Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2 0 1 5 :)

Well family, how crazy is it that it is 2015 now! I never thought this year would come, but look! It is here and already going by fast!

I hope you have all had the chance to make new years goals and look at what we can all do better. I made some goals both during, and after my mission (because I'll be ending my mission this year). I am excited to change and grow and become closer to my Savior Jesus Christ.

Now on to this past week-- it was better, a lot better than the last 3 weeks. Lets just say holiday week for missionaries is wonderful but hard because not may people are 1-home, and 2- want to open the door on Christmas to 2 young white girls sharing a message about Christ. I hoped and wished that they would, but they didn't. But all that is over and we actually got to talk to people this week and have lessons.

Monday- after all pday festivities, we headed to dinner with Hna. America and then did some service with her and after that we headed out and contacted a bit.

Tuesday- TEMPLE!!! Kayla Martz came and picked us up and then we headed off to LA towards the temple. We got there just in time for the session and it was so awesome!! I love love love the temple and how much peace I feel when I am in there. It was so good to remember the covenants that I made with Heavenly Father and the blessings that we can receive as we live the gospel. We then ate at Chick-fil-A, which was yummy! And then we headed home back to Lancaster. We contacted a referral before it got too dark and then we headed to dinner with the Olguin family and talked about making new years goals for 2015. After that we had a lesson with Carmen and her family and Sheila came with us! We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and then watched the Restoration movie. One of her boys during the movie (at the part where Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ) was like "WOAH"..."I just got the chills!"..haha it was pretty funny and later told him that that was the spirit he just felt. And something that I learned during this lesson is how to make older teenage boys interested in reading the Book of Mormon - just tell them that there are guys cutting off the arms of other guys and lots of war...that got all Carmen's boys interested! haha. 

Wednesday- Was a day FULL of contacting and more contacting and walking out in the coldness. During that time the English sisters that cover that area were following us and we got to our next street and guess whose car we saw...the sisters! So we go and knock on the Morelos door and we walk in and the sisters were sitting inside talking to our investigators!! haha. It was pretty funny!! By the end of being outside I couldn't feel my toes haha, but that's okay! We had to be in early that night since people are CRAZY out here, and I wrote letters and we watched the new bible videos!

Thursday- We had a lesson with Maria Reynosa (a newer investigator) and that lesson was really good. We brought a member with us and talked about what she remembered from our last lesson, and then we talked about baptism. We then headed home and planned for a bit. We then went back out to contact...sadly no one was home! After dinner we contacted more until 8 and we went back home to finish planning. 

Friday- District meeting was good. We talked about how we can get to know the investigators better before we start the lessons. After that the Hermanas' from Cal City came up for our exchange and I was with Hna. Alzate for the day. We did LOTS and LOTS of contacting and the miracle for the day was people were actually home and opened their doors for us! It was nice to talk to people again. It has been a long time. We ate dinner with Hna. Lara and then ran to our lesson with the Morelos family. Our lesson with them was really good! The husband Jose sat in on the lesson while we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That night we went over to Sheila's and watched some Mormon messages with them!

Saturday- was a day full of contacting again! And we got into someone's house! His name is Andrew and his grandma's name is Graciela. We taught them about the Book or Mormon and Andrew was really interested in reading it and said that he would! Later we had dinner with the Miranda's and then we headed to correlation and then stopped by Carmen's to invite them to church.

Sunday- Church was good, Pedro came to church! We went out and contacted after our feast with Hna. Harding. We had a lesson with Pedro at Hno. Gutierrez about the Priesthood and then we headed to the Rojas and did the invitation card with them. 

Well I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! Stay safe and warm :)

Love, Hermana Aase

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