Thursday, June 4, 2015

16 months...wait what?


Well family this past week was a great one! This area and the people we are working with and my companion can't get any better. I am in heaven and it makes me sad to know that it will be ending soon. BUT! On to the good things!

Monday- So after emailing, all the Hermanas' came and chilled at our appt. and we prepared the enchiladas...that we didn't end up eating because we got invited to dinner, but we made churros also for our FHE's later. So after dinner we ran to the Garcia's and had a great FHE with them and the Guido family. We talked about filling our spirits and used two cans to demonstrate how the can that is full is hard to crush (when we are filled with the spirit it is harder to cave) and the can that is empty is really easy to crush (when we don't have to spirit it is easier to fall into temptation). They really liked it. We then enjoyed some yummy churros and then ran to the other FHE we had planned with the Mercado family and a less active lady that is coming back to church more. We did the same lesson, but they also enjoyed it and then we ate more churros! By the end of the night we were churroed out!

Tuesday- We had a wonderful conference with Elder Bruce R. Carlson from the 70. He was amazing and I took like 6 pages of big deal or anything haha. But he talked about having the spirit and HOW crucial that is. And how we can teach more effectively and then being a more consecrated missionary. Something that I learned was that when we pray and ask for things from God, he doesn't always come at our first beckon, or even the fourth, but as we endure and trust the Lord and his timing, he will always answer. We ate lunch there and got to be with all the Spanish missionaries on this side of the mission. We got home around 5 and then quickly changed into some more movable clothes and then ran to dinner and had a lesson with the Hermosillo's and taught her boyfriend and his daughter. It was a good lesson and they really liked what we taught. 

Wednesday- We had a full day of contacting and we found this 94 year old man named Guadalupe. He was so adorable and loved what we were doing! He told us that he knew we came from a church of God and that he was grateful we were out doing what we were doing. And then we gave him a Christ Card and he put it to his heart and started to cry when we left. It was ADORABLE! We then had a lesson with Marcos and taught him the rest of the plan of salvation. He told us that is mind was blown...haha we just laughed! We then had a lesson with Guillermina about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a doll and just loves learning more and more. That night we had a lesson with Veronica and read 3 Nephi 11 and she told us how confused she was about what church to go to, so we talked about the importance of praying and then acting. If you pray but not act, then your answers won't come. We then had a quick visit with Able and Cody, he is a recent convert in the English ward, but is friends with all the Spanish members. 

Thursday- Planning day! We then did some contacting before dinner and afterwards we had a lesson with Francisco and taught a little bit about his purpose here and what things he must do and continue doing to receive those answers to his prayers. Francisco is progressing, we are just trying to get him to church. He told us that he is coming this week and going to bring his daughter!

Friday- 16 MONTHS...where has the time flown? I don't understand? haha. We did some service in the afternoon helping a lady cut fruit and veggies for her daughters wedding, and wedding reception. After that we decided to pass by Guadalupe (the 94 year old man we found on Wednesday) and we had a lesson with him and he understood all of it, and said that he thinks his son would be interested in listening as well. So hopefully when we see him next week we can have his son there too! After that we had a lesson with Guillermina and taught her more about the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. She is still set for her date on June 13th! That night we had a lesson with the Arroyo family and shared a scripture in Luke 15. And then we went by a referral and tried to talk to her, but she isn't interested... :( maybe in the future!

Saturday- We had a lesson with Marcos and taught the 10 commandments, Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. It went well, and we didn't have to explain in detail all of it! haha. WIN! We then walked around the neighborhood and decided to knock on a house of a girl we found in the beginning of our time here and she opened the door and let us right in and we taught her the Restoration! It was awesome. She is 14 and her name is Sara. She is from Mexico and is living her with her aunt. She is wanting to know what church to go to and what one is right. She accepted a baptismal date for June 27th!! We then had a lesson with the Sarabia family and shared a Scripture about the importance of reading the scriptures. We then passed by the other Mercado family in our area and talked with them for  a little bit. We then had dinner with the Utley family (they are a recently reactivated family that moved from our ward to the English ward). They fed us Gumbo soup, and it was really good! I just burnt my tongue bad...We then had a lesson with Veronica, and it ended up being a drop lesson. She is confused, but hasn't done anything to find her answers. She isn't ready yet. One day she will be. I know that for sure. Lastly, we passed by the Juarez family to see how they were doing and talked with them!

(All the Spanish sisters on this side)

Sunday- CHURCH! It was really good. We had Guillermina and Marcos there! And Hna. Gonzalez and I gave talks in sacrament meeting!! She talked about service and I talked about sacrifice. They went really well :)...for it being all in Spanish! haha. I have come along way. After dinner we contacted and while we were walking around Hna Gonzalez show broke, well more like it was so hot that it melted all the glue and the whole sole of her shoe fell off. HA. So we went back to our ward mission leaders house and got it fixed...kinda. We then passed by Francisco because he couldn't come to church because his dad was in the hospital. He was happy we passed by. 

Well family. That was our week! It was good and it rained again, so it was a bit cooler, but this coming week is going to be HOT! Like 90's...and that isn't even what the normal summer is...I am going to die! haha

Love and miss you all!

Love, Hermana Aase

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