Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miracle family, birthday celebrations, and slap happy


Well this past week was a good week! It was not only my birthday, but we also found some really cool new investigators.

Monday after emailing we headed to the cat park in Rosamond and spent some time there with a member and that was fun! That night we had dinner and a lesson with the Valdez family, and we taught them about agency. We then headed to contact a referral from a member and we talked to them for a while. Her name is Carmen, and she is going through a hard time right now and could really use some peace. The spirit really leads you to people who need the gospel in their lives. But she set up an appointment with us so we are really excited to go back and teach her.

Tuesday we headed early to an appointment we had with Maura, but she wasn't there again, so we taught her mom Rosaura and we read 3 Nephi 11 with her and talked about baptism some more and reset her baptismal date for Jan 3! We are really hoping she can make it to this date. Later that afternoon we had a lesson with Guadalupe and all I am going to say about that lesson is the spirit wasn't there as strong as we would have liked it to be. But we learned from our mistakes, repented, and will be better next time. We then contacted a bit and shared with people the "He is the Gift" cards and told them about this amazing video we can watch for this Christmas season. We then passed by one of our investigators, Evenie, she is 10 years old and we taught her the plan of salvation. Something that I have learned is that it takes one talented person to teach a child about the plan of salvation...thank heavens for cut-outs! That night we passed by the Juarez family and helped Hermana Juarez make scarves for the Relief Society, so that was fun!

Wednesday we headed to the chiropractor and then headed to Carmen's and we talked about our purpose as missionaries and what we do and what she wants to learn more about or get out of our visits. She told us a lot about her family and she is just really awesome! She wants her kids to listen, so hopefully we will be able to teach them later in the week. We then had a lesson with an investigator, Armando, but then he dropped us, but it's okay! We are glad he was honest with us and didn't waste our time. That night we had a lesson with the Rasch family and we taught them about the scriptures! It was good! And then we headed over to Hermana America and Hermana Blanca's house (they are less actives) and we sang...well tried to sing...Christmas hymns to them. We got through like 2 songs and then couldn't stop laughing...lets just say the past few weeks finally hit us and everything was making us laugh. 

Thursday was my birthday!! And just to sum it all up right now, it was AMAZING and I am so blessed to have such amazing people around me. We got up and did our studies and some Elders from my district who live in the same apartment complex came over and sang to me and gave me some cookies! We then planned a bit and I opened some gifts from family :) which were awesome by the way, so thank you, thank you! I felt SO loved! We then had a lesson with Chris and talked about the priesthood and he has changed so much and has such a desire to do good now! I love seeing people change because of the Gospel. We passed by the Juarez's house, and ate some cake that they bought for me and their son who has the same birthday, and that was fun! I love that family so much! After dinner we had a lesson with the Harrison family (they are less active) and we taught them the restoration of the gospel. And then that night we met Pedro at Vallarta (a Hispanic grocery store) and ate ice cream and talked with him for a bit. We are so happy for him! He looks so much more confident and like he belongs somewhere! He is so awesome! After planning I opened the rest of my presents.

Friday we had district meeting and then Carmen called us and told us to come earlier to teach her and her family so we headed over there and had a 2 hour lesson with them. Lets just say they like to talk! haha. But it was a really good lesson and while we were teaching the story about Joseph Smith we were telling her about how confused he was with all the other religions around and that he wanted to know which one was true, so he asked God. And Carmen was like "wow, that is such a good idea. I have never thought about that!!" That is probably the best reaction I have heard while teaching the restoration to someone. They have been going to a lot of different churches and want to just pick one and go to that one. So the spirit couldn't have led us to her and her family in a more perfect time. We then showed Rosemary and her mom a mormon message and talked about baptism. And sadly Rosemary wants to push her baptismal date out more because she doesn't feel ready. We talked a little bit about why and we decided to reteach her the lessons. That night we taught the Morelos family and read Alma 32 with them and Maria told us all her worries about going to church, so hopefully we can help her now come to church. 

Saturday we had a lesson with Guadalupe and her son Jose who joined in on the lesson and he told us that he really enjoyed it! So yay! New investigator! We then had a lesson with the Alvarez's and studied about the scriptures with them. That night we had correlation and then we went to a baptism and brought Guadalupe with us to see what a baptism is like. She enjoyed it! 

Sunday we had Guadalupe and Jose come to church! And the men sang a Christmas song in sacrament meeting, and that was pretty! We planned a bit and then had a lesson with the Rojas family and showed them the "He is the Gift" video. 

Well family! I can't believe this transfer is over, and another is starting! Christmas is next week and I get to skype and see my lovely family!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I felt the love, that is for sure!

Have an amazing week and remember, if you haven't yet, go share "He is the Gift" #sharethegift is it AMAZING! I can't even explain it! :)

Love you all!!

Love, Hermana Aase

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