Thursday, April 17, 2014

Roller Coaster Week...

Hey family! You have no idea how happy I am to talk to you, and for it to be Monday.  This week was a very hard week, and it didn’t get any better by the end of it.

Monday - We went out to Red Rock Canyon like I said last week, and then our appointment with Heven got cancelled, so we didn’t have anything else to do that night, so we went over to Sister Irish’s, a wonderful family in the ward, and we watched the restoration dvd with her and talked to her for a little bit and then came home and went to bed.

Tuesday - Was a pretty normal day.  We finally got our swamp cooler on (which is the air conditioner here) which felt so nice since our house practically radiated heat from it...haha.  We had our lesson with the Tommy and Becca Water's, and went through the baptismal interview questions, and some things came out that we didn’t know before, so we left their house a little confused and lost, but we planned to go back on Thursday.  So we got in the car and called our mission president and told him what we heard and President Wilson told us that it was serious enough that his baptism has to be postponed for a year…H. Dodge and I both looked at each other and our jaws were on the ground in shock.  We were so close and we didn’t know what to do, and more we didn’t know how we were going to tell Tommy he cant get baptized right now.  Well we then headed to our dinner appointment, and Heven came to dinner and we watched Elder Bednar's talk from this past conference, and talked about it and how important church attendance is for her baptism.  So hopefully that'll help her come. 

Wednesday - We went and visited some referrals.  All of them weren’t interested, which was a bummer, but what can you do but try them in a couple months or so.  It is not their time to hear the gospel right now.  That is something that I am learning.  The Lord prepares people, and sometimes when we meet someone they aren’t ready yet to hear and accept this message.  We then had our English lesson with Cristina and we didn’t have time to eat with her, which was a relief because I feel so fat and full after we leave her house.  After that we ran home and grabbed something to eat at home, and then headed over to the church where the YW were doing a fundraiser to get money for girls camp.

They had a nacho bar and then they were doing an auction.  It was so fun!  The announcer guy would "vanna white" everything that was there to auction off.  We got this huge set of little Christmas ornaments for $5, which we have a wonderful idea to use them for.  And the Stake Pres. wife is in our ward and was told to get these two things for this couple that were gone, and she was so nervous to spend his money even though he said I don’t care how much you spend, so we volunteered to do it for her and we were going so high and laughing and trying to beat this other older guy in our ward.  It was hilarious!  Half the people thought it was us buying it, and heck no we weren’t!  Missionaries are poor! Haha

Thursday - We finished our weekly planning!  And it was sure weird planning for a week that I may or may not be here for…kind of sad at the same time.  But our week is really full let me tell you that!  We had another lesson with the Water's finishing going over their baptismal questions, and Becca is so ready and we are so excited for her.  We went into that lesson really nervous to tell Tommy that he will have to wait on his baptism, but telling him went well and we suggested to Becca that it would be really beneficial for her to still go through so that spirit can be in their home and have that link to the church, and she agreed and was on board.  So we are still happy!  Still sad for Tommy, but he said he will do whatever it takes to be sealed to his family.

Friday - We had coordination meeting and ate delicious waffles and then planned out Becca’s baptism for the next Saturday.  We then talked about how the ward can help more with our investigators, and then we ran to district meeting and we did role plays on how to contradict what people are saying with the Book of Mormon, which I am not very good at because I cant remember a whole lot of scriptures.  But as we were doing that it kind of turned into bashing and trying to get in the last word, and I just remembered what dad had told me - when you don’t feel the spirit anymore, it is safer to just leave because you are doing no good.  So half way through I stopped because I wasn’t feeling the spirit.  I understood the meaning behind the role-play, but it was just frustrating.  So then we came home and out of the blue Becca texts us and tells us that she wants to hold out on her baptism, and that her and tommy have some things to work out and that they don’t want to go through with their baptismal interviews either...this seriously was a punch to the gut.   We didn’t know why or what happened in the last 12 hours when we last saw her, and she wouldn’t respond to our text messages either, so the rest of Friday was just tough.  We had dinner with one of our favorite families and then Heven texts us and cancelled on us again, which was just another punch to the gut.  So we just headed home and cleaned a little and then headed to bed.

Saturday - It was hard getting out of bed and we didn’t feel like doing anything, but we did our studies and then sat their anxious waiting for our transfer calls.  I had prayed earlier for the Lord to help brighten our day, and then the phone rang and it was our district leader.  We answered the phone and he screamed "YOU ARE BOTH STAYING!!!!"  It made us so happy!  And the Lord definitely blessed us.  It made our day a bit brighter.  So we ran over to the Martz to tell them we were staying and then got ready for the day and headed out to contact and knock some doors.  Nobody was interested and one slammed the door in our face, so that didn’t help make our day brighter, but we kept going.  We then headed for our dinner appointment and had a nice time there and then headed home. 

Sunday - So I think I am getting allergies here and that is why I have been feeling sick for the last 2 weeks.  I have a sore throat, runny/stuffed nose, and pressure in my head.  NOT FUN.  It’s all the flowers, dust, and wind that are messing up my sinuses.  So hopefully I can find what makes them get better and then stick to that for the rest of my time here in Cali.  Church was really good besides the fact that we didn’t have any investigators there.  But next Sunday can be better!  We came home after church and I was just not getting any better so we decided to take a little nap, which lasted a little longer, but it kinda helped.  We did some more studies, and then headed to dinner and then came home. 

This past week was really hard, and we are not sure why people cancelled and don’t want to get baptized…but we are still pushing through and I know that things will get better.  We can’t give up.  The lord would never want that.

I love you all and I am so blessed to have you in my life.  Thank you for all the support you guys give me!  I can’t wait to write you next week!  Have a wonderful week and tell everyone HI for me :)

prayer list- Tommy and Becca, Heven, Promise, and Donna

Love you!

Love, Hermana Aase

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