Monday, March 24, 2014

Eat and Smile Sister Aase

So this week was good, kind of an up and down week, but for the most part it was good! 

Monday- after emailing we went down to the stake center like always and hung out with the other missionaries in our zone, and a group of us ended up going to a junk yard where they had a whole bunch of beat up cars and you can take parts and all that good stuff!  While we were there, a HUGE sand/wind storm came through so by the time we left that place I had sand all in my eyes and about 1 inch of sand on my head.  After the junkyard, Hermana Dodge and I went to TARGET!!  I was in heaven.  Two pday’s ago we didn’t have time, but we actually went this time and it made me really happy.  I bought a few things :)  I sure miss that place.  And it’s out of our zone so we have to ask the President for permission to go to we probably wont be going for a while now.  But that’s okay!  I got my Target fix.  I can last another 3 months...I think. 

(Here's the Target!)

Tuesday- was jam-packed!  We visited some less active’s that are in our ward, and just introduced ourselves and let them know that we are here for anything.  And then we had our lesson with Heven and she didn’t read, but that’s okay!  So we read Alma 32 with her and talked about faith and how faith is important, and what we need to do to keep nourishing and growing our faith.  She seemed really receptive and loved the concept of nourishing our faith like it is a seed.  We still have high hopes for her to get baptized in a couple weeks.  The more I read that chapter the more I learn about faith and how necessary it is to continue to nourish it and grow and experiment with it.  Even as members of the church we need to experiment with faith.  It is a never-ending process.  We had another lesson with a less active where we taught about the priesthood.

Wednesday- We went and visited some of the contacts we made scheduled appointments with, and one lady we went to visit completely dodged us...kind of frustrating, but that happens and I guess she isn’t ready to hear the gospel right now, and I respect that because as a missionary, I don’t want to force anyone into listening to two 20 year olds when they aren’t willing to accept what we are going to teach them.  After that we headed over to a Spanish lady’s house where we teach her English (I think I’ve mentioned her before), and she ALWAYS feeds us cause that is just how the Spanish culture is, and we had literally just eaten lunch, so I was not hungry at all…!  But I ate it anyways and the food was so spicy, my mouth, by the 2nd bite was on fire!  I was not enjoying it very much haha, but you just eat and smile…eat and smile…eat and smile.  After that awesome adventure we had our lesson with Leslie and she too didn’t read in the Book of Mormon either, so we read Alma 32 with her too, and talked about faith and how we need to constantly nourish it to keep it growing.  And then later we caught the ending of mutual to go talk to a couple of the youths’ friends who were there. 

Thursday- we had to run to a quick meeting with President Wilson, and I got to talk with Sister Wilson and I told her about all our investigators and how they are going, and she asked me how my Spanish is going... haha…but she told me something that really touched me.  She said that since the first time she met me when I came to the mission, I have so much more confidence in myself and that I am not afraid to try, and that I am working hard and making things happen in North Edwards.  It made me really happy to hear that, especially coming from her, and I can see that the Lord has really strengthened my confidence with teaching and talking to people.  We got back and started weekly planning. And then headed for our dinner appointment. 

Friday- we had a meeting with our ward missionary and he is seriously so great, and has really great ideas and expectations for our ward to get the work hastening even more here, and we appreciate him working alongside us two crazy girls!  And his family is wonderful and feeds us delicious breakfast each time we are there!  We headed to our district meeting and had a really spiritual lesson about purification, and Hermana Dodge has taken it upon ourselves to experiment and make ourselves more pure.  So we fasted decided we were going to fast again on Sunday, and then as we are fasting find those things that poke at our spirit that kind of put a dent in us and to write them down.  Then depending on how many we write down, each day after Sunday we will pick one and stop doing whatever it is that pokes at our spirits and by the time we are done with the whole list we will (hopefully) be more purified and be able to teach with more power.  The mission is about refining yourself and figuring out how to better yourself and become closer to Christ.  

(Hermana Dodge and I just doing our thing.)

Later we had a WONDERFUL lesson with Heven.  We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and talked about how much our Heavenly Father loves us that he gave us this EXACT plan and path to follow to return back to him.  We taught her that she really has a purpose in this life and that there is a specific reason why we are here on the earth.  We invited her to come to church, so hopefully she comes!  Every time I teach her, I feel the spirit so strongly and it strengthens my testimony about the gospel and how true it is. 

Saturday- was a long day, and most of that was driving…See now we live in the middle of nowhere and our zone is big and covers a lot of area, so when we get together for things in our zone we have to travel an hour to get to anything.  We have zone conference next week and our zone is singing for it, so we had to travel an hour to go to an hour of choir practice to then drive another hour back home…fun right!  But we had all our personal studies and during language study I got really frustrated at myself because I’m starting to lose my Spanish and I just want to be able to understand and talk it, but I’m not patient with myself…ugh, so I was in a grumpy mood for the long hour car ride, and during the choir practice.  But I have the best companion and she said I know something that will make you happy - a cup cake. So stopped at a cupcake place and she was right. I was happier haha…something about chocolate does that to ya.

We headed straight to dinner with Tommy and Becca (they are the investigators getting baptized on April 19th!), and while we were helping Becca cook dinner, Tommy came in and took all the beer in his refrigerator and threw it ALL away!  Hermana Dodge and I just looked at each other super wide eyes and were speechless.  We had a huge break through with them at this lesson.  They are 100% committed to being baptized and starting their life over, and to see that change in them and that commitment just brings tears to my eyes. 

(Hermana Dodge and I with Tommy and Becca's daughter.  Her name is Crisi and she the cutest!  She is wearing a missionary tag and I thought it was the cutest ever.)

Sunday- was a good day! We started making our list of things that poke at our spirit.  The day wasn’t too busy, we didn’t have any appointment, just dinner.  And after dinner we did some more planning and then headed to bed.

I’m excited that it is pday again :) They come up so quick, it’s so crazy.  But I am so happy to hear from all of you and that you got my package and letters! I find it easier to send letters than email…because emailing stresses the heck out of me!  And plus, who doesn’t love to get mail!  I love and miss you all so much! And thank you for your support and prayers :) they sure so help I can tell you that! Have a wonderful week and Ill talk you next week! 

Investigators to pray for this week:
Tommy and Becca Waters, Eli Juaregi, Leslie Huerta, and Heven.

Love, Hermana Aase

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