Thursday, May 8, 2014

sweet tacos and new investigators

Hola Familia :) 

This past week was good!  It seems like I will have a really good week, and then a really bad week, and then an okay week.  But this past week was one of those good weeks!

So this week--

Monday- Recap for NASA!  NASA was awesome and it was so fun to see planes and to be given a tour of the base.  It is so nice to have connections in your ward!  Later that night we had dinner with the lady who took us to NASA.  This week I am starting the BOM over and I have a question in mind as I read, and I am finding answers to my question already.  It is so awesome.  I plan to read through the whole BOM with this one question in mind.  This was something that the MTC President’s wife told us about in a relief society lesson, and I wanted to try it out.

Tuesday- We did our normal studies, and this week I have been studying Christ-like attributes and really searching the scriptures to help me become a better missionary and to have more trust in the Lord.  Our power went out so we ran to a member’s house and got ready there, and they fixed us lunch and we made some cookies to give to some people.  After all that we ran home and luckily our power was back on so we turned the AC on and then ran to go contact some referrals.  The ones we had planned didn’t answer so we decided to go check on Jennifer, a lady that Hermana Darby and I ran into on exchanges.  We ended up talking to her for an hour and a half about religion and a few things about what we believe and made a return appointment!  NEW INVESTIGATOR :) But the funniest story of my life happened while we were there talking to Jennifer.  Her neighbor a couple houses down came to say hi, and it is like this 80-year-old Indian women.  Cutest lady, but lets just say she is going a little crazy haha.  But as we are talking we got on the topic of bruises and she was showing us the bruises she has gotten and then states, "I am not trying to be vulgar," and then she flashed us...haha.  It was so funny!!!!!  Oh boy…Hermana Dodge and I were cracking up in the car on the way home!! 

Wednesday- We did our studies and while that was going on Elder Carter (the guy in charge of all the cars in the mission) called us to tell us that we needed to meet him and get our new tabs.  So an hour later we met him and Sister Carter to get that, and Elder Carter was like "you guys need new tires.  What are you doing today?  I hope nothing."  And I had not done my make up on or hair, but we headed down to Lancaster and got new tires, and they took us to lunch, and then we headed back home.  It was a nice afternoon trip.  When we got home we headed over to the church for the pine wood derby for the boy scouts and met a couple non member families with boys in the scouts and talked to them for a little bit, and then we stayed for a little of mutual and talked to 3 young women that we are having a lesson with later this week.

Thursday- In morning we had a post parade meeting for Boron and that lasted forever…haha.  It was so boring.  So then we raced home fast and ate lunch and began our weekly planning.  It was so weird to be planning for MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!  Later that night we had home made, to die for, pizza at the Martz.  Afterwards we ran over to check on a referral from the bishop, but the person who was supposed to be there, was not, which was a bummer. 

Friday- We had district meeting this morning and that was really good.  We did a role-play where we had to go every other word with our companion as we taught the Restoration.  That sure built unity…haha.  It was hard and quite frustrating actually.  We then ate lunch and headed to our lesson with Jennifer.  The lesson went really well and she understood a lot of what we were teaching.  She is a Christian Jew...yeah, that is correct…haha.  But she is very open to learning and reading in the Book of Mormon and all.  So we are excited.  She has been through a lot in her life, and I know that the gospel can bring her peace and happiness.  By the way, we taught her that lesson outside in 100 DEGREE WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so sweaty and hot and just gross feeling.  When we got in the car we blasted the cold air and just aired EVERYTHING out.  Haha.  We were laughing pretty hard.  Hopefully by the end of this week I will have some what of my abs back.  We then ran to another lesson with a referral some of the other elders found for us, but she had to work, so she left us a note!  It was so nice of her.  We are looking forward to teaching her next week.  We then had dinner at the Winterton's, and then headed to Heven’s for a lesson, which didn’t happen because she was asleep.  It is starting to be a lose, lose situation with her.  It is making me sad.

Saturday- We had our coordination meeting this morning and got the youth more involved with missionary work and coming out with us to teach.  We then had our studies and ate lunch.  Then we headed over to Donna Forts, but she had to go to a baseball game.  We then headed over to the Winterton's for dinner again and we had the Water's over there and we taught them and the kids a lesson about the restoration using cups.  It was pretty cool.  Good FHE lesson. 

Sunday- Was kind of a tough day, but it turned out pretty well.  We had planned on having 7 investigators at church and none of them came, which was a bummer, but we are still pushing for that many next week!  And Heven texted us and told us that she isn't ready to commit to anything and doesn’t have time, so essentially she dropped us, and will contact missionaries when she is ready.  Honestly I sort of saw this coming, but it was hard.  I loved Heven and I know she knows this is true.  It is just everything else that is going on that is getting in her way to seeing the importance of this all.  That night we had dinner at the James house, which half the ward are James, so that was a little crazy and hectic, and then we ran over to the Martz to get all the Skype stuff figured out for Mothers Day. 

Overall, this week was good. It was busy and some plans didn’t pan out like I thought, but hey, that is life and you just keep moving forward.

This week should be good and I am excited to teach new investigators and talk with all you on Sunday! :) 

Have an awesome week and I WILL TALK TO YOU ON SUNDAY!

I love you all so much! Thank you for everything you do!

Prayer list: Tommy and Becca, Donna, Jennifer, Mikayla, Britney, Christian and Lorrain :)

Love, Hermana Aase

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