Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Enabling Power of the Atonement

Hola familia! Esta semana pasada fue...bien. Pero tenemos esperanza para esta proxima semana! (Hello family! This past week was ... good. But we hope for this next week !)

Monday during the day we played some card games with the Hilton's. We played this game called Mad Gab, but it was Mormon style, and it was so funny! Especially the part where neither Hermana Lau or I could think of phrases in all just came in Spanish, which didn't help us win the game! haha. That night we had an FHE with the Juarez family and we watched a couple Mormon messages about staying worthy at all times so they can rightfully use it. They really enjoyed it and we talked about what things we can do to help us stay worthy like - read your scriptures, pray daily, and go to church so we can take the sacrament. After that we headed to Chris's house and had a really good lesson with him as well. We watched the "Because of Him" Mormon message and then talked about the enabling power of the Atonement and we gave him a talk to read by Elder Bednar.

Tuesday in the morning we went to do some service at a food bank and that was really fun! It has been awhile since we have had time to go and do service. After that we passed by a few less actives', which they weren't home or couldn't meet right then and there, so then we headed over to Carmen's and read Ether 12:6 with her and talked about Faith. We are hoping that she is still has been hard to schedule anything with her. Before dinner we had a lesson with the Rasch family about the Priesthood and we talked about the power and blessing it is to have in our lives. We then passed by another less active and read Proverbs 3:5-6 about prayer. 

Wednesday we ran by the chiropractor and then came back and tried to visit some investigators/potentials/less actives and no one was home! was kind of sad. We then went over to a referral that we got, that we hadn't met yet, and guess what, SHE WAS HOME! We talked to her for a bit, her name is Aida, and small world, her husband's relatives live with her and the grandma has been a member for 50 years and was looking for the church building so she could come to church! That night we had a relief society activity. It was a birthday party for all the ladies who have had birthdays in Dec and Jan. We played that game called fruit basket where someone stands in the middle and says something they have done and if you've done it you stand up and move seats (yes people, we are going back to elementary school!) and it was SO much fun!! During the game I sat on one of the ladies..! We then had cupcakes and cake and talked afterwards. It was a very successful activity, which is what we need here! After that we headed over to a less active and talked with her for a bit and shared a scripture and talked about goals for 2015.

Thursday we had zone conference and President and Sister Wilson were there. It was a really good conference! We talked about how Faith to Obedience to the Spirit is how we can teach with full power. Hermana Lau and I did a training on how to work with the Bishop and it went really well! Presenting and doing training's now in front of people don't really phase me anymore, so I am not sure if that is a blessing or a curse...haha. But I know that the power we get comes from God, and it comes from the atonement of Jesus Christ. The reason why I put the Enabling Power of the Atonement as my title is because this past week the enabling power of the atonement is what kept me going this week, and it's what keeps me going every day. After the conference we had a lesson with Rosemary and read in the Book of Mormon and then talked about the meaning of the sacrament. After that we ran over to the Valdez family because the Dad was going back to North Dakota for work and he wanted to see us and have one more lesson before he left. We had a lesson on the importance of reading the scriptures, praying daily, and going to church. We can have the spirit with us constantly when we do these things :) it is such a wonderful blessing we receive form God. 

Friday we had a short ZTM and had talks on diligence, as well as finding and following the spirit. It was perfect for Hermana Lau and I. I mean, anything related to the gospel is perfect! haha. After ZTM we drove down to Palmdale to pick up our good friends - THE Hermana Wiscombe and THE Hermana Simpson for exchanges. I was with Hermana Wiscombe and we contacted and knocked all day long. We got to talk to a few good people who were actually interested in listening to us! 

Saturday after finishing the exchange we did some planning because we didn't have time to finish it on Thursday. The rest of the day was slow until we headed to correlation. 

Sunday we had branch conference (like ward conference, but a branch) and I got to see a bunch of my friends from North Edwards!! In relief society we had a lesson on how God needs to be first in our lives, then ourselves and then our husbands/wives and then you ask why they must be in this order? It is because when we put God first, and when we make ourselves lined up with God, then everything falls into place, which is so true! After studies and lunch we visited a lady named Lilian Rodreaguez in our branch and talked with her. She is one of the greatest member missionaries I have ever met! She is an inspiration. At night we finished our planning.

I suggest you look up, read and study these two talks. They have changed my life. 1) Missionary work and the Atonement by Elder Holland, and 2) The Atonement and our Journey through Mortality by Elder Bednar...they are amazing!

Well, I miss and love you all so much! Thank you for all your love and support.

Have a wonderful week and try to stay warm!

Love, Hermana Aase

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