Monday, September 15, 2014

Little Band of Followers

Good Morning Family and Happy Labor day!

It is weird to be on a mission and have holiday because they really don't feel like holidays haha. But that is okay! I hope you are all doing something fun to celebrate!

This past week was really good. Not a lot happened, but then at the same time a ton happened.

Monday- So after the doctor appointment on Monday we emailed and then did some shopping and then relaxed in the apartment until it was dinnertime. After dinner we stopped by our investigator Hector’s house to see how he was doing and to see if he was still interested in learning about the gospel. He told us that right now he is focused more on trying to find a job right now, but that maybe sometime in the future he would have time. As missionaries, we learn that some of the people we find and begin to teach are still being prepared by the Lord, and that we must always go by the Lord’s time even when we don't want it. But we all know that God has a plan for us, that he knows what is going on and he knows when the right time to lead his children to the Church. We then had a really good lesson with Hermana Maria (she is a less active, but becoming more and more active) and we read with her in Mark 5 about the women who had enough faith to heal her by just touching the robes of Christ. What an amazing example that is to us. We can have that faith to be healed from all things if we just act.

Tuesday- We taught Manuel in the morning and read with him in the Book or Mormon, which then lead to talking about prophets.  He then told us that he feels rejected from the church because he didn't pass his interview. So we talked about why we have interviews and to not feel rejected but to feel like you have a goal to reach, because that is what we are all working towards. We then had fun giving service at the food bank until our lesson with Cindy. We taught her about the word of wisdom and seriously, she is just amazing! She is so open to listening and accepting and applying what we teach her. It is awesome to have her as an investigator! Later that night we headed to check up on two kids we are teaching - Elizabeth and Christain, but they were at home so we headed to another person’s house. As we were walking there, we saw her sitting with her friends and so we walked over there and she came up to us and was like "can you teach us about Jesus?" And of course we were like “YES!!!” So long story short, we read with them about the plan of salvation and by the end of that lesson we had 7 of their friends listening and asking questions. It was so cool! We gave them all Book of Mormons and told them we would come back next week! So now we have a little band of followers :) But something that we have learned when we teach children is that God really DOES trust us to teach his children, the most precious ones, and that in itself is such a humbling, learning experience. 

Wednesday- We went over to Hermana. Duran’s and read with her in the BOM and talked with her for a bit. She wasn't feeling to well, so we didn't stay long. We later did some service at the Library and got to look at a whole bunch of kids books, and man, haha, some of these things that these books teach! We then did a ton of knocking, but had little success. But that happens and we learn something from each door we go to!!

Thursday- Was planning and that was fun in itself! haha. We ate lunch at a recent convert’s house and she makes AMAZING food!! SOO good. No regrets there! The scripture we shared with her was from JSH 24-26, and I would invite you all to read this. It is amazing!! I have such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith, each time I teach about what he did and the faith that he had, I strengthen that testimony in him. We then headed over to a members house and we talked to her a bit. We then had a good lesson with Ramon teaching him also about the word of wisdom. And then headed to Manuel and Teresa's house and we watched the Finding Faith in Christ video with them and that was wonderful. The video we show is not one directed toward any specific religion, it just strengthens our faith in Christ, which we all need to do :)

Friday- Was busy having correlation and district meeting. But I gave a talk in district meeting about faith and it went pretty good for being ALL in Spanish! I talked about how faith in a principle of power and how God uses his power when we use our faith. Also that faith is not just to believe something, but it is to act upon that belief. ACTING is key!! And then I also talked about how we must have our faith-centered on our Lord Jesus Christ. That when we have faith in him, trust and hope in him, all things are possible. We then baked some cookies for service and gave them to all the members who have helped us out with lessons and driving investigators to church, etc. We then had our lesson with Cindy and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it was such a powerful lesson!! She had some good questions about feeling ready for baptism and feeling worthy and we know that we can feel clean and worthy through the atonement of Jesus Christ. For the rest of the night we just knocked! FUN, FUN!

Saturday- We taught Manuel...a very long lesson. We taught him the first half of the restoration and ended up talking about prophets for a long time. Sometimes we must teach people the same lesson over and over for them to understand it, but that is okay! That gives them the opportunity to gain a better testimony and knowledge of the Gospel. We then read in the BOM with Hermana Duran. For the rest of that night we contacted referrals and potential investigators and talked with a lot of people. Something that I find so sad is that many of these people that we talk to have or song have a religion and when we ask them if they want a relationship with Christ, they say no...It breaks my heart when they say no, but like I said earlier in my email, God is preparing people at different rates, and we must be patient to follow the Lord's timing. We also stopped by Manuel and Teresa's and invited them HARD CORE to church...and they agreed!! SO we are hoping they come :)

Sunday- Was awesome! So as we are walking into church the person yells "AASE!!" from a car and I turned and looked to see who it was, and guess who it was?? HERMANA MUSIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I booked it to her and gave her the biggest hug ever. I was so happy to see her and see how she was doing!! Then for sacrament meeting it was focused on missionary work and so I gave a short talk, which went pretty well!! The Spanish is becoming a bit easier so I am happy about that! After church we knocked the street where we found a potential and they weren't home so decided to stay in the area and knock and we both had the strongest impression to knock on this house, so we did and this lady came out and was not sounding interested but we told her about how Christ has been through everything that you have, and she somehow let us in and the lesson we had with her was so amazing, the spirit was so strong there it was incredible. She has been through MANY hard, hard things in her life but as we told her about the gospel, about the Book of Mormon, about Christ, her whole demeanor changed. It was incredible. The instant we left that house Hermana Robles and I agreed the spirit was guiding every word we said, there wasn't one moment where we had to think of something, the spirit just told us. It was such an amazing experience! For the rest of that night we just contacted and talked to a few people. 

Well another week gone and another new week ahead!!
Thank you for all your support and love, I greatly appreciate it!

Prayer list- Connie, Cindy, Mike, Manuel, Laura, Manuel and Teresa, Jose, Elizabeth and Christain


Good luck back to school tomorrow :)

Love, Hermana Aase

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