Monday, September 15, 2014

She is ABOVE golden...oh and I'm having a baby!

Good morning family!!

This week was a pretty good, but crazy week. 

And too explain my subject line... Look on Wednesday’s day and Sunday’s day.

Monday was good as always with p-day and such. My head was hurting really bad so we knocked a little bit and then headed home so I could get some rest. 

Tuesday we taught Manuel about temples and about family history work and he was actually really accepting and excited to learn about that. We told him that him and his wife could be sealed for time and all eternity and I asked him how he felt about knowing that, and he responded that he believes it and that he would want that. Manuel is progressing so well and we are so excited to get him more prepared for him baptism coming up in the next weeks!! We then did some service at the food bank and then headed to a lesson with Rueban and taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and we realized that he has a desire to change and wants to, but just doesn't know how, or where to get the motivation. So we are trying to figure out what kind of things we can do to help him have that motivation. The rest of our appointments that night unfortunately got cancelled, so that was a bummer!

Wednesday we knocked all morning and we thought since it was early that it would be cooler...yeah…it wasn't! haha. That’s alright!! We started talking to a lady sitting in her garage and started teaching her the restoration and we got to the part about how the priesthood was not on the earth after Christ and his apostles died and she didn't really agree with that and stared to bible bash with us, and we didn't really know what to do but just pray and leave. Never done that before, but it was a good experience still. We then we headed over to the lady we are teaching English too but she wasn't there so we headed over to a potential that we have been trying to coordinate a time to meet with and she was home and invited us in. Long story short we taught her the restoration and found an ABOVE GOLDEN investigator. For those who don't know the term "golden" it means an investigator who is ready to learn and read and pray and just really has a desire to learn and grow. So you can guess from the above golden in all caps that she is pretty legit. She was talking about how she has a goal to be baptized (before we even invited her) and wants her family to be close and married in the temple like her uncle’s family (he is a member). And to feel her spirit was just wonderful and I am so excited to see her grow and learn more in the gospel. We then tried to stop by and visit Ishmael, but he wasn't home so then we headed over to Ramon's and had a lesson with him about the Plan of Salvation and really got to know what he thinks about the gospel. 

Thursday morning we taught Manuel about the priesthood and explained how one day he can be ordained a priest and administer the sacrament and give blessings and all that good stuff :) He understood it, but I think this will be something that takes a little time for him to understand and apply in his own life. We all see SO much potential in Manuel and we hope he can see it soon too. We then planned all day for week 1 of the new transfer so that was crazy!!!! They just go by so fast. And then I had another chiropractor appt. and that was good. I have come to the conclusion that the chiropractor is helping my body and back, but it is not helping my on to a new plan of action! We then had a lesson with Manuel and Teresa about the Book of Mormon and what the purpose of it is. We hope that they will have the desire to read and pray about the Book or Mormon. It is such a powerful book that brings us closer to Christ. I don't understand how someone would not want that! 

Friday morning we had a district meeting and we gave a training on inviting members to lessons. And something that we taught was that you must explain why the member is chosen to come and teach with you. For example why they fit the investigators or how wonderful of teacher they are, etc. The members are SOOO important in missionary work and to have them help in the hastening of the work just makes the work go a lot better. We then knocked a little bit before we headed to our lesson with Cindy, which was amazing!! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and how she can live with her family forever and how great of blessing that is to have in our lives. She of course was so prepared and studied the pamphlet we left her and all that!! And we set her with a baptismal date in October, which we are so excited about!! :) She was so excited and accepted right away with a huge smile! We then did some more contacting and then finished planning. 

Saturday morning we had correlation and after we had a lesson with Manuel and talked about Eternal Marriage some more and then after that my head was pounding pretty bad so I took a nap after lunch. We made a cake for one of the Elder’s birthdays in our district during dinner, so that was fun!! And then we headed out and contacted for the rest of the night and while we were out we found ELOTE!! this may sound disgusting, and it wasn't too horrible gross...actually it was kind of intriguing...haha. But is it corn on the cob with mayo all over it, then it has cheese sprinkled all over it and then chili powder haha. You can see a picture at the bottom of what this looks like and what I look like eating it haha. It was a must have experience. 

Sunday was good and was nerve racking too because we were getting calls later that night about transfers, so all throughout the day we were on our toes wondering what was going to happen with us! Church was good but kind of sad saying goodbye to people but that is alright!! After dinner we tried to contact some potentials but none were home, so that was a bummer. And then we headed inside for a bit because Hermana Poole wasn't feeling too good, but while we were inside I got a call from the AP's telling me...inviting me…extending to me the calling of a TRAINER!!! I will be having a BABY! The rest of the night was kinda hectic but yeah!!

I hope all is well with you!! I love you all and you are all in my prayers :)

prayer list- Maunuel, Cindy, Connie, Hna Duran, and Ishamel. 


talk to you all next week!! :)

Hermana Aase

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