Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Turkey, Christmas lights, and waters of Mormon

Hola Famila! Como Estan? Come fueron su dia de accion de gracias? (thanksgiving in spanish)

Okay...that took way to long to type out! haha. But really how are you?? And how was your thanksgiving with Josh and Natalie?? Was it fun?? And how was black Friday shopping, or should I say working?? Was it busy Mom??

Well our past week was really busy, but really good!

Monday- after the chiropractor and emails we cleaned the house for exchanges this week and wrote some letters, and then played some volleyball and mafia with the zone! It was fun! I was the bad guy, but then I got killed pretty quick because apparently I look suspicious. haha. That night we had a lesson with Miguel and made a baptismal calendar for him and he is really excited for his baptism! He just has such a strong desire to learn! Hermana Lau and I love teaching him! We then had a quick lesson with the Miranda family and we talked about prayer and how important and essential it is for us to pray daily! Even if you feel weird about it, just do it because it will begin to feel normal and something that you can't not do. We then ran to Pedro's and we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with him and he answered all of them and is feeling prepared...just really nervous. 

Tuesday- we headed to have a lesson with Maura, but she wasn't there, so we ended up teaching Rosaura about the Plan of Salvation and every time we come she looks more peaceful and happy. That is why we have the gospel! To make us happy and give us joy! We then had a lesson with the Morelos family and we watched Finding Faith in Christ. It was a really good lesson, and we talked about certain things we can do to find faith in Christ like read the scriptures, pray and go to church. Later that night we had a lesson with Rosemary and we also taught the Plan of Salvation. That night we stopped by one of the less actives and we got to talk to her for a while! Her name is Melanie and she is so cute and fun! She wants to retake the lessons and start coming back to church, which is great to hear! After her we had a lesson with the Valdez family and we taught about honesty from the gospel principles book.

Wednesday- We had the chiropractor again, and then we headed for exchanges with Hermana Simpson and Hermana Wiscombe! So we are doing exchanges differently now, where instead of one companion going to the other area, the other set of sisters come to our area and we pretty much blitz the area with both sets of missionaries in it. This is pretty convenient since we have a lot of area now and a lot of appointments that we are running to and from. Hermana Simpson came with me and we had a ton of fun! We first had a lesson with Rosemary and we read in the Book of Mormon, just where she was at, and then we talked about how the Book of Mormon has helped us in our lives. We then contacted for awhile and it was awesome! Sometimes when you are running from appointment to appointment, you miss just contacting people and talking with them and walking around on the streets. One person that we ran into that was kind of interesting was this Muslim couple. They were really nice and shared their beliefs with us and we shared ours with them. Something that I am grateful for is that we can receive personal revelation from God, and that we have a Prophet on the earth that leads and guides us :) Having this, is such a calm, peaceful feeling. So the rest of our appointments got cancelled, so we stopped by a family and talked about the articles of faith with them and then we visited a less active named Hermana Ponce De Leon, and we read 2 Nephi 2:11-15 and talked about trails in our life and how the gospel can really help us overcome those.

Thursday- was busy, busy. We had a lesson with Pedro and we also read the articles of faith with him and asked him how he was feeling about his baptism. He said he was still feeling nervous. Later, we did some planning and made some cookies for our investigators and less actives to drop off for the Thanksgiving holiday. That night we had dinner with the family Gutierrez, our ward mission leader, and it was such a humble dinner. Very good, and fun to spend that time with them. After dinner we dropped some cookies off to our investigators and less actives and then stopped by another family to say hi and they gave us a bunch of food to take home!

Friday- we had district meeting in the morning and then we ran home and ate lunch quick before Hna. Usher and Hermana Burns came for our exchange! Hna. Usher and I were together once again!! This companionship hasn't happened since the CCM!! CRAZY, right!?! I have missed her tons and I am so happy to be working around her again. We had a lesson with Chris and it was really good! We talked about missionary work and then we taught the restoration! He is doing great work with one of his friends and sharing the BOM and the gospel with her. He just has the light of Christ in his eyes when he talks about sharing the gospel. It makes us missionaries proud! We then contacted for a bit and that was fun as always! haha. Something that I learned is that you need those days that no one answers the door to really see where your dedication is and to really just keep up the faith! That night we contacted a really cool guy named David and he actually took the lessons in Palmdale a couple months ago. We lastly stopped by the Juarez family and shared with them a way that they can share the gospel. 

Saturday- Not too much happened, but we contacted in the morning and then Hermana Lau and I had to finished planning, so that was fun! And then we had our appointment with Rosaura canceled, so we passed by Pedro and gave him cookies and then we had correlation.

Sunday- Church was great. We had Pedro and Guadalupe come! And then after Pedro had his baptismal interview and...HE PASSED!!!!! HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!! YAYAYA. We were so freakin' excited! After church we just sat there and screamed in the car! We were so happy that tears came to our eyes! We then contacted and found a super prepared lady named Stephanie. We then had a lesson with the Valdez family about the life of Christ. It was a good day!! 

Well I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and freak can you believe it is December!?! 

I love and miss you all! 

Love, Hermana Aase

prayer list- Pedro, Rosemary, Rosaura, Maura, Miguel, and Guadalupe

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