Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1st all-nighter on the mission

Good morning family and friends!!

Well I am doing pretty good, tired, but I'll explain more why I am exhausted, and why I put my subject line as my 1st all-nighter in the mission.

Monday- Pday was not something special...haha. We got the clean our apartment and write letters and all. So that was good! That night we had a lesson planned with Leonor and we brought Hna Arnold, but Leonor didn't open the door, so we went by Doris's, and she was home and let us in! So we got to share the rest of the restoration message with her. And she is so cool! We won't be able to meet with her for 2 weeks because she just had surgery and all her family from Columbia are here. But we are excited to see how she can progress! We then ate dinner with Hna Osegueda and then passed by a less active Hna Ponce De Leon and taught about the sacrament.

(Relief Society activity...cantaloupe animals! Hna Aase on the left, Hna Soto on the right. And yes..her's is winking...haha)

Tuesday- We had exchanges with Hna Meacham and Hna Flood. I was with Hna Meacham and we first contacted and talked to this lady named Sandra. She has a lot of faith and it was really cool to listen to her talk about it, in the end she told us that she is happy where she is, but we are going to return and give her a Family Proclamation to the world because she is huge on families and believes they are the most important thing in society. We then passed by a member and shared a scripture with her, but she wasn't feeling very good, so we didn't stay very long. We then had dinner with the Parra family and after that we passed by a potential that Hna Nemrow and I found on our exchange the week before and he was outside in his garage so we got to talk to him for a little bit, and he told us that whenever we are in the neighborhood to stop by and see if they are home and they will listen to the message we have to share! :) that is a good sign when someone says that! We then had a lesson with Pedro! We talked about teaching and testifying in unity with the members...and boy Pedro is so funny. He loves to joke around the whole lesson..so we end up laughing a bunch and then teaching and then laughing and then teaching some more. And then we saw a member, Hna Harding, and helped her with her family history work...and man, the more I get to see that and help others I just want to do it myself! 

Wednesday- In the morning we went contacting, but didn't find anyone home, but that is okay! We then ate lunch with the Sisters in the English ward and then did short splits with them for a few hours. I went with Sis Nemrow again and we had a lesson with a less active that really wants to come back to church and then we did a bit of contacting before we got back together to head to our dinner appts. We ate dinner with Hna Arnold and then headed to our lesson with a less active..but they totally forgot, so we rescheduled. After that we had a relief society activity and made those cantaloupe bunnies! It was fun! And after that we passed by Hna Harding to say goodbye before she left for Argentina for 3 months. 

Thursday- We did our planning for week 6!!!! HOW? Later that afternoon we had interviews with President and they were really good. We talked about how things are going and about family! I just can't tell him enough about how great my family is! We then had or appt cancelled with a potential, so we did a bit of contacting before dinner with the Rojas. After dinner we had a lesson with the Alvarez family and we read Mosiah 18 and 19 about the covenants we make at baptism. They were really getting interested in it :) it was so good to see! 

(Our wonderful district! left to right- Hna Aase, Hna Soto, E. Meacham, E. Monty, E. Green, E.Holt, E. Staheli, and E. Toluta'u)

Friday- Was a very busy day...we will just say that! haha. We had district meeting in the morning and I had a talk for it. I talked about the spirit in the process of conversion and the importance of the Book of Mormon. I talked about how we first must be converted before we can help others in their conversion, and how the spirit is really the converter, not a person or a thing. And then I talked about how important it is to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and as we come to know this book is of God, we then will feel the spirit a lot greater. It is all just one great cycle! I love it :) That process of being converted is not just a one time thing, it is a life time journey :) We then had a whole day of appt's planned..so we headed off. We had a lesson with Juan Lopez, he is a potential, but he wouldn't make a return appt, so sadly he isn't a new investigator, but we will keep tabs on him and go back. We then ran to our appt with Aida..but she wasn't back yet from her DR appt...so we went by a potential named Yolanda (we saw her a few weeks ago) and we talked with her for a bit, we then went to our next appt with Jose (a new investigator), but he wasn't there either..so we picked up our member for our next lesson with Angelica (a new investigator) but she wasn't there either..so we went contacting and found a new investigator! We taught him part of the plan of salvation. He told us when we were leaving that he was so grateful that we shared that with him because it gave him more hope and peace. After that we ate dinner with the Ramirez family and then had our next appt cancel...and all our other backup plans cancelled..so then we met Hna Gutierrez for our lesson with the Morelos family, but they also cancelled, so we did some contacting and we ended up talking to this lady named Carol for 30 min. and we shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon about prayer and after that she was like "well then, lets pray!" It was a cool moment! We then had a lesson with the Valdez family about fellowshipping members, less actives and investigators. Long story short, all of our appts cancelled, but we still found someone to talk to that needed to see us:)

Saturday- We contacted in the morning and then had our afternoon appts cancel, so we did more contacting! yay. haha. We then ate dinner with Hna America and then had correlation, and during correlation we got a call from the zone leaders over our sister in Esperanza telling us that Hna Meacham couldn't breath very well and that they were going to go to the hospital. So we changed, grabbed our pillows and drove to Palmdale to be with them. We sat in the ER all night waiting for her to get taken back and checked and tested...It was a long night...and I never want to sit in that waiting room again! haha. Those chairs were not comfy...

((Left) Han Meacham and I sitting at Pedro's in a lesson and we were FREEZING! so we wore his jackets...haha  (Right) EXCHANGES! I love these hermanas!) 

Sunday- So we didn't leave the ER until 6:30am that morning. Han Meacham was still in the ER because they didn't want to let her go since her throat kept closing up. So we took Hna Flood to a members house to get ready and go to church and then Hna Soto and I left to go back home to get ready and go to church. Aida came to church!! And she loved it :) she told everyone in relief society that she is getting baptized on May 9th :) she is so awesome!!! Church was hard to stay awake in though..we were on the struggle bus for sure! haha. After church we went back to Palmdale to get Hna Flood, we passed by to see Hna Meacham and then went back to the appt and took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and then we left and headed to dinner and after dinner we went home and planned and did calls and then went to bed..

This past week was good, besides the crazy weekend. 
We will be getting details about transfers this coming weekend. So we will see what happens with me - leaving for staying?!?! 

Well I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Prayer list- Aida Hildago, Carlos Vasquez, Jose Osorio, Chris Parra, Susie Moreira, and Hna America. 

Talk to you next week!

Love, Hermana Aase

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