Monday, June 9, 2014

New Investigators, the Temple, and Elder Russell M. Nelson

Good Morning Family!

I have been thinking a lot about you all this past week. In a good way of course! Just thinking about all the exciting things that have been happening over in your neck of the woods. CONGRATULATIONS to Shelb! I am SOOOOO proud of her and accomplishing this amazing thing in her life. She looked so cute in her cap and gown…I cant believe she is that old now! I hope all goes well with the grad party! It can be a lot of work, but it is always worth it.

So this past week as you can tell from the subject line was full of finding new investigators, going to the temple, and meeting with Elder Nelson of the 12 apostles. 
Monday- was a normal p-day, emailed and went grocery shopping and did laundry, which we have to pay for. I took advantage of the washer and dryer in our house in North Edwards. After that we wrote letters and ate lunch and then headed to the play field with our whole zone. We had dinner with a family in the English ward and they showed us a really cool video they made for a Women's conference in our stake. It is called "What is Joy." It captures women in the stake and in the branch I am serving in and it is so cool. Also, it shows the missionaries that taught the Solano's and the girl with the curly hair is one of the sisters in the Branch here with us. I suggest that you watch it :) It looks just like a Mormon message but it is not. Then that night we met with some recent converts- (the Solano Family) and got to know them and see how they are doing. They got baptized in March and the beginning of April.

Tuesday- we had our day full of contacting former investigators and referrals and potential investigators and we found one guy named Cesar and we have an appointment with him this coming week and another lady named Maria. We met a few other people, but they weren't interested, which is always a bummer. My Spanish is coming along and I am able to understand more and more each day, and I am hoping to speak soon! It is a long process! 

(Hermana Musig and I)
Wednesday- we also had our day full of contacting and finding more investigators and we found 2 more investigators and have appointments with them this week too! So things are picking up. When we got into the area they only had 2 investigators they were working with, which we tried to contact and they weren’t home. But that is alright! Finding new investigators is part of what we do! By the end of Tues. and Wed. Hermana. Musig and I were EXHAUSTED! But that means we did good. That is one way I measure how much we are working.
Thursday- was busy planning all day! I know I have said this before, but planning is such an important role in missionary work, and by how much planning we do on the mission, I am sure I’ll be a pro. We then had dinner with a less active family in the English ward -- we eat one week with the Palmdale English ward, and then the other week with our branch. I want to share a little bit about the message with shared with them. We asked them how they would feel if Noah didn’t gather them or tell them the floods were coming and they happened to just get left behind? Now I don’t think anyone of us would feel very happy about that would we? Well as we read in D&C 88:81 we are to "teach and warn the people, and then warn our neighbors". We as members of the church sometimes feel "well it is the missionaries job to do that, they got the tag" but in reality it is the members that bring in and fellowship our friends. They are the ones who befriend those who don’t know about the church. Even though you aren’t wearing a tag you can still do missionary work just as the missionaries can. What a blessing it is to be a missionary just where you are at home! We gave the family some pass along cards and invited them to pray about someone they could give it to and then follow that answer. I want to invite all of you to do the same and see what happens. The Lord will help you out; you have my promise on that! And then I would love to hear your stories! So email my family or email me directly at
Friday- was such a wonderful day! We had zone training meeting in the morning and learned about getting to know someone and really gaining that trust before we teach a lesson, and then how powerful inviting someone to be baptized in the first lesson can be. Hermana Musig and I then raced to meet the family that was taking us to the temple- Sister Barahona and her son Jared. It took about an hour to get to the temple, but the instant I saw it my eyes were filled with tears. I was so happy to see the temple. You go from seeing it everyday, to not seeing it at all for 5 months and it makes you appreciate what you have. The LA temple is huge, and so pretty! We went in and ate something quick in the cafeteria and then headed for the endowment session. I felt so much peace and happiness when I was in there. I have come to the conclusion that the Temple revives you, or at least in this moment it did for me. It just reminded me of why I am here on the earth and what my purpose as a missionary is. I want everyone to feel this sense of longing peace, which only comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I then talked to a lady who was serving at Hill Camora where Deb and Lary Heyn are serving and I asked her if she knew them and she was like "YES! They are the greatest!" So that was a small world! We then took some pictures and I got a postcard like picture of the LA temple and then we headed home. For the rest of the night I just felt so happy!

Saturday- we headed to a baptism for Hermana Usher and Hermana Hernandez, and it was so special. The spirit was there so strongly and I thought to myself, if I feel so happy and excited for someone I don’t know who is getting baptized, just think how I would feel when someone I have come to know and love gets baptized. We then headed out to Lancaster and got lunch and then headed to the stake center where we were having the mission conference and having our meeting with the 70, and Elder Nelson. It was good to see all my friends that I have made and I saw Hermana Dodge and she told me some wonderful things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st Tommy and Becca are set for baptism this Wed :) Tommy has not smoked since May 31st!!! AHHH I just want to cry. I am so happy for them. And then Jennifer is getting baptized a little later, but she is still gun-hoe on getting baptized. And then they have two more investigators who have baptismal dates. It was really nice hearing about my old area. We then began our meeting and we all got to shake Elder Nelson's hand, and the members of the 70 that came! Such a cool experience. Some things that I learned from all the speakers were that we even if we are wearing a tag or not represent Jesus Christ. We all take His name upon our hearts and be examples to those around us. And how important it is to just open our mouths and share what we know to be true. The Lord will bless us when we do this! After the meeting we got some gelato, which was really good! And then headed home for language study.
Sunday- Church was really good! I understood a little bit more than last week, and my head didn’t feel as close to bursting either...haha. So that is a good sign! We then had dinner and then headed over to visit the Solano's again and then came back and finished planning and had a very good long companion inventory.
I am ready for another week. Crazy that it is week 3 already! Half way through the transfer! 
I love you all and I miss you tons!
Have a wonderful week of SUMMER! 
prayer list- Tommy and Becca, Jennifer, Solano Family, Cesar, Omar and Rutilo. 
Love, Hermana Aase

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