Monday, June 9, 2014

Planning, spanish, planning, spanish, and more planning!

Hello family!!
Well this past week was busy but very good! 
I am in a full Spanish area, which is really exciting, but really freaky too since I don’t know very much, but it will come. I have faith that it will and that the Lord will help me when I need it.
So this week!
Monday- I finished up packing and we emailed and then headed to the church in Lancaster to say goodbye to all my friends in that zone and then we headed to dinner.  After that we went over to the Winterton’s to take pictures and say goodbye and I got a blessing from Brother Winterton. It was really hard to say goodbye, but I told them that they can email me and that I would most definitely be coming back to visit sometime in the near future…so family, we are taking a road trip to CA so I can show you all my areas- deal? Deal! We then came home and I cleaned a little and got all ready for the morning.
Tuesday- We left early to head to Bakersfield and Kayla Martz took us down there and we unloaded all our stuff and then had our transfer meeting. And this one wasn’t as surprising since the ENTIRE mission knew who we were going with and where we were going…haha. Never let that happen again. Hermana Musig and I jam packed the car and headed home to Palmdale. We talked to entire way home and got to know each other. Hermana Musig is from Sandy Utah, has been out 16 months and is the oldest of 3 girls. We eventually found our appointment. And unloaded everything and started to unpack and then headed to dinner. Guess what I had for my first Spanish dinner in a Spanish! haha. Thought it would be something Spanish, but the pizza was really good! So that is okay with me. After dinner we ran to Wally World and got some food so we could survive and then came home and finished unpacking. 
Wednesday/Thursday- Was busy with planning and more planning. We drove around our area and got to see where we will be working and we got our area book (a huge book that has the area's life in it) all organized and we started planning for this next week. Planning takes a lot of time, but it is so essential to missionary work. If you don’t have a plan, then you are just wasting time figuring out what you should do. So yeah! We then had our dinner appointments, and got to know some more people who are in our branch. 
Friday- We had our district meeting, which was all in Spanish. I guess I should get used to being in an all-Spanish area…haha. But I understood most of what was going on! So that is a plus. After district meeting we ate lunch with the other two Hermana’s and then got back to planning a little more. We then headed to our dinner appointment and Hermana Musig and I had the dinner message and we prepared it in English, but then Hermana Musig decided that we should do it in Spanish and that I should lead it...yeah lets just say I wasn’t fully prepared for that haha, and it didn’t go so well. I mean it went well, but I couldn’t express what I wanted to say. But the Diaz family was really nice about it and told me that it will come and that I just got to keep trying. I am learning that Latino people are so nice when it comes to trying to speak their language. They are happy to just hear you try. After dinner we got Wendy's frosties, which tasted delicious! And then headed home.
Saturday- We had our correlation meeting with our new branch mission leader and that went well…of course that was all in Spanish too. We didn’t have a dinner appointment, so we went to a Spanish restaurant and we got Horchata (it is a drink that is made up of what we put in our rice pudding... milk, rice flour, and cinnamon), which was actually really tasty! We had language study and read out loud from the El Libro de Mormon, and that is becoming a lot easier and I am able to understand what is going on in the scriptures. 
Sunday- We had church in the afternoon, and all I can tell you is that my head hurt afterwards…haha, which I was previously warned about. But church was good. Good to meet all the members in the branch and put names to faces. Something that I found really amazing is that even though I didn’t understand anything that was going on, I still felt the spirit. I was studying in PMG and came upon something that really stuck out to me. It was talking about how we all pray for the gift of tongues and the gift of interpretation, and those come. But one language that all of us speak is the language of the spirit. I never really thought about it that way, but we all can feel the spirit- no matter what language you speak or don’t speak. It was eye opening. And the thought came to my mind that even though I may not be able to say everything that I want to, the spirit can still touch and testify of the things I am teaching to our investigators. AHH I love ah ha moments on my mission :)
Well family, all is well! I love my area and my companion. It is new, very new, but it will be great!
I love you all and I am so thankful to be out here serving the Lord.
Have a wonderful week! School is out in a few days! HERE COMES SUMMER!
Hermana Aase

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