Monday, September 15, 2014

I am truly a momma!

Buenos dias familia! :)

This past week was an interesting and sort of uneventful first week of the transfer, but that is alright! We made the best out of what we got!

After getting calls Sunday night it was kind of a mad house on Monday night in our apartment with packing and signing journals and cleaning and me freaking out that I would be training. SO that was fun! Haha. We headed over to a few peoples homes to say goodbye and take pictures, and then stayed up late getting everything ready for Tuesday. 

Tuesday morning I had a meeting for trainers and we talked a lot about things that we learned from our trainers and things that we want our trainees to learn when they leave the nest, and it really opened my eyes. It helped me feel a lot calmer about training and begin the lead companion and all. We then had transfer meeting. It was crazy! Said goodbye to my momma Hermana Dodge, and then I saw the Winterton’s from my first area and then I met my BABY!!! Well a little bit about my baby – Her name is Hermana Robles, and she is from Houston, TX. She has a big family and has such a cute personality! We will get along very well :) Later that night after we got her all moved in and unpacked we had a lesson with Manuel. We did a prep baptismal interview with him and he truly does know this church is true, but still has some doubts. We then did some contacting and I broke her into the field! 

Wednesday we stopped by Hermana. Duran and read more in el Libro de Mormon with her and talked with her for a bit. After that we headed to do service at the library, and while we were there we found this WICKED awesome book on the mission of the Church. WAY cool to see that in the library. We might have sat and looked through that haha. We unfortunately then had all the rest of our nights appointments canceled...NOW, to look at the positive side, I turned to Hermana Robles, and was like "Welcome to the field! These days will happen!" I think it was good for her to see a slow day in the mission, because then when we do have set appointments with investigators, you can be that much more appreciative of them. It was a slow day, but we got to contact and knock on a bunch of doors. 

Thursday morning we had another lesson with Manuel talking about his doubts and concerns about his baptism, and he apparently doesn't have any, which is good, but also concerns us. For the greater part of the day we planned. Woo hoo! I love seeing the reactions of new missionaries with planning. Haha. Hermana Robles said after like 3 hours of planning, "are we done yet!?" haha. I just turned to her and was like, "not even close dear :)" haha. Although planning takes long, I am grateful for it because without it, we wouldn't have anything to go off of. That night we had a lesson with Manuel and Teresa and we planned to teach them about the priesthood and the apostasy, but right before we went in we were like, “umm lets teach something else because we don't feel comfortable teaching it...” Needless to say, Heavenly Father taught us a lesson and we ended up teaching about the priesthood and the apostasy. 

Friday morning we had district meeting and we talked about bearing testimony. I have seen a huge blessing in bearing testimony while I’ve been on my mission. Doctrine of Hermana Aase - I feel that the spirit testifies harder when you are bearing testimony, then when you are just teaching the lesson. Of course when you do both, the spirit testifies to those we are teaching that these things are true. We then had a lesson with Cindy and Heavenly Father taught us the same lesson. We were going to teach about the Law of Chastity but her kids were in the room and we felt awkward and then for some reason her kids didn't stay in the room for the lesson so Heavenly Father was like "teach law of chastity" so we did. And it actually went pretty well and she understood the importance of it and we hope she can figure out the things that are holding her back. The law of chastity is kind of a hard lesson to teach to people, but with the spirit and love you can teach it with great understanding. The spirit is a beautiful thing I tell ya! We had dinner with Hermana Duran and that was good. She made mashed potatoes! The rest of the night was contacting and knocking and we had a great experience. One of our investigators wasn't home for our appointment, so we walked across the street to a guy that was fixing his car. He told us that he hasn't found complete happiness and how he feels the Catholic church doesn't read the bible enough. So we started talking about the Book of Mormon and how wonderful it is and how when we read it we feel that COMPLETE happiness, and that through our church we can feel peace and comfort and fullness. So we are hoping to find him at home and teach him more about the church. 

Saturday we had a lesson with Manuel and we talked about prophets and how great of a blessing it is to have one on the earth today. When we got in the car I asked Hermana Robles about how she felt about Manuel getting baptized and we both felt that he wasn't ready to get baptized, that there are still some things he needs to work. But we still felt he should go through with the interview. So that afternoon he had his interview and he didn't quite meet all the requirements and both Hermana Robles and I felt that was right. That Manuel needs to more time to learn and gain a testimony of prophets and the Book of Mormon. The rest of the night we traced and had some fun talking to some interesting people haha. 

Sunday we headed to church and then tracked for the rest of the day, and we got to teach a few lessons and get some practice on teaching together. 

I am figuring out how to train and what things I need to work on. We all make mistakes, but that is why repentance is beautiful. It is that opportunity to have a restart and become better!

Thanks for all the support you have given me!

Prayer list- Connie, Cindy, Manuel, Ramon, Manuel and Teresa, and Elizabeth and Christian.


Herman Aase

Have a great day!

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