Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What fries your brain?...Planning does!

Good morning family!! It is a brisk morning here in Lancaster, California, the temperate is currently at 58 degrees..and I AM SOOOOOOOOO COLD!!! I am from Minnesota for crying out loud and I am a baby to the cold!! haha..tips..what can I do to help me from freezing?? I bought a jacket from target this morning, so that should help :) but yeah...haha. It is sad, and when winter comes when I am home in Minnesota. I am not sure how well I am going to do. 

Well this past week was kind of another crazy week. We had 2 exchanges, planned, and worked hard in our area! Something that I truly have noticed, is that the more you trust in the Lord to bring you to those that are prepared, He will.

Monday after p-day festivities we had a lesson with Miguel. It was probably one of the most fun and spiritual lessons I've had. We taught him about the importance of reading and praying. He has such a desire to learn and grow so that is so fun to see. He then taught us some spanish!! I learned to say I have been there on vacation -- yo fui para vacaciones de puerto vallarta...or something along those lines. Haha. We then contacted a less active family and then headed over to the Juarez, and they just fed us some good food...instead of FHE. We will try next time to get a lesson in there.

Tuesday we taught (an investigator) Gladys, and that went okay. We aren't sure how interested she is, but she made a return appointment with us!! We then headed out to North Edwards (my home!) and had exchanges with Hermana Christensen and Hermana Alzate. I stayed in North Edwards and worked with Hermana Alzate. It was weird to be back, but really fun! We stopped by a less active and had a lesson with them, and then we ran over to the Winterton's and I got to say hi to their kids and that was great! They all remember me! We then headed to dinner at the Irishes. That was a blast. I sure do miss that family. We then headed over to a family they are teaching, but the parents weren't home, but we just talked to the kids and asked them how their reading and praying is going and then how they feel about baptism. The oldest boy just got accepted into BYU-Idaho, so I was telling him all about that!! We then stopped quick before we headed home to read with the guy that works at the convenient store, and then lastly we stopped and said hi to Kayla Martz and her family. Looking back at who I was there and what I still needed to learn, it is incredible what a mission does to you and how much you change.  

Wednesday after the exchanges were over we drove back home to Lancaster and contacted some potentials and referrals, but none were home, so then we both got the idea to check on a former investigator that lived in that same area. So we headed over there and we met this cute little family, and they were interested an invited us back again. We were not expecting there to be a family, but the spirit led us to them and now we have a new family to teach! We contacted the rest of the night and then headed over to our ward mission leader's house and had a lesson with their family. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and talked about things we can do to find our faith in Christ. 

Thursday we had a day exchange with the Hermana's in the branch, Hermana Ostler and Hermana Fischvogt. Hermana Ostler went to the temple because she is departing the mission next week, so Hermana Fischvogt was with me for the day. But sadly Hermana Fischvogt got food poisoning so she was sleeping all morning. We then went out and had a lesson with Rosemary and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that went well. Hermana Fischvogt is a really good teacher, and I loved being with her for a couple hours. I then went with Sister Peatross (an english sister in the zone) to a lesson with her because Hermana Lau was with her companion because she hurt her back. So yeah, we had a fun day of exchanges with a different sister missionaries haha. 

Friday we had a lesson with Maura Martinez, what was supposed to be an english class turned into reading some Scriptures and helping her out. Which wasn't bad at all. We are always here to help with the gospel. We then had district meeting and I gave a talk on "finding through the spirit". I really focused on how we must have the spirit before we can find whatever we are looking for, and then after we have the spirit we can then find. But the key to finding is working! If you aren't working, then you can't find anyone. We then had a lesson with Chris and we watched a conference video about "which way you face". We then had a lesson with Alondra (the family we found on Wednesday) and that lesson was so good!! They were so open to learning. They are new and have been looking for a church to go to. We then invited her to the Halloween party and THEY CAME! It was so cool! We headed in at 7, and wrote some letters and ate some cookies and yeah! 

Saturday we planned for MLC and that took a long time...this is where my brain was fried. We then had a lesson with Pedro and taught him about tithing. It rained while we sat and taught him, so I was FREEZING by the end of the night. We then had correlation and then went back to planning. 

Sunday we did some church visits and then headed to church. Pedro came!! And he stayed for all 3 hours!! We then finished our planning and then had dinner and then did our weekly planning. So...you can say by sunday night by brain was fried by planning so much! But I have learned a lot about planning - it takes the spirit :)

Well family! I hope your Halloween as good!! It was fun here. I love this work and being able to share the message of the Gospel with all. 

I hope your week is good!! 

Can't believe it is the end of the transfer already!!...it goes by WAY to fast.


-Hermana Aase

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