Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy doesn't even measure up to reality...


It is so crazy how fast these holiday are coming up. I am going to blink and it is going to be Christmas, which is 31 days away!! haha not that I am counting down or anything. 

So this past week was so incredibly busy...I can't even describe it. I felt like a chicken sprinting around with my head and arms cut off...if that makes any sense haha. But I'll explain why it was so busy during the email.

Monday was fun as always! We had dinner with the other Hermamas' and we got some sad news...one of the Hermana's is going home and she will be leaving on Wednesday, which means her companion will be leaving, which means we will be taking over their area until the end of the transfer. We were crushed...it is so sad to know, or hear about someone going home, but to have it be one of the Hermana's under our stewardship that we got close to, that was hard. After that we had a lesson with Miguel and re-retaught the restoration and answered some questions he had so that was good! We then stopped by the Juarez family and talked with them for a bit and picked a chapter out of the gospel principles book that they want to learn more about for their appointment on Tuesday. 

Tuesday we ate breakfast with the other set of Hermana's and then contacted some potentials that morning. One of our set appointments got cancelled, but then we headed to the Alvares' for some lunch and we ate these weird, Chilean, dessert scone with sugar syrup things...they were interesting...We then read Mosiah 18 about our baptismal covenants and talked about how we must always remember those promises we make with God. After that we had a lesson with Guadalupe (she is an investigator we inherited from the other area). We read with her 3 Nephi 11 and answered some of the questions she had about the church. It was a good lesson. She is really progressing and wanting to learn. She also came to church the week before so that was cool!! We then had some appointments cancel, which gave us a minute to breath haha. And then after dinner we had a lesson with the Juarez Family and we taught them about family responsibilities, and what I learned in that lesson was that my parents were totally right, so sorry about complaining about doing yard work...that is totally part of our responsibility. haha. 

Wednesday we said goodbye to Hermana Fishvogt in the morning and then had a chiropractor appointment and that made us feel better! We then had a companion study with the Assistants and we focused on helping the sisters in our stewardship find, and be believing in themselves and having confidence. After that we had a lesson with Rosaura and we taught the first half of the restoration and every time we have a lesson with her the power of the gift of tongues in real. We then helped Hermana Gutierrez (a lady in our ward) do family history work and she loved it! She is going to do the work for her sister and her parents. That night we had an FHE with the Dominguez family and I tried pumpkin pie for the first time- it wasn't that bad actually! We read 2 Nephi 2 and talked about the plan of salvation. AND GUESS WHAT!!! -- Rosemary picked her baptismal date for Dec 27 :)

Thursday we planned all day, and that took forever because we had to organize both areas and get everything planned out for two exchanges this week. So that was fun! We then had a lesson with the Rasch family and we read the chapter about prayer. It was a really good lesson. And something that I learned as we are teaching these active families in the ward is that even though they are "active" they still need support and a spiritual boost. 

Friday morning we had district meeting and we gave a training on how to work more with members. After that we had a lesson with Rosaura and we taught the second half of the restoration and it was such a good lesson. The member we brought with us was such a big help and she shared her testimony about trails in her life and how the gospel has been such a big help and blessing. We then had a lesson with Guadalupe and we shared with her the Articles of Faith and she loved them. She said that she really understood now what we believe. THE ARTICLES OF FAITH ARE AWESOME! After that we ran to our lesson with Rosemary and we talked about missionary work! That night we had a lesson with Miguel and taught him about the word of wisdom. He said he is still set for his baptismal date for Dec 19 and said that not drinking coffee will be easy...where do you find these people! And then we ran to our other lesson with the Morelos Family and we read some more in the Book of Mormon and talked about the importance of praying as a family.

Saturday was my 10 MONTHS!!! woo hoo!! :) We then knocked for about 2 hours in the nice wind and sand...by the end of the 2 hours my hair was all knotted! We then invited all to the thanksgiving dinner and then we had correlation and then headed to the dinner. There was so much food! And it was so yummy!! Our investigator Guadalupe and her son came to the dinner!

Sunday We did church visits in the morning, and that was fun! No one answered the door and an investigator dropped us. Church was good! We had 3 investigators come to church!! Guadalupe, Rosaura and Maura!! Woo hoo!! We then contacted and we met this girl named Maria, right now she is going through a really hard time and she was just sitting on the side walk and we talked to her about the gospel and how Christ can heal her and help her change her life. That night we had a lesson with the Valdez family and we also read the articles on faith and talked about the importance of them! And then we ate dinner with the Juarez family and had a lesson with them about tithing. 

SO...long story short...this week was so busy!! But it was good! We had some awesome lessons with our progressing investigators :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanksgiving!

Love you all!!

Hermana Aase

prayer list- Rosaura, Maura, Pedro, Miguel, Rosemary, and Guadalupe

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