Monday, October 27, 2014

I feel like a chicken running around with my head chopped off!

Good morning family!!

Well all I can say is look at the subject line of my email and now you know how I felt this past week. Haha. It was all good things, dont worry, it was just crazy busy!!

Monday- During the day I made a pinata! Pictures to come. We then did more running around until dinner. After dinner we headed over to Carmen's and we taught her kids. They were very attentive and liked what we taught. We then invited them to read a section in the Book of Mormon and while we were talking to Carmen the oldest son came out and was like "I am done!" haha. What a good kid!! He is practically progressing already! We then had a lesson with Maria de la luz and that was good. It was sad to say goodbye to her and Carmen. You'll never guess what we then did.. we saw CINDY!! We texted her telling her that I was leaving and she was like I want to say goodbye!! So we went over and talked to her and Mike for a while and they gave me flowers! It was so sweet!! The rest of the night I was up late packing..


Tuesday- Transfer meeting! Of course it was sad to say goodbye to my baby, but I know that she will do great with her new companion. Hermana Lau is my new companion and I love her to death!! I am so excited for this transfer :) It will be great! After unpacking and dinner we visited Presidente Rojas- the branch President in the Joshua Branch and then we got some groceries! 

Wednesday- We got up ready to work! We had a planning meeting with the zone leaders to get ready for zone training meeting Friday and that was really awesome. I never knew until now how much prayer, planning, and inspiration go into planning these meetings. After all that was finished we went out knocking and we met a new investigator! his name is Fransico. He knows a lot about the church, but says he has never met with missionaries we will be finding out more about him as we continue to teach him. Oh and something awesome happened.. during that lessons Franciso turned to me and was like "you have really good spanish"... I was about to burst into tears!! It was so uplifting to hear that! Heavenly Father has truly helped me out so much with the language. We then had a lesson with a 14 year old investigator named Rosemary. She is in a part member family and really awesome. She is developing a real strong testimony of the BOM and she has a desire to be baptized which is wonderful to hear too! Later that night we had a meeting with our WML and the relief society president in the branch to get missionary work rolling in every aspect of the branch. Something that is going on in this branch is that we are trying to get the whole branch more involved in missionary work and helping the work of the Lord hasten on! We then had a lesson with another one of our investigators Pedro. We talked about the things we do after we are baptized (he is preparing to be baptized, so he wants to know what things he needs to do before had and what things he needs to do afterwards). The lesson went really well. We had our WML with us and he explained about the priesthood and passing the sacrament and going to the temple. After baptism we have a life full of experiences and opportunities to grow. It is awesome!

Thursday- We did a little planning for STL things like exchanges and when we are meeting with all the hermana's under our stewardship. We then had a lesson with a less active in the ward named Chris. He is really cool. He has had a hard life, but is now realizing that he needs the church and that he wants to be a better person and work toward the temple. So we taught him about family history work and how he can prepare to do the ordinances in the temple and just what a blessing it is for us! We then did some weekly planning for the coming week until our meeting with Presidente Rojas. After the meeting we had a lesson with another investigator named Angel. He is super cool! He is 18 and really interested in learning more about the church. We read 3 Nephi 11 with him and answered some of his questions, sad thing, but happy thing is, is that he is moving, but we are going to have the YSA missionaries come teach him. We feel he will do a lot better in that kind of environment! For the rest of the night we planned for ZTM..which took a long time, but we wanted it to be good, and what the Lord wanted us to teach the other missionaries on our zone. 

Friday- ZTM! We got up early to get everything finished up and go through our notes. We got to the church a bit early to set up and guess who came to our zone training meeting... Sister Wilson!! haha..on my first one!! It's okay because it went really well! The ZL talked about how we need to pray with faith, we need to rely on the spirit and how we can do those things by studying the scriptures, being obedient and having that faith while we pray. We then talked about how to work the Lord's way, which is by working with members and ward leaders. We must gain their trust and love and serve them as much as we can! Overall it was really good! We watched a couple videos from Hastening the Work website off of They are inspiring if you havent looked at them before! We then ate lunch with the WINTERTON'S who were down here at the meeting also, so that was great to see them and a couple of their kids :) I sure miss that family! We then headed to visit a less active couple and they are as cute as can be! We read with them Moroni's promise and reminded them about conference. We then visited Fransico again and read with him in the introduction to the BOM, and then we continued our weekly planning for the rest of the night. 

Saturday- CONFERENCE!! It was awesome. Like freak, all my questions were answered in the first session of conference, it was wonderful and inspiring!! And I loved the different languages that some of the general authorities could speak! I could actually understand the Spanish one! Something that really stuck out to me was the testimonies of Joseph Smith and truly the impact that he has had on my life and those of others. I am so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith, he had the faith and the desire to pray and ask God, and because he did so, we have the restored church back on the earth. Also, about how we need to stay in the boat!! :) That night we had a lesson with Miguel and we read 3 Nephi 11 also and invited him to conference. He has a baptismal date and wants to learn more and more about Jesus Christ. That night we had correlation and funny story, I randomly looked down at my skirt and all of the sudden I see this green bug on my skirt..and long story short I started to freak out and my face got all read and everyone was laughing...haha. That was the entertainment for the night!

Sunday- CONFERENCE 2.0!! It was also awesome!! Something that stuck out to me was the talk from President Eyring about receiving personal revelation and confirming truth. I love how conference can fit into everyone's life and needs at that moment. I hope all of you had that same experience. Between session we got some lunch from a couple in the stake and then we made some visits to those who weren't able to attend the first session. Unfortunately none of our investigators came, but we had a less active came and he loved it! The rest of the night was full of planning! haha. 

Well I love and miss you all tons!  I hope that conference weekend boosted your faith and grew your testimonies. 

I hope all of you are well and I will talk to you soon!

Love, Herman Aase

Prayer list- Pedro, Rosemary, Miguel, Fransico, Connie, Manuel, Carmen, Alvaro and Julia. 

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