Monday, June 15, 2015

...And then the tears came


So the whole week wasn't tear filled, just a couple days, and I will explain what made those tears.

Monday- For pday we played volleyball and that was a blast! After dinner we had FHE with the Garcia family and Marcos came to that. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and the spirit was so strong. Afterwards Marcos was like "can I get one of those!?" Haha. 

Tuesday- We did some service at the Rodriguez's and we were organizing, which is my favorite!! After that we had a lesson with Melody and read the talk from the April 2015 Ensign about "It Isn't a Sin to be Weak" and explained about how through the grace of Jesus Christ we can be strengthened. We then passed by a potential named Art and got to teach him! It will be interesting...he has some interesting ideas, but we can help him. Before dinner we decided to pass by Francisco, and long story short he told us that he cant do it...he can't be 100 percent at his church and 100 percent at this church and he loves learning and the Book of Mormon, but he said he is waiting for God to show him a sign or tell him to move churches...It is hard because he hasn't even gone to church, and God doesn't work like that. He wants us to make that first move and then He will show us that it is right. So...he dropped us. I cried the whole way home. He is the first investigator that I have cried about. He so needs to gospel, but there isn't much more that we can do. So later that night we did ward visits and saw some less actives. 

Wednesday- After lunch we contacted! We then had a lesson with Marcos and taught him about following the prophet and being obedient. He believes that prophets are essential! We then visited a less active and knocked some doors and then we ran to Guillermina's and had a lesson with her and taught her the same thing- Prophets and Obedience. 

Thursday- We planned during the day and then I had my physical therapy appt, finally. The PT said that he isn't quite sure what is causing the headaches, but he thinks that the muscle clumped at the base of my head are pinching the nerves, which can cause headaches. So he is going to work out my neck for the next couple of weeks and hopefully that should help for the last 6 weeks of my mission...if not, I have lasted a year with them, and what would 6 more weeks do? That night we had dinner with the Garcias and had Guillermina and Hno Duran there and afterwards we had a lesson and talked about the church auxiliaries and service. She is so ready and prepared for baptism! After then we had a lesson with the Hermosillo family and shared a scripture with them. 

(Like mother like daughter -- we did NOT plan this!)

Friday-We had ZTM in the morning and talked about finishing strong. Both for those that will be finishing their missions soon and for all of us with finishing the goal we set to have 75 baptism this month. It is so important to finish what we started because it shows us that we really can set high goals and with the help of the Lord, we can accomplish them! We then did a little bit of service at the homeless shelter and then visited the Morales family and got a BUNCH of ideas on missionary activities and how to help the ward get more involved. While walking outside and contacting, we met a lady named Angela and she was so sweet! She saw us walk by the first time when we were going to a members, but the member wasn't there so we walked back the same way and she was still outside, but as we were approaching she ran to her car and got 2 booklets about Jesus Christ and began to tell us about her faith in Jesus Christ. She was so happy to talk to us and we are definitely going back!! That night we had a lesson with Guillermina and went over the baptismal interview questions and she passed with flying colors! we just wait for the real deal interview.

Saturday-  After lunch we contacted and found a less active that we didn't know about, so that was cool! And then we had a lesson with Marcos and taught him about the church auxiliaries and the importance of service and something really cool that he shared with us, I wanted to share with all of you. He told us that he recently started going to church, but as he sat in his church he began to think "there has to be more out there," and "which church should I really be going to". About a week or so later we knocked on his door and taught him about the Restoration. He told us that while we were teaching him about Joseph Smith and his experience in asking God what he should do, he thought to himself, "that is me in that picture". And now he said that he really feels that God is there and he loves reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. So yeah, that was what Marcos told us in our lesson! It was so cool! And I got goose bumps just thinking about it again :) I love the way God works. After that we did some contacted and then passed by Anahi's house and invited her to church and then we headed to Abel and Cody's and ate enchiladas and no bake cookies! And then ran to the church for Guillermina's baptismal interview...and guess what.. SHE PASSED!!! SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT WEEK!!!!! It was so good!. And Hna Gonzalez and I shed a couple happy tears! We then stayed for the baptism for our ward and that was beautiful. Baptisms are just so peaceful and we can feel the love of God in that room. I love it, I love it, I love it!

Sunday- Church was great! We had 4 people come! Guillermina, Marcos, Alejandro and Candy. And it was fast and testimony meeting! After church we ate dinner at the Rodriguez's and some news...Hermana Usher is going home this transfer because of some medical issues she has been dealing with :( so at dinner we all shared what we love about her and EVERYONE was crying. So yeah. But we visited by Sara - the 14 year old that we found a couple weeks ago and she told us that she still wants us to come by, so that was wonderful to hear. And then visited the relief society president and talked about some ideas we have for the Hermanas' in the ward and asked her what we can do to help her and lastly we ran to Abel and Cody's house and shared a scripture with them. 

Well family, we got news about transfers.. WE ARE BOTH STAYING TOGETHER...which means I will be dying with my baby in La Cresta!! I am so excited to still be here. We have a lot planned and some exciting things coming up!

I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!

Talk to you next week! And I promise I will have more pictures!

Love, Hermana Aase

Prayer list- Marcos, Guillermina, Sara, Art, and Pedro

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