Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Exchanges = Miracles

Good morning family!!

Well this past week was amazing! Nuff said.

Monday- We played kickball with half of the zone and it was a blast! It was windy, but we had fun! And then we all ran to the big jungle gym and went down the slide. You can only be a kid once in a while. So we took that shot. After sports, we ran to a lesson with a potential, Leonor, and we taught her the restoration and she said that she would read and pray about the Book of Mormon. After that we stopped by the Juarez family and shared the Because He lives video and talked about the great gift we have been given. After that we had a lesson with Pedro and we taught him about the law of Tithing. Pedro is so awesome!

(On the slide!)
Tuesday- We had exchanges with the English Sisters and were in their area, due to the fact they can't speak Spanish and it would be better if they could help teach and all. I went with the Sister Nemrow, and we had a great day! We first got in with a less active and shared with her to power of the Book of Mormon and gave her one and invited her to read it and pray about it. We then passed by a member named Mimi, and she is the cutest old lady ever. But we shared a quick message with her and then asked her if she had any neighbors we could share the gospel with- we got one for our Spanish area! We then did a bit of contacting before our set lessons with a potential named Jamy. We ended up teaching her and she is really cool- she has all the questions and desire of someone who is looking for the truth. And all I could think was, "the gospel of Jesus Christ is going to answer ALL your questions and give you that peace and stability that you are looking for". We then met the other sisters and ate dinner and then passed by another less active and got some service arranged with her. 

Wednesday- We contacted in the morning, but no one was home, so after that we exchanged back and did some calls and then had our appts cancelled before dinner. After dinner we passed by Carlos, but he was super sick, so we had a quick lesson with him about the spirit world and then let him go rest. Hopefully he will be better to come to church! We then passed by the Morelos family because we haven't seen them in a while, and Maria was gone, but we shared the "Because He Lives" video with Julissa and Thalia, and they thought it was really good. And then lastly, we passed by a less active and shared the scripture in John 20 when the resurrected Christ appears to Mary Magdalene and how wonderful it is to have that knowledge of a living Christ. 

Thursday- Not a lot happened, but we did some planning for week 5, and then went out to a lesson with another potential, but she wasn't home, so we passed by Hna Arnold to invite her to a lesson and then we headed home and did some more planning before our night plans. Sadly our night plans fell through, but we saw Sheila and helped her out on a few things. 

((left) Oldest Hermanas in the mission!  (middle) Abi being a walrus :) (right) Sister Nemrow for exchanges)

Friday- Was also a busy day! We first went to district meeting and received some inspiration for our investigators and how to help them best! We then started our exchanges with the Rancho Vista Hermanas. I went with Hna Poole, and it was so good to be back with her. We were talking about how last time we were companions was 9 months ago...WHERE DID THE TIME GO! But we contacted the referral we received on the other exchange and gave him a Book of Mormon and made a return appt. And then we headed to our lesson with Chris Parra and we did role plays and sharing the restoration message or parts of it with friends and family. He is a natural at sharing the gospel. We then contacted a bit before dinner time and then we ate dinner with the Alvarez family and that was a blast like always! And then we ran to our next appt, but Melanie wasn't there, so we picked up Hna Herrera and went to our lesson with the Morelos family and we taught them about enduring to the end and we re-addressed the importance of going to church. We then quickly passed by Sheila's house so Han Poole could say hi to her, and we ended up helping her glitter Deedee's shoes for Prom. We had glitter everywhere by the time we were done! 

Saturday- After exchanges we made calls and then had a FREAKIN' awesome lesson with Aida!! Like no joke, Aida is so awesome. We taught her about enduring to the end and then we started the Plan of Salvation because she has questions about all of that and she was just like a sponge and soaked everything up. She also is so excited for her baptism and is starting to tell people about it!! AHHH!!! She is awesome! We then ate dinner with Sheila because our appt cancelled, and then we had to run home and do a bit more of planning before our meeting with Hno. Gutierrez. 

(Hna Harding :))

Sunday- Guess who came to church!?? Susie! And she enjoyed it! So we are hoping that she will come again. We then did our studies and headed to Hna. Harding's for dinner and after that we finished our planning and after that we passed by the Juarez family and invited/challenged them to do the 5 week program to feel more comfortable with sharing the gospel and doing missionary work! They graciously accepted. haha. We then had a lesson with the Rojas family, and we had their graduation from the 5 week program and ate some cookies and then they asked us why we decided to go on missions and we shared why and talked with them until we had to race home and make all the calls for the night. 

Well, we are excited for this next week. Can you believe that is is week 5 already...these transfers are flying by!

Well I love you all and miss you tons!

Have a wonderful week and I will talk you you soon!

Also...it is officially 100 days until I come home...not that I am counting or anything. Haha. 


Love, Hermana Aase

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