Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Feliz Navidad y Milagros (Happy Christmas and Miracles)


How happy I am to be coming upon this week. I get to skype with my family :) This time has been long awaited since May...crazy to think that was 7 months ago. Boy does time fly fast! This past week was alright, we have had better. We saw miracles though, so that is all that matters!

Monday was busy shopping and signing shout out journals to those missionaries that were leaving to go home, or that were switching areas.  We then had dinner with the Juarez family, and then read in the scriptures as a family. After that we ran to Hna America's house and had an FHE with her. We read the Christmas story in the bible and drank Abuelita and ate pan :) I had a super bad cold so we went in early so I could get some extra rest.

Tuesday we were supposed to go to the temple, but our ride got sick, so that was sad. I still wasn't feeling good so we got ready for the next transfer and then headed out and visited some less actives and ate dinner with the Miranda's. We then ran to another lesson with the Rasch family and studied about the scriptures in the gospel principles book. We passed by Carmen and her family, but she wasn't home so we just talked to her kids for a little bit! And then we stopped by a family that wasn't at church on Sunday so we could see if they needed anything, but found out they were all we didn't get to talk with them much. But thats okay!

Wednesday we had the chiropractor, and I guess have been keeping all my stress in my neck and they aren't too happy with me. We then had lunch with the Alvarez's and also studied out of the gospel principles book about the scriptures. The scriptures are SOO awesome. I can't even explain it. They give us so much direction and peace of mind. I have truly come to love studying my scriptures on my mission. We then were talking about the temple, and the Alvarez are converts of about 10 years but they haven't been back to the temple for a while, and they told us that they have a goal this next year to make it back to the temple and I couldn't help but just smile :)  We then had an FHE with Rosemary and her mom and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was such a good lesson. We then ate dinner with them and headed to the church building for our relief society activity that we put on...sadly only 3 people came, but it was fun watching a Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate!

Thursday we finally had our normal studies and then planned!! Woo hoo planning! We then had fun helping our investigator Julissa decorate 100 cupcakes for a school pot luck. I had a blast time!! All those cake decorating classes paid off :)

Friday we had an awesome district meeting and learned how to help investigators resolve concerns with the Book of Mormon. It can only be a true book if it resolves concerns :) We contacted a bunch and walked around...unfortunately it was freezing outside and no one was outside for us to talk to. That night we had a lesson with the Morelos family and we read Ether 12 and it REALLY helped resolve Maria's concerns. She was so worried about having a weakness of learning new things about the gospel, and then we read Ether 12:27 which says, "I'll make weak things become strong," and she was like I can overcome this and learn more! It was a miracle. We ate dinner with Hna Paty and she made some sick Tamales :D And then we passed by the family that we tried on Tuesday and they were awake this time! We read the Christmas story out of the BOM and talked about what we can give Christ for Christmas this season. 

Saturday we went to a mission wide Christmas Morningside and we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas :) so that was fun! And then we ate donuts and talked for a bit to all our Hermana's in our stewardship and other missionaries that I have served with. I also got the family tree book that the family filled out for me :) it was so cool to read!! We then had a short lesson with a less active and then started the cupcake run. We made cupcakes for some of the less actives and members in our ward and ding dong ditched them! It was really fun! It is more worth it to give than to receive. We then headed to our Branch Christmas party and that was a blast! There was a lot of good food, music and a piñata! AND 4 of our investigators came!! It was so fun!

Sunday Pedro received the priesthood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so happy! That means he can bless the sacrament next Sunday :) After church we had a lesson with a new investigator named Maria. She had a lot of good questions for us and it was a really powerful lesson! And then after dinner we did more ding dong ditching with for sure gives you that adrenalin rush!

Family, I love and miss you tons! I hope you can get all ready for Christmas and I WILL SEE YOU ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):)

Love, Hermana Aase

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