Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Little by little

This past week was a little slow, all the appointments we had fell one wants to open their door and be at home. So it is a little frustrating because I want to share the gospel with them but if they wont let me inside they can’t hear what we have to say. So patience being tested this week - CHECK. 
Other than that, nothing too excited went on this week, so my email will be shorter than normal.
Monday- We did all our pday activities and seriously, people think that Monday is our day to relax and all, reality, it is our busiest day haha. But we had dinner with a nice family and then visited the Solano family and read scriptures with them and talked for a little bit. They are so sweet and they know that my Spanish is bad, but that I am learning and trying.
Tuesday- We had clean checks that morning and then made some cookies as a thank you for the Barahona's that took us to the temple last Friday, and then we contacted former investigators - which none were home or the person we were looking for doesn’t live there anymore. And we stopped by a less active and taught her a little message and then went down to the community office to see if they have any service for us to do. And by the time we were done with all of that we headed over to the Barahona's for dinner and then went over to the Solano's to finish the chapter we were reading with them on Monday night. The Solano's are loving the Book of Mormon. They enjoy the stories and the lessons that can be learned in each chapter. I admire them and want to read the Book of Mormon like them. 
Wednesday- Neither of us slept very well and didn’t feel good in the morning, so we slept in a little bit later and started studies late. We then had a lesson planned with Omar - one of our new investigators, but he wasn't home. So then after that stopped by a few more potentials but none of them were home either. After that we planned for our day and ate lunch and had language study and then went to dinner. 

Thursday- Our day was a little messed up…haha. We were told that we had zone conference with President and Sister Wilson. So we get there and we are wait about 15 min and then the zone leaders come in and they are like…“yeah, so zone conference is next Thursday…” haha. We all laughed for a solid 5 minutes. We then ate lunch with all the other sisters in the zone (which are only 4 others) and then we headed home to plan! Woo Hoo! We then had dinner at the Pimentel's and Hermana Pimentel made tortas- which are Hispanic sandwiches with beans and meat and lettuce and tomato, they were REALLY good. Before we got to dinner I told Hermana Musig that I WANT Hispanic food because since coming into this new area we haven't had one meal that is Hispanic…believe it or not. So when we got there and saw those, I was ecstatic!
Friday- We did our studies and then headed to district meeting, which was not planned until that morning, BUT it was still really good! We talked about the importance of having the investigators pray on that first lesson and how we can’t let them give up because that is what Satan wants and we cant let him win! We then had lunch at Applebee's (thanks to a gift card I still had) and we got some action of the world cup…not too interesting, but still cool to see a TV. haha. Life as a missionary. And then we had another lesson with Omar - the new investigator- and we just taught him a quick lesson on the porch, BUT it was a lesson and we had a member there with us! So good day! Good day! Our dinner appointment was cancelled so we ate something with the other Hermanas and then headed to the Solano's to read some more in the Book of Mormon, and then we headed over to a less active mom and daughter's house and read with them. The spirit was really strong in that lesson and there were some concerns that they brought up and we said what the spirit was prompting us to say. So that was a really cool experience. 
Saturday- We had our correlation meeting with our branch mission leader and I somewhat spoke Spanish! haha…little by little it is coming. We had lunch and figured out a lesson for the Solano's - we were going to show them a Mormon Message - Hermana Musig has the DVDs - and then we knocked around a couple apartment complexes that have former and potential investigators in it, not having too much luck, but still trying! And still smiling! We then had dinner with the Solano's and we went over early to help make the pupusas! They are hard to make, but it was cool watching Hermana Solano make them. Pupusas are Salvadorian so those who come from El Salvador know how to make them really well! We then ate dinner and stuffed our faces because it was Hispanic food and shared a quick message and then stopped by a potential but they weren't home so we went back to the Solano's and read more in the Book of Mormon. 
Sunday- Church was really good and guess what!?! I understood ALL of gospel principles woo hooo!!! I was like HOLY MOLY I know what they are saying :) but then I didn't understand a ton in relief society, but hey like I said before little by little. It is coming! We then did a little planning for the next couple days and then headed over for dinner at the Branch Presidents house. They were really nice to feed us on Fathers Day. No one had signed up, so we were out of a dinner (which isn't horrible, we are girls and can fend for ourselves haha). We then came home and got ready for tomorrow and headed to bed! 
I am learning so much, all from how to be a missionary, listening to the spirit more, Spanish, confidence and trust in the Lord, loving all those I come in contact with and many, many more things. I love, love, love it! It is hard, very hard work, but it is so worth it and time flies. I will be hitting 5 months this week…CRAZY! 
Thank you all for prayers and the support :) 
I hope your summer is wonderful already and you are enjoying the nice warm weather!
I will talk to you all next week!
Prayer list- Solano's, Laura and Railey, Omar, Cesar, and Rutilo.
Love, Hermana Aase

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