Sunday, May 4, 2014

Roller Coaster Weeks

Hey family!  Well I am so sorry about last week and that whole fiasco…BUT this week was so much better and I am doing a lot better. The first part of this email will be from last week, which I didn’t get to send because of some computer issues and not getting my computer time.  SO!

Monday- We had a pretty normal p-day.  Emailed and then headed to Lancaster to hang out with mission friends.  Sometimes being out in the middle of nowhere makes you miss civilization.  haha.  But we played some soccer, which I was horrible at, and then we went gold panning.  There is an older guy in the mission who buys dirt with gold in it, and then teaches the missionaries how to pan for it.  It was really neat.  I got some little flakes of gold in a jar.  After that we headed to the Winterton's for dinner, and I seriously love this family. 

Tuesday- We had our last meeting before the Easter parade on Saturday and we are getting excited!  It should be a super fun experience.  Our ward is making a float to put in the parade!  Whoo hoo!  We had a lesson with a potential new investigator but she wasn’t home so we just left a Book of Mormon on her door and we will try again soon.  And then we headed to dinner with the Winterton's again haha.  After dinner we had a lesson with the Water's and they told us that they want to go through with their baptismal interviews!!  They were thinking a lot about what to do and Tommy was I guess looking for a new church, but liked ours and agreed with what we teach.  But we were so excited to hear that and that they want to move forward! 

Wednesday- I woke up not feeling good at we headed to Lancaster to take me to the doctor to get checked out cause all the home remedies I am trying are doing nothing.  So the doctor told me that I had a sinus infection and ear infections…whoo hoo!  It is from the desert and all the sand.  It blows different bacteria than I am used to and they cause sinus infections.  Hopefully I wont be prone to them the whole time I am here in Cali.  Afterwards we went to Soup Plantation for lunch, which was delicious, so thanks to MAMO :) we got to go there.  After that we had to take our car in and get the oil changed and get part of the bumper fixed.  We sat at the car place for 3 hours, but I got to do some language study, which was nice!  By the time we got home it was 8 o'clock and I just wanted to go to sleep.

Thursday- Not too much happened.  We did our weekly planning pretty much all afternoon until dinnertime, and then headed over to our dinner appt. with a super fun cute family.  Which MOM- or aunt Kristi if you read this-- Sister Day's (the lady we had dinner at) aunt and uncle served their missions in South Africa I think around the time you did…do you know a sister named Sister Hadley- or her married name is Sister Neilson- she married an elder from her mission????  Funny how small the Mormon world is.

Friday- We got up extra early because we had a lesson scheduled with a Spanish lady, but when we showed up no one was home.  This is the 4th time we have scheduled an appointment and then she has not been home, so we aren’t sure what to do but keep trying to meet with her.  We then headed to our district meeting, and we did something way awesome.  We did this activity where we had to try and sell our favorite dessert to our companion and so I chose the frozen dessert with crushed Oreos on the bottom and then mint chip ice cream on top with hot fudge.  H. Dodge wasn’t too thrilled, but whatever haha, she doesn’t know what she is missing out on.  And then after that we all came together and he told us to then share the Book of Mormon with our companion and you know what, it was so much easier then sharing our favorite dessert.  It flowed a lot easier and I truly wanted to share it.  And then I had the opportunity to share my testimony with all of them about the Book of Mormon and what it means to me.  Later that night we had dinner with two families in our ward and that was way fun.  And I have another thing for you MOM-- Ask Krisit Stone if she knows a Sister from her mission in Barcelona named Skye Phillips?  I think they served at the same time!  After dinner we had to make a banner for the float in the parade tomorrow and my hands were all painted and numb and cold. haha.  Not too fun, but the banner looked awesome!!

Saturday- We got up early and headed to Boron to help with the Parade set up and got the floats checked in, and at first I am thinking this will be stressful with all these people trying to check their float in and there only ended up being 10 floats haha, which I guess was more than last year!  So we gave some of the kids and adults that sat on the float pass along cards and they handed ALL of them out!  Which is awesome.  And then we headed to a baptism for an 8 year old in our ward after the parade.  Later that night we had Tommy and Becca's interview.  We were anxious during it, but Tommy and Becca came out happy and easygoing so that was a relief for us!  We are waiting on our mission President to tell us when they can have their next interviews. 

Sunday- EASTER!! :) It was such an awesome day.  Church was wonderful and we sang like the powerhouse hymns during sacrament, and you could feel the spirit so strongly in that chapel.  And HEVEN came to church!  We were so excited because this is what we have been struggling with for her.  But she came and she said she liked it.  So crossing my fingers that she comes more now!  We had dinner with the Martz family and they had some friends over and got to talk with them and we shared the "Because of Him" video and talked about our Savior and it being Easter and how it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate his resurrection.  They all loved it, even the non-member friends who were there. 


Monday- Ohh boy…it was a rough day.  We had planned to go to the mall, so we got up early and headed to Lancaster to email there so we had more time, and as we begin our email, the other Hermana's walk in and it was their email time, so we had to give up our computers, and I was already on edge, so that didn’t help at all.  So we got ready and then one computer was open.  It was the SUPER slow computer but I was determined to use it haha.  So I get on and write out the entire email for last week, and I go to push send and the internet connection went out and didn’t save my email…ughh, so then we got the answer no from president that we couldn’t go to the mall and our missionary friends left to go do something so we didn’t have anything to do, so yeah.  And then our dinner appointment cancelled on us, and our lesson with Heven fell through.  So the day was going down the drain and we didn’t know what to do. 

Tuesday- We had our day full of contacting people and trying to find new investigators and so we stopped by a couple members houses to tell us more about the people we were going to talk to and they helped us out a lot.  And we stopped by Donna Forts house but she wasn’t home, so we just gave the kids the Easter gift we had for them and said hi and then we had to go.  Then we headed to the Irish's for dinner and they invited their non-member friends who we have been trying to get in contact and learn more about so it was awesome!  And we also showed them the "Because of Him" video, and they really enjoyed it and they said they want to get more involved in church activities and they were really nice to us and told us that if we need anything that they can help us out.  So we will definitely be talking to them more.  Our appointment with the Waters’ was cancelled which was a bummer…but it’s alright. 

Wednesday- We had our normal studies and I was informed by our district leader that I was to give a talk in district meeting on something that I learned from PMG.  So I worked on that and read some really wonderful scriptures on how listening to the spirit is so vital in missionary work.  After that we headed out to our lesson with Heven, but when we showed up she wasn’t home, so we decided to go talk to a lady from the Easter parade committee who knows a couple things about the gospel.  And then we headed to Cristina Romero house to teach her English.  She always feeds us when we go over there, and she said 5 something to H. Dodge.  We didn’t know what she meant, but she comes around the corner and gives each of us 5 enchiladas...haha.  I just looked at H. Dodge and was like "I CANT FIT ALL THIS FOOD IN ME!" and so I tried haha.  They were really good but seriously my stomach was about to explode.  So then we started helping her pronunciation of words and one of the words was urinate…DONT ASK ME WHY THIS IS ON HERE...haha, but we tell her the word and her and her daughter start yelling at each other how to pronounce the word urinate and H. Dodge and I just busted out laughing!!!  We didn’t try and hide it hahahahah.  It was so funny and they didn’t even realize how hard we were laughing.  Good times, good times.  After that we had our dinner appointment.  I seriously was about to burst, but I fit more food in me.  Heavenly Father blesses our stomachs so they can stretch, that’s for sure.  And then we came home early to clean our house for inspections the next morning. 

Thursday- Had our house inspections and seriously I have never seen our house this clean.  We did a pretty good job! :), which we passed with flying colors haha.  And then we did our studies and I worked on my talk for district meeting, which now was a different topic, but that’s okay!  I am flexible.  So I started reading in How to Begin Teaching, which is a wonderful tool for missionaries to get to know someone and to make that good first impression when we start teaching a new investigator.  I finished my talk just in time for our weekly planning.  It’s crazy how fast Thursday's come for planning - we planned until our dinner appt.

Friday- The wind was blowing so hard today it sounds like our house is howling / going to blow over! haha.  We had our coordination meeting with our ward mission leader.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful ward mission leader who wants to help us and is tying to forward our missionary work along too.  Before our district meeting we filled our car with gas and as I was getting back in the car, this HUGE gust of wind came and my skirt blew up just like Marilyn Monroe and I flashed luckily only my companion haha.  It was pretty funny!  And then we headed to our district meeting, which was good.  My talk turned out well I think!  We came home and did some studies and then headed to dinner and then came back and finished some weekly planning.

Saturday- We had to get up really early and head to Lancaster for the Community Day of Service or (Mormon Helping Hands), and we helped paint the park and the buildings.  It was really cold and windy!  But it was fun!  And I got to see all the missionaries from my district in the MTC!  I ended up getting paint all over my new pants from Walmart…yeah Walmart I know…haha.  We were there all morning and then came home and showered and then did some planning and then headed to our lesson with the Water's.  We shared one of our favorite scriptures with them from the Book of Mormon, and then bore our testimonies about it and showed them the index and the footnotes and all that cool stuff, and they were in awe about it!  They thought it was so neat!  So hopefully that will help them get more into the Book of Mormon. 

Sunday- We had church and that was wonderful.  We read a talk in Relief Society - Pres. Thomas S Monson “You Never Walk Alone” from the Oct 2013 General Conference.  And sacrament meeting was good.  We had three youth investigators come to church!  Heven didn’t come, and Becca had to go home because she wasn’t feeling good.  But after sacrament we were standing in the hall way and the Bishop comes up to us and asks us if we are ready for the fireside tonight.  We told him we weren’t planning on coming but if he wanted us to we could and he was like, "I thought you guys were in charge of that" and we were like, "...uhh no.  No one told us haha, but we can be I guess!" And we were like "yeah can you guys do it!" So we are now in charge of the fireside!  So we headed home and began our personal study and then comp study and tried to figure out what we wanted to do.  We then ran to dinner with the Irish's and then headed to the church for the fireside.  We had some non-members there and taught the Restoration and then opened it up to Q&A for them to ask questions.  It was kind of stressful, but it went well and we got to talk to the youth non-members who came.  And we got three new investigators out of it!  So good day for us! 

Monday- TODAY!  We have a fun day planned.  We are going to the air force base and getting a VIP tour of the NASA base!!  We have a couple people in our ward who work there so we got that set up through them :) I am so excited!  It should be sweet.  We are going with 4 other Elders from our district/zone.  I will be sending you more pictures later of that!

Well family, these past two weeks were rough and hard, but I am doing well and I am learning a lot and really trying to become the missionary the Lord needs me to be.  I am finding out that I am stretching myself, and that I am really starting to step out of my comfort zone even though that is not fun for me, it is growing me and I know there will be a time when I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore and I can be myself and be the best missionary I can be.  I love it out here and I cant see myself doing anything else at this time.

I love you all and I am so blessed to have you in my life and supporting me on this call.

pray for this week- Tommy and Becca, Donna, Heven, Christain, Britney, and Mikayla,

I will talk to you guys next week!! :) Have an awesome week!

Love, Hermana Aase 

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