Monday, June 29, 2015

I Love to See the Temple

Hi family!

How can it be another Monday...they come up really fast. But! Onto the week!
It was a pretty good week. Not the worst, but not the best. But that can always change, right?!

Monday- Pday was nothing too special. Just relaxed around the house and wrote some letters. Sadly as the day went on, everybody cancelled...dinner and our FHE. So we decided to pick some streets we hadn't knocked on yet, and to knock them. We found a couple Spanish houses that we are going to return too. We then passed by the Rodriguez's and had a small FHE with them. We shared a Mormon message and talked about the need for trials and burdens in our lives. Without them, we don't learn or grow. 

Tuesday- We had a lesson with Marcos and taught the Restoration and read some scriptures and explained in detail more of the Gospel. He says that he feels different with the Holy Ghost, but that he now knows why we as missionaries go out and knock on doors and teach people. You can see him learning more and more everyday. We then had a lesson with Candy and taught her more about the Holy Ghost and the importance of the church. She is progressing...just very slowly. So we aren't quite sure if we are going to teach her much longer. We haven't been able to have another lesson with her dad, so we will see. After that we passed by the Morales' house to see if their granddaughter was there and she was! So we taught her and set her with a baptismal date for July 11th! So all we need is her parents to sign the permission form to be taught and baptized. She is a cutie and loves church and learning. That night we had ward visits and we passed by a few less actives' and then headed back to the Morales' because Hermana had a referral for us. So we met her and set a time for a lesson. 

((Left) And then we hit some really bad traffic, due to a brush fire on the mountain. (Right) Saw this sign and HAD to take a picture of it :) haha. "Bello?")

Wednesday- TEMPLE DAY! We left and traveled down to LA...but got stuck in some traffic, so when we got the temple we ran in and got dressed. Being inside the temple was so nice. Just peaceful and full of the spirit. I miss being able to go every week. After we got out, we took pictures, ran to the store and then headed back out into the traffic. Hna. Rodriguez told us that the ocean was 3 miles from the temple..! WHAT?! Why did NO one tell us. So we drove by it and I got some pictures of the water. We then headed into traffic and it was horrible, and plus there was a HUGE fire on the mountain, so that wasn't good. We made it to In-N-Out and ate dinner and then headed on our way again. By the time we got home it was 7pm. We had a lesson with one of our members and watched a couple bible videos and talked about the temple. We were so tired by the time we got home. Even though we didn't do much, being in the car for 5 hours makes you tired. And some news...Guillermina (our recent convert) and Hno. Duran got married!!!! 

 (All the Hermanas' from La Cresta!)
(​(Left) So no one told us the ocean was 3 miles from the temple, so we drove by it! I haven't seen water in 18 months! (Right) East Bakes..where people take napes on the side of the road...)

 ((Left) LA temple (Right) I love the temple!..and flowers!)

Thursday- We did our planning and then passed by the Hermosillo's to see if Candy and Alejandro were there, and they were, but Alejandro was busy. But we shared the story about the Good Samaritan. Our other lesson got canceled, so we decided to pass by a potential named Carmen and she let us in and we talked for a little bit. She now knows who we are and said she would come to church one of these days. Quickly before we headed home we passed by Guillermina and gave her a picture of us and her at her baptism and talked with her for little bit. 

Friday- Went to district meeting and learned some really awesome things. We did this role play on helping our investigators feel and recognize the spirit. It was one of the best role plays I've heard. When we share something that will invite the spirit and help our investigators recognize that that feeling is the spirit. It just makes the spirit even stronger. After that we did some service and got to wash some fruit and then cut cabbage. We then headed over and had a lesson with Nelly about the gospel of Jesus Christ and did a demonstration to help her understand it. And then that night we had a lesson with Guillermina about the Plan of Salvation. 

Saturday- In the morning we helped Hna. Rodriguez frost some cupcakes for her b-day dinner that night. And then we contacted a little bit before our lesson with Marcos. We taught Marcos about the armor of God and the spirit. He told us that while he was out teaching with the missionaries he was sharing what he knows about the Book of Mormon and he felt this overwhelming good feeling and told us that he got his answer that the Book of Mormon is true! It was so awesome! I just couldn't help but smile. We then passed by the Juarez family and invited them to church, and then passed by the Garcia family. Sadly our lesson with Ana the referral from Hna. Morales got cancelled. But we went out to contact and started talking to this young guy that was really interested, but he wanted to go to the YSA ward instead. But it was still cool to talk to him! We then passed by the Sarabia family and shared a scripture with them. We stopped by the b-day dinner and ate quickly and said happy birthday to Hna. Rodriguez and then went back to do studies. 

(Claudia, A recent convert in the ward. She is so awesome!)

Sunday- We had correlation in the morning then did some studies and headed to church. The music director wasn't at guess who had to lead the music in sacrament meeting?...ME! haha. I didn't do too horribly. We had Marcos, Guillermina, Nelly and the Sarabias at church. After dinner we came back to the church for the baptism and then went back out to contact. We tried to teach this lady named Angela, but when we go to the Book of Mormon..she wasn't too happy. But we hope that one day she will think about what we shared and will invite the missionaries to her home. 

Well family, I love you all! 
These weeks are flying by...but I am trying to make the most of it :)

I'll talk to you next week!

Love, Hermana Aase

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