Thursday, May 29, 2014

sickness and transfer calls give me a lot of anxiety...

Well this week was a very up and down week and one that I did not see coming...let me explain.

Last p-day we went to an exotic lion's park and it was pretty awesome.  We went as a whole district and took pictures and looked at cats.  They were in cages so we couldn't get real close to them which was a bummer, but that is all right!  It was still really cool.  After that we ran to get H. Dodges hair cut at a members house and then went to our dinner appt.  H. Dodge wasn’t feeling good, so we just came home and about an hour or so later she started there is where one part of my anxiety shot up.  I slept on the couch that night and didn’t get any sleep...

(This one is from the exotic lion's park)

Tuesday- we both were up all night, and by 4 am H. Dodge was so sick that we called the Winterton's and they drove us to the Urgent care to get her checked out.  We sat at the Urgent care from 6am-noon and they didn’t find out what was wrong, which was really frustrating.  After that we ran to get H. Dodge's medication to help the pain and nausea, and we got back to North Edwards about 6pm.  We both took showers and headed to bed early.  36 hours of no sleep really takes a toll on a missionary.

Wednesday- H. Dodge took it easy and I did some studies and wrote some letters and then we had a doctors appointment for H. Dodge in Lancaster, so we headed out there, and had to get some more medication because this doctor said it was something different than what the other doctor's said at the Urgent care...kind of frustrating that no one really knew what was wrong, but we are doing what they told us.  We came home and headed over to the Winterton's for dinner and to bring them something nice for driving us to the Urgent care at 5:30 in the morning. 

(We pass this weird thing on the road every time we went to Winterton's...from far away it looked like a vacuum.  But I had to take a picture with it haha.)

Thursday- We went to another Boron Committee Meeting and that was fun as it always is haha!  And it makes me sad to tell them that one of us could be leaving this next week because they keep asking us to just stay forever and help them with all of their events…haha.  Welcome to small towns.  We then had a boring rest of the night.  We weekly planned for a week that one of us could not be here for, which is always strange.

Friday- We were back to normal and got our rest back up to speed, which was good considering missionaries are always tired.  But we headed to our last district meeting as the “Mojave Misfits” (that is our district name, and yes we are cool like that (: ), and had a really good lesson on how we can share our favorite scripture as we are sharing the Book of Mormon with our friends or investigators.  After lunch we headed to a lesson with Jennifer, which I was nervous for because we were teaching her the Law of Chastity, plus the 10 commandments, and keeping the Sabbath day Holy.  So we get there and it is 100 degree's outside and we start and then her fiancĂ© keeps interrupting (which he is not very excited about) and the lesson was mostly spent listening to her vent and talk through her emotions (which is perfectly fine because we then know how to better help her).  We then headed to our appointment with Patrick and that went really well.  We read 1st Nephi 1 and talked about it, and then watched the Restoration DVD that is 20 min long and then talked about how prayer is one of the most powerful sources we can go to receive answers.  The spirit was really strong in that lesson and I know Patrick felt it too.  We then headed to dinner and watched a softball game with the family that fed us dinner and then headed to visit a recent convert and then headed home.

(Our district.  Right to Left- Up to down - Hosteen, Cox, Dodge, Aase, Walker, Ditty, Mortensen, and Nicolea.  We had a lot of fun together over these last 6 weeks.)

Saturday- We both woke up feeling nervous and anxious for our calls.  It was kind of hard to focus on anything, but we had correlation with Bro. Winterton and ate breakfast over there and then came back and did some studies, and then the phone rang...H. Dodge picked it up and it was Elder Hosteen our district leader that gives us the news…and...........IM BEING TRANSFERRED............!!!!  Both H. Dodge and I did not see that coming, and I just sat on the couch in shock for about 20 min…oh boy.  So the rest of Saturday was kinda shot, but we had a really good lesson with Jennifer on the Law of Chastity, 10 commandments, and keeping the Sabbath day holy, which she took really well and is committing to living all three of those commandments.  I am so excited for her to be baptized, although now that I am leaving I am sad to not be able to see her get baptized.  But the most important thing is, is that she is getting baptized :) We then had dinner with the Water's and Winterton's, and taught a lesson about the Tree of Life, and diagrammed it all out on a white board - it was pretty cool I might say so myself!

Sunday- This morning I began packing and got almost all my clothes in the suitcases except for the things I need to wash and the clothes I am to wear for the next couple days and all my bathroom stuff.  I have accumulated a lot of things...not sure how well moving all of it is going to go, but we will see!!  Church was really awesome.  We read a talk in RS called "Are you Sleeping through the Restoration?," by President Uchtdorf - If you have not read it, I suggest that you do!  It is really good.  Jennifer was late and didn’t come until sacrament meeting - but we are just glad that she came!  Tommy and Becca were at church too!  I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting and said goodbye to a few people and took some pictures…it is sad to say goodbye.  It does not feel like I have been here for 3 months, but I have been!  We had our dinner appointment, and then headed over to the Winterton's to get a picture for a scrapbook thing that Bro. Winterton is making for each missionary that comes through the ward.

(This is Jennifer, one of the investigators we were working with. I am going to miss her a lot!)

(This is the Martz family that helped us out so much over the last 3 months.  They are so WONDERFUL!)

So this past week was a roller coaster- I didn’t see being stuck in the house for 3 days, or me leaving this area, but I guess that all has to happen sometime or another.  I am excited to go to my new area (wherever that may be), and to learn and use Spanish.  Freak yeah I am nervous and scared, but I know that wherever I am headed that is where the Lord wants me to be.  This next week is going to be a struggle I already know that, but I have faith and trust in the Lord to help and carry me through.  I will be updating you on life next Monday…!

I love you all and I miss you tons!
Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon!
Prayer list-- Tommy and Becca, Jennifer, Patrick, Lorraine, Christain, Mikayla and Britney.

Love, Hermana Aase

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