Monday, June 15, 2015

happiest feeling IN THE WORLD!

Well family, how are you? Staying cooler than I am here in Bakersfield...? If you looked at what the temperature is going to be this next week you will see that everyday will be in the 100's...I am gonna fry!

Well onto what exciting things happened this past week!

Monday- Was Hna. Gonzalez birthday, so we got a cake and all ate it at our house with the other Hermanas'. We then had an FHE with Marcos and the Hermosillo's, Alejandro and Candy. We taught about developing Christlike attributes and then watched a Mormon message that exemplified a young boy who did things as Christ would. (Its called "Dayton's legs" if you would like to watch it.)

((Left) Hna Gonzalez Birthday!  (Right) FELICIDADES cake that we brought to the fiesta after the baptism.)

Tuesday- All our appts cancelled, so we went door knocking and then decided to go back to where our car was and there was a potential named Pedro outside getting his mail, so we ran over there and started talking to him and he let us share our message with him. At first he wasn't too into what we wanted to share, but then we began agreeing with the things he believes and he told us of a good co-worker who was Mormon, and we told him we were Mormon. After that he began asking what we did believe and the message we had to share. He told us he wanted to check out our church! We then visited a member and quickly ran home and ate before ward visits. That night we went out with a lady from the ward and she took us to all her friends house, who she has shared the gospel with. It was so cool. We ended up meeting this guy and talking to him for 45 minutes. It was a total "at the right place, at the right time" kind of moment. And I know that God puts people in our paths that truly need the gospel. 

Wednesday- We had a lesson with Marcos and went over the baptismal questions and did all that! After that we went over to the Rodriguez's to help them out with cleaning and repairing the bathroom. We then had a lesson with Guillermina and talked about missionary work and visiting teaching and the importance of both these things. That night we did some contacting, sadly none of those potentials were interested, but one day they will be. 

Thursday- we had a visit from the STL's and we talked about goals for this transfer. It was weird to make those, but honestly making goals has helped me a lot throughout my mission. They help me lessen stress and slowly improve. We then ran over to my PT appt and that was neck was so sore afterwards. We came home and planned until dinner time. After dinner we had a lesson with Guillermina about temples, marriage and family history work. She had a couple questions, but they were more about what she can do after her baptism. We then had a lesson with Gabriel Arroyo, a less active about the restoration and it was such a powerful lesson. The spirit was so strong there. After that we had a lesson with the Ramirez family and we talked about the temples and showed them a Mormon Message about the blessing of temples and being sealed in the temple as families. 

((Left) yes, it is really actually that hot.  (Right) Saying goodbye to my first companion, Hna Usher)

Friday- In the morning we had district meeting and after that did some contacting. We talked to these two youth aged boys about the church and they seemed interested. It makes me happy to see youth that are involved in Church and want to be closer with God. We then had a lesson with Candy and talked about Faith. After that we stopped by a less active, Anahi, and shared a message about the lost sheep in Luke 15. Running around even more, we had a lesson with Guillermina about enduring to the End and what happens after she gets baptized. We then ate dinner and had Marcos there and then did a lesson about missionary work.  He keeps saying he would love to be the boys on the bikes haha. We then passed by Sara, the 14 year old, and sad, long story short, her aunt and uncle were like, "she is catholic and she will be until she is 18..." so pretty much they took her agency away, but there wasn't anything we could do but invite her to keep reading and praying. We told her we will try and stop in a couple months. 

Saturday- We contacted in the afternoon...and it was the hottest day ever...and everyone we talked to was being rude, but we kept going and just thought about the exciting things that were going to happen later that day. We passed by the Sarabia family and shared a scripture with them and also the Trejo family. We then stopped at home and freshened up and then met Marcos at the church for his baptismal interview...and HE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marcos is getting baptized on Friday! We are so excited! Guillermina then came and we got her set and ready to go for her baptism and then we had the baptism. Hna. Gonzalez and I watched from the inside door of the font while Guillermina got baptized, and then while all the people were getting changed we and the other hermanas had a group hug! It was so good. It seriously is the greatest feeling in the world when you get to see someone you love accept the gospel and make promises with God. After the baptism we had a fiesta at the Mercado's house.

(Guillermina's baptisim!!!!)

Sunday- Guillermina got confirmed!! She was just glowing! We were so happy :) After dinner we contacted and then stopped by the Morales family and talked with them for a bit, and then had a lesson with Marcos' friend Jose. He was quiet, but we think he understood what we were teaching. We will see where things go!

Well family, this week was busy and this coming week is going to be busy. I am so happy and things are going well. 

Have a wonderful week family and we will talk next week!

Love you!!

Herman Aase

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