Monday, October 27, 2014

Girls on a Bike!

Hello family!!

Well all I can say is that this week didn't slow down anymore...haha. We had a busy week, but it was an amazing week!

Monday- after emailing we met with Kayla Martz and her cute kids for lunch and that was a blast! I haven't seen that family since I left my first area, so it was so good to see them!! Later we played some hard core sit down (which is like free range dodge ball) and after dinner we ran over to Angel's house because we were handing him over to the YSA Elders in this area. We then ran to a Family Home Evening with the Juarez family and they are doing so great!! They are doing a lot better. They are reading and praying everyday, which is great to see!

Tuesday- We had an early lesson with Maura (the former investigator who randomly called us and said she wanted to learn again) and that was good! We brought a member with us and we got to know Maura and she told us how she wanted to get baptized, but because she isn't married they couldn't continue to teach her, but now she is like "I want to get baptized! And I am going to ask my husband if we can get married, so I can be part of this church!" Our minds were pretty much blown! After that we had a meeting with the Assistants and all the STL's in this area. We talked about how to be better missionaries and help the sisters under our stewardship. A couple things that really stuck out to me was 1) we teach the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ, not about the boy in the woods or the great apostasy, but the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is what changes us, and 2) the lessons we teach - Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are all inter connected - CRAZY, right? So here you go, the Plan of Salvation = what the gospel is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ = how we live the gospel, and the Restoration = why we need the gospel. MIND BLOWN. It was a really awesome meeting! We then had my eye doctor appointment and my eyes are great, but that means they aren't causing my head back to step one! The rest of the night was busy contacting and walking our areas. 

Wednesday- Our appointment in the morning sadly cancelled. We then headed to Palmdale for the first round of exchanges. We headed with Hermana Wiscombe and Hermana Simpson. I went with Hermana Wiscombe in Palmdale, and guess what...THEY ARE ON BIKES!!! I GOT TO RIDE A BIKE IN A SKIRT ON MY MISSION!!!! So the day started out good, besides the fact that I was flashing everyone as I rode down the street on the bike...might I say, it is hard to ride a bike, in a skirt, against the wind. All I could do is laugh at how we looked. We had a lesson with a 7 year old boy who is about to be baptized and we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. We then biked over to an area close to dinner and knocked on a few doors. Sadly everyone we talked to was kind of rude, but we just kept knocking! We then headed down the street and tried past an investigator who they hadn't been able to contact and she was home and let us right in! We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was a really inspired lesson and the spirit was strong. While biking home quick before dinner we passed this old guy and he looked at us and was like "Aren't you in style! Girls on a bike!!" It was the highlight of my day!! haha. After dinner with our stomaches full, we biked our hearts out to our set lesson with a new family they found, which when we got there they weren't we got our bikes and walked to our next appointment because I couldn't feel my legs! We got to our other appointment with a lady named Georgina, and that lesson was good. We talked about baptism and confirmation. After the lesson we biked home and we passed out pretty fast. 

Thursday- When I woke up on the morning I couldn't feel my legs. While Hermana Wiscombe exercised I sat on the couch and rolled frozen water bottles up and down my legs. We exchanged back and then we headed to a doctors appointment for Hermana Lau and thenwe stopped by See's candy so that made my legs feel better...well not my legs...but my soul. We then planned for a chunk of the night and did a little bit of contacting. But boy...if I get put on bike later on in my mission, I am going to be way more sore!! 

Friday- We had a lesson with Maura teaching her english and that was fun!! We then had interviews with President and Sister Wilson and those went really well. It is always great seeing them and telling them how the work is and getting some counsel from them. We then headed back to Plamdale and had another exchange with Hermana Moore and Hermana Burns. Hermana Moore came with me, and we had a really busy day! Our first set lesson was cancelled, which made us sad, so we tried a few potentials and then what we thought was the right house for a referral was not, but we found a family that had just moved from Palmdale and was taking the lessons there, so that was cool! We then had a lesson with Rosemary and she is getting close and closer to baptism. She says she knows the BOM is true and she wants to be baptized, it is just picking a date now. We then headed to dinner and the person wasn't there to feed us, so we headed home! And then we went back out and had a lesson with Maria and her family and we read 2 Nephi 31 about baptism, and Maria had some good questions about baptism. We brought a member too and they hit it off! We then ran to a set lesson with a new referral...but when we got there, no one was there. So we headed to Pedro and read Introduction to the BOM and they loved that. By the end of the night we were wiped, but it was such a good day! And we passed with our Spanish. 

Saturday- We contacted in the morning and headed to one of the trailer parks in our area and tried a menos activo (less active member), but they weren't home so we walked down the street and met a guy named Richard, who was really nice and said he would be open to listen to what we teach. Later that night we had correlation and we went by another referral and met a lady named Madeline, and we talked to her for a while about what we believe and what church is like. 

Sunday- Church was great! Maura came, but Pedro didn't, so that was sad. But guess what! We taught about missionary work to the primary kids! They loved it. We gave them little tags and talked about how they can be a missionary now and prepare to become a missionary later. That night we contacted a bit and then ran by Presidente Roja's house and updated him on a few families we contacted.

Hopefully this next week will slow down a bit, but we have another exchange this weekend, so that will be good! And I hit my NINE MONTHS on weird is that! I am half way done!! 

Well I love you all and I'll talk to you next week! 

Love , Hermana Aase

Prayer list- Pedro, Maura, Connie, Manuel, Rosemary, Miguel, Madeline.

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