Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Busy but wonderful week!

What a week!!  So p-days are wonderful and we had fun hanging out with the other missionaries in our zone. We played volleyball and then got some ice cream and headed home.  That night we went Domingo's with a lady from our ward. (Domingo's is like Don Pablo's, so MOM you would LOVE this place).  The Mexican food is really delicious and I am actually eating it.  We then had a lesson that night with a recent convert.

Tuesday we did some contacting and found a family that was taught by missionaries before, but then decided that they didn’t want to take the discussions anymore.  So we were checking up on them, and she told us to come back the next day after she talked to her husband.  We then had a lesson with a 13-year-old names Leslie, and she is the cutest!  And really has a desire to know more about the gospel, so I am really hoping she continues to feel this way and reads and prays about the Book of Mormon.  

We went to Domingo's again...haha yeah, there are a lot of families that love this place, and who doesn’t love to not do dishes!  And then we had a lesson with a family that is almost ready to get baptized.  Tommy is the dad and he is having trouble smoking but has such a desire to stop and be baptized, and Becca is the sweetest ever.  They are so meant for the gospel.  But they both got blessings to help them overcome their trials right now and they felt comforted after those.  It was a powerful lesson with them. 

(The sunset from the front of our house...I cant get over hoe pretty it is out here!)

Wednesday was the BEST day ever.  Let me explain...we headed out to contact after our studies and we visited one lady who told us to come back another time to teach her more about the gospel.  We then we stopped at a members house to get more info about a lady she referred to the missionaries.  But as we were over there she told us that the family we visited yesterday, the wife had to talk to the husband...the husband doesn’t want to be taught, which is really frustrating because the mom does, but we cant over step our boundaries, so maybe hopefully sometime in the future they will accept the discussions.  

Hermana Dodge and I both had an impression to go visit a girl named Heven (pronounced just like heaven) and so we followed that prompting and headed out there. We got there and she was playing with her 2 year old son outside and she let us in and we taught her the restoration and she cried during the whole thing.  It was so awesome.  The spirit was SOOO strong during that lesson and she has a real strong belief in God, and that they hear and answer our prayers (which for a missionary that is wonderful and they are what we call a golden contact), but we committed her to read and pray about the BOM and she said she most definitely would and was excited to read it, and then Hermana Dodge nudged me and I asked her to be baptized!  And she said YES!  The first person I asked to be baptized said yes.  It was so great!  And I really have hope for her.  She will be so blessed to know that this gospel is true. 

Thursday was a long day.  We went out to Rosamond to say bye to an Elder that had to go home for medical issues, and then we went to lunch with all of them and I gave the waiter a pass along card.  Now I think it’s some kind of power missionaries get, but I am not afraid to talk to people or give them a pass along card, which is so great for me cause before this I could NEVER do that haha.  After we got back we began weekly planning...let me tell you about weekly’s long and stressful!  haha but it needs to happen.  Without it we wouldn’t know what or where to go at every hour of the day.

Friday was a crazy day, so we had district meeting and that was fun and uplifting.  We talked about humility and what we can do to become more humble.  Hermana Dodge and I then ran to the store to get food because we didn’t have any food to eat for lunch, and literally as we are walking in, this old guy in a red truck backed into the fire hydrant and it burst!  So there was volcano of water and it was pretty funny!  There was this mom and daughter loading their car and they were laughing and taking pictures and all!  We then had another lesson with Leslie, which went really well, and she told her mom that she wants to be Mormon!  So we will hopefully work her to that point!  Later we had a dinner with an old couple and he took us to a High priest and family soup activity.  While waiting for the soup to get done cooking we played five crowns!  I was in HEAVEN!! haha.  It made me miss home and playing cards with family. 

(The fire hydrant that the old man hit!)

Saturday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and they fed us delicious pancakes with homemade syrup…I don’t think I can ever eat syrup from a bottle.  We then headed to Leslie's house for her little sisters birthday party and ate some real Mexican food.  We headed over to Boron, the next town over and knocked on some doors and then went into this rock shop and ended talking to the owner for about 30 min and found out his mom works in the temple!  So he is someone we will come back and definitely talk to!  The rocks in there by the way were so cool!  He sends them to NASA and Japan and all over the world to be used in science and testing…pretty dang sweet!  Then had dinner with an older couple, who are getting back into church, and then we had a lesson with Tommy and Becca again and it was a really good lesson!  We brought them a calendar and they set their own date for their baptism!!!!  And we are so excited for them.  It was a crazy, hard, busy, tiring, wonderful, amazing, spiritual week!!  I love being out here.  The work is hard, but the work is wonderful and hastening. 

I love you all!  And miss you tons!!  Thank you so much for your support and love!  And emails!  Don’t be afraid to send me mail :) I love mail! haha!

Love, Hermana Aase

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