Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And under the water he goes!

Well family, Monday again! How do these come around so fast!?

This past week was good, it definitely got better throughout the week and ended wonderfully :)

Monday- Pday adventures, we went to the beehive store and looked at books and got a few things. And then we chilled at home until dinner time. Sadly I had a horrible headache, so we were inside for a little bit and then went out to contact a lady named Elvia, which she was busy, so we reschedule for another time. And then we passed by a less active's house, Hna Acosta, to see if she was there. And guess what?! SHE OPENED THE DOOR! We got the know her and then shared a scripture with her about being disciples of Christ. 

(Sunsets are the prettiest thing to look at here in desert Bakersfield!)

Tuesday- We did some service at the homeless shelter and helped mop the floor and clean the tables off. After that we went contacting and we found a new investigator named Maria! She didn't want to let us inside because her son is a Jehovah Witness, but she said that we could teach her outside so we proceeded to teach her. She said she would read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We then headed to dinner and after dinner we went to ward visits. I split and went with a few hermanas' while Hna Gonzalez went with a few others. We visited the Juarez and Sarabia family and shared scriptures with them. They were grateful for our visits. And it is nice to have some more time to see how they are and see if we can help them with anything. 

Wednesday- We contacted a little bit, not too successful. We then had lunch with Hno Rodriguez and Marcos and taught about temples and family history work. He thought that it was really cool! After that we ate dinner and had a lesson with our new member, Guillermina! We taught the restoration, but used more pictures this time :) haha. That night we passed by Able and Cody's house and shared a message from preach my gospel about the importance of new converts having friends in the church. 

(you know you have a wonderful companion when she takes apart your whole bed to kill a bug for you!)

Thursday- I headed to my last PT appt and the PT gave me some exercises to help my neck/headaches, so hopefully the more I do them the less my headaches will get. We then planned until dinner time. We passed by the Guido family because they weren't at church, so we stopped to check up on them and see if there was anything we could do. We then had dinner and a lesson with Marcos and the Garcia family. We taught about enduring to the end and getting all set for his baptism the next day! While we were there the brother of Hermana Garcia knows a lot about this Chinese acupuncture thing, so he did that to me and they are supposed to help me relax...they look kinda funny. So we will see how well they work! At this point I am willing to try anything haha. Ill send a picture of my ears with them on. We then headed home because Hermana Garcia said that they really relax you so I shouldn't be driving with them for the first day haha. 

(the weird acupuncture things!)

Friday- We had district meeting and got some awesome training on how to invite people to be baptized in a more loving, simple way! It was probably one of the best district meetings I've been to. Afterwards we had a pow-wow with Bishop to make sure we are all on the same page in the ward. We then headed out to contact and teach before Marco's baptism. We had a lesson with Candy and taught about repentance and baptism and then set her with  a date to get baptized on July 11th! So we are really gong to try and teach her and help her be ready. We then grabbed the program from the Rodriguez's house and then had a lesson with Guillermina. We asked her how she is feeling since she got baptized and she told us very good, and that she feels a lot more sure and safe :) that makes me so happy to hear!! We then ran home, frosted the cake, freshened up and then got to the church. We had to set everything up and all. The baptism started a little bit late, but all went well! We are happy and so is Marcos! 

Saturday- We contacted pretty much all day, but we found Art at home, finally! So we had a lesson with him and taught him about Faith, repentance and baptism. We re-invited him to be baptized, but he told us that it is something he will still consider. He wants to learn more and read more in the Book of Mormon. We passed by the Trejo's and had a good lesson with them. Talked about their testimonies of the gospel and the Church. After that we stopped by Anahi and shared about temples and invited her to the Father's Day activity. And then we made our way to the park where we were having the ward activity. A good amount of people came. We ate and they played soccer and we got to talk with Marcos some more as well as our less actives that came. 

Sunday- Church was great! Marcos got confirmed and I couldn't help but smile the whole time! After church we ate with the Rodriguez family and shared a message with them. We then tried by a few potentials but no one was home. So we passed by the Morales's and shared a message from preach my gospel about us as missionaries needed members to help us in this work. We really truly need the members! Without them we can do nothing in the work of the Lord. We also found a good looking potential. It is Hermana Morales granddaughter. She really wants to be baptized. So we are going to go back in the next week and hopefully teach her. We then had an almost new investigator...we started teaching him and then he didn't want a Book of Mormon and said he was going to yeah. So close, yet so far! haha. 

Well family, this next week should be good! We have a ton planned like going to the temple and a couple other baptisms for the other missionaries in the ward. 

I hope you have a wonderful week and we will talk soon!

Love and miss you tons!

Hermana Aase

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