Thursday, June 4, 2015

Here comes the sun...!

HOLA family!

Well first off this week was SOOO HOT!!! It was over 100 degrees for 3 or so days this week, and that isn't even "hot" weather...AHH! haha It's okay! I can make is through...I just have to think about the awkward tan line I am getting and the weight that I am losing by all the sweating we are doing. Also, I took extra showers every night because I felt so gross...haha. But on to the week! It was a pretty good week. We had good lessons with investigators and were able to find good potentials to return and teach, but sadly we didn't find anyone new to teach. But the next week will be rocking awesome!

Monday- After emailing we went to the park and played soccer and ate chocolate flan. We then had an FHE with the Garcia family and the Hermosillo family. Our new investigators were supposed to come, but then they couldn't, but we still had our FHE. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and did a demonstration to show the importance and gift that we have when we receive the gift of the holy ghost. We then tried to pass by a members house, but she wasn't there, but we met a former investigator that lives there and got an appt with him! So that was a miracle. We then passed by quick to the Ramirez family because Hna. Ramirez wasn't at church, so we were seeing how everything was. 

Tuesday- We headed over to our lesson with Guadalupe...and he sadly dropped us and told us that he is Apostolic and will be until he yeah. But we are going to return and try and talk with his son and see if he is interested in learning. We then contacted until dinner time because our other appt cancelled. And we found and talked to some really awesome people that want us to come back! We tried to teach them right then and there, but they were busy, so we told them we will return! We then passed by the Trejo family, and the first thing that Hno. Trejo said when we got in was -- 
Hno. Trejo: I have news
Us: What is that? Are you feeling better?
Hno. Trejo: we have decided to come back to church!
Us: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh that is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!
Hno. Trejo: Yeah, it has been a long time since we haven't been and I think that it is time to go back.
Us: We are so excited and know that this will bless you and your family so much!
It was so awesome to hear him say that! (also all that was in Spanish...but it takes too long to think and type it all out..haha) But the spirit was really strong when we were there and we shared the message about the lost sheep and Christ being our Shepard and bringing us back to the fold. We then had dinner with the Mayberry family and then headed to visits with the ward. 

Wednesday- We had a lesson with Marcos and read the story in the Book of Mormon about the Tree of Life and explained how we shouldn't just "read" the scriptures to "read" them, but as we read them we should apply what it is teaching into our lives and listen to what the spirit is telling us. After that we did some more contacting and then passed by one of our investigators Juventino- and we had a lesson with him about the Book of Mormon...and then he told us that there was going to be an earthquake the next day and it was going to destroy all of California up to Oregon and Washington...When we left there, I told Hna Gonzalez that we shouldn't have stopped by his house..haha. But we kept moving and didn't believe what he told us. We then had a lesson with Guillermina and we taught her about the 10 Commandments, the Word of Wisdom, and the Law of Chastity. She had a few questions, but she was willing to keep these! It is so awesome to teach someone about the commandments and have them tell you that they will keep them, it just shows how much they are willing to love God by keeping his commandments. We then had dinner and afterwards contacted in the night. 

(This is our district! E. Vakalahi, E. Edwards, E. E. Wendel, E. Petterson, E. Geren, Me, Hna Gonzalez, Hna Warner, Hna Cartwright, Hna Usher and Hna Aguilar)

Thursday- We had planning for week 6! Can you believe that? And then it will be the beginning of week 1...AHH! We had clean checks in between that and then had our dinner cancel on us. After that we passed by a less active's house- Veronica and shared 3 Nephi 17:5-10 about how when we bring others to Christ, we are then brought to Christ as well. We contacted around the less active's house until our lesson with Francisco. We taught him about he 10 commandments, the Word of Wisdom, the Law of Chastity and the Law of Tithing. Francisco is progressing and still reading...but we are having trouble getting him to church...hmm. What to do, what to do? And then we had a lesson with the Ramirez family and shared the parable of the sower in Mark 5 about the 4 different seeds and where they landed and how they used the gospel they were given. I am loving that parable more and more as I apply it to those we are teaching and to my own life. 

Friday- We had district meeting and we talked a lot about how to work with members and help them see the importance they are to missionary work. And then we had to run to the physical therapy place to drop off the recommendation from the DR to help my that took a while, but we had some time before our appt. and we stopped by the homeless shelter to do some service. We then had our lesson with Guillermina and brought her a calendar for her baptism and talked about the things we still need to teach her and what will happen up until her baptism. She still seems ready and wanting to get baptized, so that makes us REALLY happy! But we taught her about the law of tithing and about fasting and the blessings that come form following those are tremendous. Sadly our dinner was cancelled on us again, but that's okay! We found something to eat. Then after that we passed by a less active's house and had a lesson with him and shared 3 Nephi 5:14 about being a disciple of Christ and what that means to us. 

Saturday- We had a lesson with Marcos and also brought him a calendar for his baptism and explained the things we still need to teach and what will happen leading up to his baptism. He too is still striving to reach that date and be baptized. We then taught him about tithing and fasting and this is what he told us what we committed him to keep the law of tithing after his baptism--
Us: Marcos, will you keep the law of tithing after your baptism?
Marcos: YES! I cannot wait to be able to do this and see what God gives back
Us: WOW! haha yes, Marcos when you keep that God will give you back more than you can even imagine. 
We were explaining how tithing is like throwing to God one of our Oranges, and in return God throwing a whole orange tree back to us. He will always bless us as we follow him and his commandments. We then contacted some more until our lesson with Sarah, but sadly she wasn't there, so we passed by the Sarabia family and the Trejo family to invite them/remind them about church. We also passed by less active named Anahi and shared the scripture about being a disciple of Christ. That night we ate dinner with Able and Cody and then passed by Hna Alaniz and shared a quote from PMG about the importance of members and invited her to one of our lessons.

Sunday- Church was packed because it was a farewell of a guy in the ward, but we had Marcos and Guillermina come and they loved it! After church we ate dinner and then contacted the best week could in 105 degree weather and dirt blowing everywhere. It was a little rough, but we made it through!

Well here goes this last week of the transfer. I cant believe how fast it went by...and how fast the next one will go by. 

I love you all and I am so grateful for the prayers and letters and emails :)

Can you pray for- Marcos, Guillermina, Sara and Francisco, that would be great!

Have a great week! Talk to you next week!

Love, Hermana Aase

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