Sunday, April 6, 2014

Exciting Events this Week

Hola Familia!

I am doing great!  This past week has been really good, plans got switched around a lot, but I'm flexible so that's okay!! But events of the week--

Monday- After emailing we headed out to Lancaster and Hermana Dodge and I got pampered and got our toes and fingernails done :) it was the first time I felt like a girl again...haha.  And I know that is weird to say because I'm wearing a skirt every minute of the day, but on the mission you don't think of yourself often and so it was weird but nice to have a little me time.  Afterwards we headed over to a members house with a couple other missionaries to pretty much go play on a miniature amusement park.  This guy had fooseball, air hockey, pin ball machine, barf twirl machine thing, a zip line, a trampoline (personally my favorite!), and a swing.  It was way fun and definitely a different p-day!  Never would I have thought I would go to an "amusement" park on my mission.  Our appointment with Heaven got cancelled, which was a bummer, so we headed home and cleaned and finished our laundry.

(Us at pday at the members house with the amusement park!)

Tuesday- We had our normal studies and then had an appointment with Leslie, but we sadly dropped her (dropping someone means not teaching them anymore).  We dropped her because she was not progressing, she wasn't reading in the Book of Mormon, and her dad won't let her come to church, and as missionaries we cant continue to teach someone if they don't read or come to church. It was sad because Leslie really wants to learn and tries to come to church but her dad forces them to go to a different what can you do?  After dinner we had a lesson with Tommy and Becca, and we taught them about tithing and they took it really well.  That's normally a lesson that's kind of scary to teach, but it was perfect and they were willing to do whatever to be ready for baptism and becoming members of the church.  They are really awesome and doing so well :) Hermana Dodge and I can't be more happy about them!

Wednesday-The day kind of started off key.  Hermana Dodge was sick and rested most of the morning while I made some of my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!  And then we headed out to Lancaster to go get her checked out at the doctor and get some anti-antibiotics.  We had some lunch and then headed home.  The rest of the evening was pretty low key.

(Another sunset picture.  I seriously can't take my eyes off this sky!)

Thursday- The Sister Training Leaders came to our house and we had exchanges.  So Hermana Darby was with me here in North Edwards, and Hermana Dodge was with Hermana Scaife in Lancaster.  I was a little worried being here without my companion that knows everything about this area, but we had a full days planned, which helped a lot.  We first contacted some of our referrals from ward members, which both didn't want to hear anymore, guess it is not their time.  And then we headed out to Boron to go knock on doors!  I hadn't done this since the first day I was in the mission field, I was excited!  Surprising I like knocking on doors haha.  Call me crazy but I enjoy talking to people now haha.  We picked this random bunch of houses in the middle of nowhere and began knocking.  One lady we knocked into was really closed in the beginning, but then as we started to talk more she began to open up and we got a return appointment for this Thursday.  Hopefully it goes well!  

This older guy we knocked into -- he was scary.  His old dad lived in the house while he lived in a trailer outside.  We started talking to him and the first words our of his mouth were "I know Jesus real good now, but when I was younger I took A LOT of dope"... and let me just say a lot meaning A LOT.  But we gave him a pass along card and a restoration pamphlet, so we'll see.  We picked another part of town and knocked on a couple more doors, not having too much success but we got our names out there and who and what we do.  We had a lesson with a less active and talked about temples and family history which was awesome and he wants to go to the temple really bad, but he has some changes to do first, but that desire is there, which is a perfect place to start!  After we headed out to Lancaster for choir practice, and then stayed at the other sister's apartment.

Friday- We had Zone Conference!!  Zone conference happens every 4 months, so it was cool to have one while I'm in my first area.  We had our zone and then the zone next to us in it and President and Sister Wilson talked to us and taught about how we cannot waste time, for the Lord is hastening his work and there are so many people to be found and to be taught.  And then the assistant leaders taught about how testifying while teaching can be such a powerful tool to invite to spirit.  And guess who I saw-- Hermana Usher!!  It was so good to see her and talk to her and ask her how she is doing :)  We headed to dinner later that night and then had a super crazy all over the place lesson with Heaven.  We get there and her younger sister is there (which don't get me wrong it awesome!), but it was hard because we were teaching Heaven The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is lesson 3, and her sister Promise hasn't heard anything, so we had to answer her questions that came up and kind of brief her on both the restoration and plan of salvation, but it ended up being a good lesson and Heaven committed to be baptized on May 3! :)  We are so happy for her and she knows that this is true! 

(Me and Hermana Usher at Zone Conference!)

Saturday- We had our normal studies and then headed over to the church building to help clean it and then we stayed after and chatted with someone with the ward.  Then we ran home and started our weekly planning because we didn't have time Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday to start it!  We did that until the Women's Broadcast, which I hope everyone got to watch!  It was so good!  I loved how they made it so clear that we ARE daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, and that as we make and keep covenants and strive to do what's right and serve others we will be happy and we will begin to develop the love of Christ.  Who wouldn't want to love like Christ does.  Isn't that our goal- To be like Jesus! :) It sure is, and we have so many leaders, the scriptures, the Holy Ghost telling us what we can do to become like our brother Jesus Christ.  The broadcast was just so wonderful, and it makes me so excited for General Conference!!!! 

Sunday- was a normal day, Heaven didn't make it to church, but that's okay!  Next time.  We are working hard on her.  We had some meeting after church and then we headed over to Tyler and Kayla Martz - they remind me of a combination of the Baldwins, the Christensens, and the Timothy's.  It makes my Weaver Lake Ward heart beat a little faster inside. 

Lots is happening in this small town, and we are busy.  The work is so good and I am learning a lot about myself, the gospel, Heavenly Fathers plan for me and how grateful I am to be involved in this hastening of the work. 

I love and miss you all so much!  Tell everyone hi for me and enjoy conference weekend!  It should be so wonderful :)

Prayer list- Tommy and Becca Waters, Heaven and Promise Slaughter, Eli Juaregi, and Nancy Pina.

Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Aase

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