Monday, October 27, 2014

Waking People Up, It's What We Do!

Hi Familia!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week last week. I loved all the makes me miss home, but I love it out here, so I am doing just fine! I can't believe that I hit HALF WAY this past week. The time has just's crazy. And all I have heard is that once you hit 9 months it goes down hill from there really fast. Which I don't want it to end...I love being out here. So I am taking every opportunity to live the mission. 

Well this past week was really good! It was not as busy as the last 3 weeks have been, so that is good! I enjoy having time to actually work in the area and see our investigators progress.

Monday- after emailing we got all our shopping done and then we played ultimate frisbee, which is really hard in the wind I might say! We then got flu shots and ran home quick to change for dinner. And I was SOO excited to open the mail! I got so many wonderful packages from my family :) I felt so loved! SO thank you family! You are awesome! I have already eaten half the packs of gold fish, and candy...! hehe. After dinner we helped some of the ladies in our ward do their visiting teaching and then we contacted the rest of the night.

Tuesday- We had a lesson with Maura Martinez and we read with her where she is at in the Book Of Mormon. We also set her with a baptismal date of Dec. 27th!! She told us that she is ready before that date, but that she can be married by then. So that made Hermana Lau and I excited to hear. We then met with the ZL to plan for MLC (which is mission leadership council) and guess what...we are TEACHING in it! My first one, and we are teaching it! haha. Is that nerve wracking or what? We then had some potentials and referrals we contacted, sadly no one wanted to open the's a bummer when that happens! But you just keep moving forward and find those who WILL open the door to you. We then stopped by one of our investigators and while the mom was busy doing things about the house we read with Thalia, the daughter, in Alma 32 talking about how faith is like a seed that can grow and she asked us, "how can I find the truth," and we simply explained to her through prayer and her feelings. She then quietly asked how we knew this church was true, and both Hermana Lau and I bore our testimonies about how we know this church is true. She smiled at us and was like "I want to know the truth like you two do"...this literally brought tears to my eyes. This little 12 year old wants to know the truth and she has such a strong desire to know it! I love it! We then had a really fun FHE with the Juarez family talking about the amour of God and what we can do to keep that amour on! We drew a man with all the amour on, so pictures to come with that.

Wednesday- MY HUMP DAY!!! I still cant believe that I hit 9 months this past week...TIME FLIES when you are having fun! But the day started out a bit slow, I woke up with a bad headache, but my awesome companion baked cinnamon rolls, so those were delicious! We then went out to work and we found a new investigator named Tony. We taught him the restoration, not sure how interested he is but we are going back for sure to teach him more! We then ate some lunch and while making lunch I cut my finger really bad, so that was not so good. Luckily I didn't have to get stitches! We then headed back out and passed by a few homes but no one was there, so we walked down the street and a potential that we talked to was outside with his little girl, so we started talking to him and taught him the Restoration and half the plan of salvation because he had so many questions for us. And we set him with a baptismal date of Dec13! So that was really good! We then had a relief society activity and we made these BOO suckers - the ladies in the branch liked that! And then we headed to a lesson with Pedro and we taught him the Word of Wisdom and he told us that he is getting baptized in the month of November! But he wont tell us a specific date...

Thursday- We had service in the morning and that was a blast. We worked in the kitchen and made bags of food for the shelter. Later that day we had a lesson with Chris, a newly reactivated member and that lesson was one of the most powerful lessons I've had on my mission. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he kept telling us that we were saying exactly what he needed to hear and that he really does want to change and be better. The spirit really does guide us in what we need to say. We then did some fun planning, and visited a less active family that we haven't been able to contact. We shared with them 2 Nephi 25:26, and talked about Christ and their conversion to the church. 

Friday- We taught Maura English in the morning and also shared with her some scriptures to help her out in this hard time in her life. We then had district meeting and talked about inviting people to church! Because that is one of the hardest things to get investigators to do...for some reason. We then contacted for the rest of the night!

Saturday- We had a lesson with Rosemary in the morning and we read 1 Nephi 17 about Nephi being commanded to build a ship and we related that to the Lord commanding us to be baptized. She really understands now the things that she needs to do to prepare to be baptized. I am hoping that she will be baptized at the end of the year. We then contacted a bit and we drove by our investigator's (Miguel's) house to see if he was home, and he was! So we stopped and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reset his baptismal date for Dec. 19th! He has such a strong desire to learn about Christ and the church. That is one of the things I love the most, to see those we teach have a true desire to learn and grow.

Sunday- It was a really good day! A little bit cool and the sun was shinning and we got up early to knock on people's door to get them up and going! And guess what, It WORKED! TWO of our investigators came to church! Pedro and Miguel!  After church we did some contacting until dinner and then we had a meeting with our Branch President, and we were able to help him really understand his role. It was a really good meeting. 

Well, this week was really good! I get to go to North Edwards for an exchange tomorrow so I am happy to be back in my home :) I'll talk to you next week!

Love, Hermana Aase

prayer list- Miguel, Pedro, Rosemary, Maura, Jose, Francisco, Connie, and Manual

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