping at members houses and then tomorrow we have transfer!  And I'll meet my trainer and begin the life of a real missionary.

Well Family, I love you all and I'm so excited to be here in Bakersfield, CA serving The Lord.  I know there is someone that I need to teach and I know that as I am obedient, study hard, work hard, I will be able to feel the spirit with a greater abundance and I'll be able to teach by the power of the Spirit.  I love you all, and miss you so much

Hermana Aase

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