Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Serviced OUT!

Good Afternoon family! I am writing a bit later because my chiropractor appt was a bit later, so we switched with one set of the Elders. Don't worry, it will only be like this for today! But this past week was a good week, not super exciting, but yeah!

Monday- Well, as you can see in the millions of pictures, we had fun at the poppy fields! There are these fields that have poppy flowers, and from far away you just see this BRIGHT ORANGE glow! Sadly the week before we went half of them died, but we found a good patch of flowers and took A TON of pictures! We then had dinner with Hna America and then we had a set lesson with a potential, but she was busy, so we had to reschedule. We then passed by Sister Hiltons to make some certificates for our graduating students in the 5 week program. And then we had an FHE with Sheila and her family. 

(Poppy fields, and other Hermana's in our zone!)

Tuesday- Han Soto had an eye doctor appt in the morning, so we were at that all morning, and then we ate lunch and then we headed out to contact, but we got a text from Johnny Olguin, he is in the YSA ward, but his family is in the branch and he needed some help with something, so we did that and then after we contacted until our Zone Conference with President and Sister Wilson. It was short and they reminded us of our goal and dress code. It was fun to see them. After the zone conference we had a quick STL meeting with Sister Wilson and then we ran to dinner with the Juarez family...and guess what they made me try...LUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was not very good, but now I can say that I tried lung. We then had a lesson with the Alvarez family and we did role plays with them and it was really funny, we had one of them be the member and the other be their friend who doesn't know about the church, but Hno. Alvarez kept being the friend who ALREADY KNOWS THE GOSPEL...it was so funny! Hna. Alvarez was like "I am the member, you are the friend!" We then visited the Colindres family, they are less active and we shared a quick scripture with them before our lesson with Pedro. We then headed to Pedro's and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was a really good lesson. We were asking Pedro if he felt a difference before his baptism and afterwards and he just smiled as said "si, claro que si". Which means, Of course. It just warms my heart to hear Pedro bear is quiet testimony. 

(HERE'S ME EATING LUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was NASTY!!!)

Wednesday- I had the Chiropractor in the morning and then we had a meeting with the AP's, but before that we passed by one set of our Hermanas' to say hi. In the meeting we got trained on how to be more bold with our Hermanas' and how to help them be more accomplished with their goals. It was a awesome training because it was advice for our own area and missionary work that we needed. Later we then had a lesson with Patricia Durant and we shared a quick story from the Book Or Mormon when Nephi is commanded to build a ship, and how he doesn't just sit there, but he gets up and he works and asks the Lord where he can go to find the ore to build his tools to build the ship. What a great example we have from Nephi! We then went over to Leo's to have a lesson with him and Presidente Rojas, but when we got there he wasn't there...so Presidente left and 5 minutes later Leo showed up...that was bad timing! But we taught him anyways and we read 2 Nephi 32 about recognizing the spirit and he told us that he "is catholic and will always be catholic"...but then he told us that he read from the BOM and he enjoyed it, so there is potential there!! We then passed by Rosaura to say goodbye to her before she left to go back to her home in Mexico. She has changed a lot since we first met her, and we told her that missionaries in Mexico will come find her and that they will teach her and baptize her! After that we had a lesson with Carlos and we retaught the part in the plan of salvation about Adam and Eve and then a little bit about our life here on earth. He is progressing! He told us that he has cut down on smoking! And we haven't even taught him the word of wisdom lesson! That night we helped out Hna. Friajo pack up her house...well start to pack up her house and then we had a meeting with Presidente Rojas and he pretty much wanted to tell us that we are doing great work and that the Branch is there to help out...it was so nice to hear. I guess we looked a bit sad, so he wanted to make sure we were doing alright! How sweet of him to care about us!

Thursday- We had a lesson with Esmeralda, a less active - Rosemary's mom, and we shared a talk from the Liahona about how Christ shows his respect for women, if you haven't read it yet, READ IT. It is in the March Liahona, it is powerful and really shows how loving Christ is toward women. We then had a lesson with Chris and we talked about the Restoration and how God doesn't want to make all our decisions for us, but wants us to make the decision and then go to him in prayer, and it is there that we will feel that confirmation of yes or no. We then did our planning for week 3! And after dinner with the Lara family we went back to Hna. Friajo's house and we helped her more with packing up her things. 

(got the TRUNKY PAPERS this past week..not COOL!!! OFFICIAL HOME DATE- JULY 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday- We had a great district meeting and talked about being "UPSET" with our investigators when they don't keep their commitments. It was really good and we are excited to try it out on our investigators so they can see the importance of reading and praying and keeping the commitments they made with us. After a quick lunch we went back to Hna. Friajo for an hour to help some more, and then we went to the Parra's to help them in their yard, and we shoveled about a TON of dirt...both a ton (like weight) and then a ton (like amount)! We were tired for sure afterwards. That night after dinner with Hna. Arnold we passed by Aida with Hna. Parra and were "upset" with her because she hadn't done her reading, and she was like "I will go do it right now!" haha. Look at her, doing her commitments! We then had a lesson with the Morelos family and we talked about the atonement some more and then about Faith in Jesus Christ. We invited Hna. Parra to watch conference this next weekend and Maria said that she would go! Our lesson with Eduardo- a potential, cancelled after that, but we got another appt set with him. 

Saturday- In the morning we did service with Sister Hilton and we helped wash windows and screens. It is starting to get really hot now, so we made it earlier in the morning so we wouldn't burn out in the sun! We then got ready and ate something fast and then headed out to contact, and we went by Susie's fast because we haven't heard from her in a while, but we got to talk to her so that was a miracle, and she has been reading the things we left her! We have an appt with her next week. We then talked to Maria and her husband Juan- we contacted Maria last transfer and we were on her street and saw them outside so we walked over and ended up having a 2 hour conversation with them and talked about eternal marriage and families and a bit about our message, we sadly didn't teach them a full lesson, but we are planning on going back to teach Maria and Juan. We then had our lesson with Carlos cancelled, but we brought a white shirt and tie for him to wear to church on Sunday! We then headed to the church to eat dinner with all the other women in the stake and then we watched the broadcast and it was AMAZING!! I loved how much they talked about the family and the importance of keeping our family protected, and that is what the gospel is here for! This just makes me more excited for General Conference next weekend!

((Left) And the Rasch Family also graduated!! They were so in to it that they got their gowns from graduation and wore those!! haha  (Middle) Rosuara, she is on her way back to Mexico. (Right) Hna. Herrera, she graduated from the 5 week program :))

Sunday- Sadly Carlos called us in the morning and cancelled, and then we showed up at church and the Hermana that was supposed to give Aida a ride got lost, so she just came to church, so we called Aida and told her that we were on our way to pick her up, so we grabbed Hna Rojas and scooted out after the sacrament to pick her up. Aida stayed for the rest of church and loved it! She is amazing!! She is so ready to accept the gospel! After church we had our studies...and then all our set appts with potentials fell through, so we did a bit of contacting until our lesson with the Rasch family! We had a celebration because they finished the 5 week program! So we did a little graduation ceremony! It was funny, they got all into it and put their high school gowns on and we played graduation music! We then did some more contacting because sadly the rest of our night appts fell through. 

The week was slower on the work side, but our spirits stayed high! And we tried to have a smile on our faces. It helped, that's for sure :)

Well family, I have written a novel!

I love and miss you tons!! And I'll talk to you next week!

Have a wonderful week :)

Love, Hermana Aase

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