Monday, October 27, 2014

Food Coma's Really Do Exist!

Good Morning Family! Cant believe it is monday again...weird! But I am glad it is monday again so I can recharge for the week and talk to all you lovely people!

The title of my happened. Didn't think I would ever get to that point in my life where I ate so much food that I felt like I was going to slip into a coma!

Monday- After emailing we did our shopping quick and then ran to the church building where we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS!! It was so great. I just wanted to cry the whole time. I just loved being able to feel the spirit as I watched the movie. I hope all of you get the chance to watch it. It was amazing! After that we contacted a few potential investigators and then we had FHE with the Juarez family - a newly activated family in our ward. They are so awesome, and cute and just love the gospel now. And guess what, the husband manages the Panera's here and he gave us free coupons for meals!! 

Tuesday- We went out during lunch and found some really cool service opportunities in the community. So that was awesome! We then had a slow day, but we contacted and talked to a lot of people. That night we had a meeting with Hermana Rojas - she is the Primary President in the branch and we were helping her develop a vision for the primary and making goals and seeing who we want to work more closely with. The work of the Lord really needs the members, because without them, we cannot do this marvelous work. 

Wednesday- We had a meeting with Hermana Juarez, who is the YW president in the branch and just like with Hermana Rojas we helped her develop a vision, goals, and a plan to accomplish this vision. The members in our branch are starting to understand the importance of members and we can already tell that the work in this branch will be moving along a lot quicker than it is now. We then did some service at a member's home helping her make food for a party she was having that night. We made about 100+ kabobs! haha it was a fun time! We then had a lesson with Rosemary and taught her about tithing, fasting and the blessing that those have been in our life. After her lesson we contacted and found a really cool guy named Jose. We started talking about how we really focus on families and that the whole branch is full of kids and that he can bring his little girl and she can be in a safe environment and learn about Christ. We then went back to the member we helped make food and we ate dinner over there and she fed us SOOO MUCH FOOD!!! I thought I was going to burst...then at night we passed by another members house in our area and followed up on how they were doing and if they were reading and how conference was. They are converts of about 2 years, and the Mom just lost her job and she told us that she just started reading the BOM and that it has been giving her peace of mind. So that was wonderful to hear. 

Thursday- In the morning we went to do some service at a food bank where they have clothes there as well. We sorted clothes and got them all hung up for the store to open. We then had a short lesson with Chris about missionary work and how he should share the gospel with his close friends. We really feel as he gets involved with missionary work, he will see more the importance of the gospel. Over the past year he has changed his life a lot, a complete 180 turn. He has such a desire to change and learn and be better. His goal is the temple. Which is SO good to hear. After that we got some planning in before our lesson with Pedro, which we taught his nephew too! So that was awesome. Pedro has a desire to learn and be better, he just has some doubts about being baptized, so we are working with him on that! 

Friday- We helped Hermana Juarez with some of her religion homework in the morning and then headed to district meeting afterwards. We talked about how we must be pure in our thoughts and we dissected the verse in D&C 4:2 about serving God with all our hearth, might, mind and strength. It was a very spiritually uplifting meeting! We then ate a quick lunch and headed over to have a lesson with some less actives in our ward and they ended up feeding us lunch too, and it was SOO MUCH FOOD! haha...this will never end! It is really good food, just a large amount. During our lunch/lesson with them they had the TV on and turned it to that channel that just plays music...guess what channel they picked...LOVE SONGS! haha. Hermana Lau and I could not stop laughing!! It was pretty funny. That day we looked for some more service opportunities and grew our list. So that was good! We planned some more...and then headed to a lesson we had scheduled with a new family. We had a powerful lesson with them and the story behind them is the Mom has been studying with different churches and she has actually taken the lessons before and been to church, but just didn't feel that it was right or didn't understand it quite fully. So she stopped taking lessons. But she told us while teaching her that she didn't learn much the first time she was taught, but now she understands it and that she wants to read the BOM and truly find out if this church is true. 

Saturday- We did some church visits during the day. No one wanted to answer their door, so that was a tad bit frustrating. All we want is for them to be happy!! We then finished our planning...finally! And had correlation later that night and did some more visits and contacting. I wasn't feeling 100% so we headed in earlier. 

Sunday- First time at church!! It was cool! Lots of new faces who I don't know their names yet! We then had a lesson with Chris, and boy does he talk a lot! But we got to talk about how God really is here to lift us up and strengthen us. We read Helaman 5:12 and something really cool that Chris pointed out to us is that at the end of that verse it states, "where if men build they cannot fall" the key word in that sentence is "if they build" we must continually build that foundation on Christ. And we do that through scripture study and prayer and Church and all those wonderful things :) The rest of the night went by kind of slow until we got a call from President telling us to go over to one of the sisters apartment to take them to the ER...we were there until about 12:30 and by the time we got home and went to bed it was yeah. Crazy day. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and week!!
Thanks for all the emails and I am sorry I didn't have time to respond to all...I will next week :) 

I love you all and I will talk to you next week!


Hermana Aase

prayer list- Sister Fuatia, Pedro, Samuel, Maria, Manuel, Connie, Miguel, Carmen, and Rosemary

- Hermana Lau and I prepping food!

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